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Many people dream of building their own home, but few actually bring that dream to fruition. Some glowing benefits of prefab are a lower environmental impact on the site and less construction waste. The house is also a round home, meaning that it literally “embraces” the human beings who reside within it.
We recently spoke with a beekeeper who reported that her group was experimenting with round shaped bee hives (as compared to the conventional rectangular beehives), she said that the bees in the round hives were less aggressive, more healthy and produced more honey than the same variety of bees in rectangular hives. No living trees were cut down to create the space to build this house, there was a natural round opening in the forest of grand fir trees that perfectly fit the 31’ diameter round center with 12’ wide radiating wings of the Magnolia design. Our home is also an art home — when you wander around the house, you’ll see details like a Japanese Spirit Post in the living room, an inlaid pebble stream in the entryway, a custom Bamboo marquetry door, Shoji doors throughout the home, curved hallways and stairwells, handmade handrail brackets, niche-like window seats, Italian Porcelain in the ensuite spa, and a kitchen deck that has a 300 hundred year old Ponderosa Pine tree growing through it.
It’s one of four round buildings on our 1.5 acre property, which includes a round studio, a round garage, and a round greenhouse.
It is important that your concrete driveway is properly designed to make sure you don't encounter any problems in the future.
One way of adding interest to your concrete driveway is to add decorative elements such as a stain, stamp or other type of finish. One of the reasons the county has you fill out all of these forms and pay the fees, is so that they can properly inspect new construction in the area. A gas inspector came to have a look at the line that we ran from the house gas meter to the gas pool heater. The excavator showed up right on time, but Randy didn’t want to dig as there was a good chance of rain coming. We had one big tree that would have needed to come out – but 9 months before we had a tornado that took care of that for us.
The excavator returned to the job after we had built the pool and had the concrete collar inspected, to backfill around the pool walls and level off the area around the pool. Randy and his team essentially put together the pool walls, prepped the floor and installed the liner.
For the cost to wire up the pool equipment electrical, I contracted with a local electrical service company to bring power to the equipment pad and set up a subpanel. Even though plumbing was included in my pool kit, I wanted to upgrade to 2″ plumbing, to handle the high flow of the variable speed pool pump. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0Both comments and pings are currently closed. This will have a 300mm deep foundation around the edges and will be sealed against damp but will have no insulation etc.
I thought about pricing a wooden conservatory or two but even they are now the domain of the PVCu lads. If you're looking for some DIY inspiration, look no further than this post -- Inhabitat writer Rachel Ross proves that building a beautiful, healthy and sustainable abode is well within your reach. It’s a three bedroom, round, passive solar home located in the lush green forest of Nelson, B.C.
It goes up fast, and a speed build to weather-tight means that no valuable building materials were adversely affected by rain and snow — which happens in many places, but especially in Canada through the winter.
Just like the bees, we experience greater harmony, more creativity and more flow by living in our round home.

The wood used for the timberframe details is locally sourced fir and the wide stair planks are crafted from salvaged wood.
For us, this is an ongoing project that promises to keep sprouting up round, green and energy efficient structures for years to come! The costs include round figure dollars out of my pocket – as well as the cost of my personal time. I had to draw a simple drawing of my backyard showing pool location with measurements from house to pool and from pool to the rear and sides of yard. If we didn’t have these checks and balances, all sorts of unsafe structures (and pools) would be built. The first inspection came after the concrete collar was poured, and before we backfilled around the walls.
Finally, after the pool was complete and filled with water, we had a final inspection on everything. We located an experienced pool excavator, and had an appointment set, during the week that Randy and his team were on site.
I convinced him to go ahead with it anyway, and 30 minutes into the dig it started to pour. We had good access to the backyard from the street, and the excavator made less damage to the grass than I was prepared for.
We had 7 truckloads of dirt to get rid of that we weren’t going to need after backfilling. He also wired up the LED pool lights, the AquaRite salt chlorine generator, Eco-Star pump and the electronic ignition for my Lochinvar pool heater. We had enough of the #2500 mix left over to pour a concrete pad for the equipment to sit on.
I wanted my pool to be nice to the environment, so I upgraded to a cartridge pool filter (saves water) and a variable speed pool pump (saves energy).
The cost below doesn’t include my pool deck, which, in my case should add around $10K to the overall cost, as we are installing a nice tile coping and 900 sq ft.
For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! All the excavated material will be “carted away” (though I have to admit my old cart’s a bit past it nowadays).
Anyway, they cost twice as much, need painting or varnishing every twenty minutes and still end up rotten as a pear (but a pair of what you might ask)?!
Rachel, who is a design consultant and co-owner of Mandala Homes, worked with her husband on creating not one, but a series of sustainable and ENERGY STAR rated yurts that fully embrace their beautiful wooded site located in Nelson, B.C., Canada! We started pouring the concrete for the ICF foundation in the fall of 2011 and we moved in 150 days later. It has a continuous air-sealed envelope that includes the insulated doors and Low E windows.
And, we love the fact that the natural thermal dynamics of a round space contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the space. The floors are non-formaldahyde floating cork which is neutral in temperature and astonishingly springy. There are connected outdoor rooms and every room has natural lighting from skylights and suntubes.

Concrete does tend to be less expensive than cobblestone, brick or pavers, but more expensive than asphalt, gravel or a generic stone. It included several common requirements such as set-backs, and told me what plans I would need to submit. Drove the packet back, and met with a permit person, who rubber stamped it and sent me to the cashier. Then we had an electrical inspector come to check out the electric for the lights and pool pump, and the bonding and grounding. The fence gates were checked for code compliance, and the doors from the house leading to the pool were equipped with door alarms.
In addition, he connected a bonding wire from the pool shell to the electrical equipment, and grounded his electrical box installation. I also added the AquaRite salt water chlorine generator and the most energy efficient gas pool heater they make. I’ve erected the odd one bought from “WickesBQ” in the past but I’ve just looked on their sites and if they still sell them I can’t find them.
Jump ahead for Rachel's first-hand account detailing both the process and design, and get motivated to get your own yurt going! Myself, my husband Lars, and our 15 year old daughter, Poppy, designed our house using Slow Home principles for building houses that are healthy, designed to exactly fit the inhabitants and are gentle on the environment. The cork on the kitchen floor is finished with ceramic designed to naturally protect from potential moisture. When I was ready, I made a call to schedule the inspection, and met the inspector at the house. After backfilling, the excavator filled his dump truck with 7 loads of dirt, and took it – somewhere. My labor on this phase of construction was limited, about an hour to obtain a price from the electrician, and another hour assisting Randy’s team in getting the equipment ready for power. I did contract separately with a plumber for the 40 ft of gas line that I had run from the meter to the heater. Finally, to be really green, I upgraded the lighting, adding two ColorLogic LED pool lights, saving even more electricity.
My pool also is much more expensive due to the equipment upgrades I chose to install, which added about $7.5K to the final cost. The design was ‘slow’ but the construction process was quick because we pre-fab built the wall panels off-site with the insulation, doors, windows and siding included.
I did receive a $750 credit for equipment that I upgraded, so that brings the cost down below $26K. This means that our family can head to bed on a winter’s evening with the household temperature at 20 degrees C (68 F) and when we rise in the morning the household temperature is 19 degrees C (66 F).

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