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November 5, 2013 by DJ Thistle 24 Comments In just over 13 months time we’ve reached a pretty significant milestone with SteamFeed. In order to get there we could have spammed the hell out of people, used black-hat techniques to trick Google, bought followers on Twitter & Facebook, accepted anyone to write for our site, etc… Did we do that? When Daniel and I started brainstorming on how SteamFeed would ultimately work we knew we wanted to create something unique but also something that we would be proud of and would stand the test of time. We continue to reexamine these steps all the time to make sure we’re staying true to them or to see if their meaning has evolved into something else. Or if you just enjoy reading our great content I would kindly ask that you stay connected with us by following us on Facebook, Twitter,  and Google+. Year after year, survey after survey, the greatest challenge facing marketers interested in content marketing is producing sufficient quality content.
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Really awesome video -I will be building ashed here in the future so your video will come in handy thanks for the video. Hi Gary, thanks well it kind of looks like the foundation is on a slant but it is acutely level and just built on a bit of a hill side. I aslo saw that you lined the base with plastic before putting on the floor… I would assume that’s for moisture purposes? Hi Jen, yes the plastic is a vapor barrier and sure you could put an 8×10 building on a 10 x 12 base. Or is there a better way to anchor the 4×4 to the concrete rather than setting them into the concrete bases.
Thistle is a co-founder of SteamFeed, a blog that focuses on the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing.
How would you recommend I keep them in place while drying so that I can attached the frame to the 4X4’s later?

I completely understand the steps, but does the base have to be the exact same size of the shed?
Very good on details and really liked the leveling part – my backyard has a double slope (down and to the left). Penny's presentation, Using Moodle for Business, can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the image to the right. Even though all of our authors have their own unique voice we knew that when we published their article that it would not only represent their brand but our brand as well. I also love the idea of filling the underside with all the broken masonry because I have a huge woodchuck population causing trouble in my buildings.
I just wanted to stop and say thank you for being so thorough and explaining every little step. Daniel and I both had spent time separately developing a relationship with Robert which is why when it came time to ask Robert for help he was more than willing to be there for us. Some of the steps may seem obvious to other woodworkers, but I appreciate that you left nothing out! You have to wake up and be excited about connecting with people and improving you business everyday. Pawan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from MIT where he his thesis on Natural Language Processing won a top departmental and international awards.
We created a real community for them and we take the time every day to nurture that community. If you’re just starting out and getting your feet wet then you can settle for every few days until you get into a groove. We create opportunities in our group for them to get to know each other (Random Fact Wednesdays! We’ve gone out of our way to take the time to get to know them so that we can call them our friends.

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