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Building a Storage Shed Free Plan Designs – New Garage Designs and Storage Shed Floor Plans.
This 24' x 35' Mountain Home has 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, a Kitchen and Living Room with Cathedral Ceiling.
I called about having a garage built for me, I'm looking to have enough space inside for 2 vehicles with enough room to work on both of them.
I got a quote from a local, well known garage builder for 16.5 for a 30x30 including concrete, leveling, doors, windows, and electrical.
I've got a 30x36 that works very well, have the Camaro, a bass boat, and enough room to park my full sized truck in it also. Here ya go man here's an idea of the size of mine and how i mounted the 2x4s on those steel posts. Check out our selection of one, two and three-car garage plans – many of which include an upper-level loft or apartment. I'm pretty set on 30x30 but I was wondering if that offers plenty of room to work on both vehicles if they're both sitting in there.

It was a kit that I ordered from a lumber yard nearby, got the complete building with 16 foot insulated roll up door 1 walk in door all insulation, it is covered in white metal siding top and sides. So far I'm around 28k into it and myself and friends have done everything but concrete and dirtwork (those alone account for about 10k).
It's got a lot of room, but like everyone else is saying, I wish it had another bay on it, or maybe a shed outback to get some of the junk out of there! I'm close to wrapping mine up, granted it's not insulated or sheet rocked but it will serve it's purpose to me. You might not even be interested in this style of shop but its an idea and possibly a cheaper alternative. I was wondering if any 30x30 owners had any pics of their garage with 2 cars in it so I can get an idea, or if I should go for a 36x36.
I used 5" pipe as post and welded angle on those to put my 2x4s on, it ended up being 30x50 with 30x40 of that enclosed with 12' walls and it will have a 12x12 door. I wish I could have gone bigger but I think I'll have enough breathing room as long as I don't pack it full of crap.

It isn't about size as much as it is about building the foundation right and cutting relief cuts in the concrete after pouring. I think when I get done I might have $7000 in it which isn't bad considering this will stand up to anything since the posts are 3-4 feet in the ground.
Really it's all in preference of what you want in the end, and what your capable of doing yourself.
I mean if I can do it anyone can, and all of my posts and trusses were used off craigslist. Actual package may not include variations and customizations that may be depicted in these photos.

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