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The 40x60 barn was up in 5 days and the building crew used one skid steer to put the whole thing up. Duro Steel 30x50x12 Metal Building Kit "Residential Dream Garage Home Workshop"Go to StoreFeatures: (1) 12' Wide by 10' Tall Framed Opening. Post frame construction provides superior structural strength against mother nature including hurricanes, floods, and even earthquakes. Since the roof and floors are supported by the posts there is greater flexibility in wall and window placement using this construction method. If you are thinking about building a pole barn on your own then good planning goes a long way toward saving time and money. Through this project I have created three things that I think will help folks take on a project like this with confidence. I also created another model where I labeled each board in the building that cross-references to the materials list.
Choosing the right pole barn plans is the first of many steps in making the perfect building for your land.
Finding the best pole barn plans is the first step to take after deciding you want to build a pole barn.

Here we set 24' wide steel pole barn trusses with a fork lift, then install the 2x6 purlins. How one contractor finds out that prefab metal buildings are better than wood for building construction.
Part 1 = Squaring, setting batter boards, leveling, setting posts and cutting the tops of the post off. In order to estimate the concrete that you need for certain area, you need to know that concrete is ordered in cubic yards.
Continuing on with building my 40' foot by 12' foot Mega Shed and here we construct the sub floor framing.. When building a pole barn, you need a couple of materials - lumber wood and plywood or steel sheets, whatever you prefer. This 20X24 lean to took about six hours to put together with steel trusses, the easiest style of pole barn you can build yourself and save money. Includes a service door, one window, 1 large garage door, metal siding, asphalt shingles, & slab foundation.
Includes a service door, 2 windows, 1 large garage door, vinyl siding, asphalt shingles, workshop area & foundation.

Includes a service door, 1 large or 2 small garage doors or sliding doors, 1 window, metal siding, metal roof, & foundation. Please note that the prices here are not guaranteed and may change at any given point in time.
The posts absorb the forces of nature and transmit them through the structure into the ground. Our pricing is for informational purposes only, for a guaranteed price on your project be sure to call us for an evaluation. Please remember that this pricing is for informational purposes, I would love the opportunity to give you a formal bid on your custom project! For a guaranteed price on your project please call us & we will provide you with a project estimate.

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