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My two level deer hunting box stand (shown left) has a shooting height of 15ft and has two levels for safely climbing and bring up gear. My 4ft by 4ft 12-ft high box hunting stand is portable, has components that fit inside a full size truck or van bed (with topper closed!), and may be assembled on site by one person! We have plans for a ladder-type deer stand that may be moved from tree to tree and may also be transported inside a truck topper or even a minivan. My newest stand, shown left, is free standing, fully enclosed tower deer stand, and has a near 15 ft shooting height. In addition we have plans for an elevated weather-proof box deer hunting stand that will protect you from the weather and cold. And some unique deer blind plans posted here are for a back-packable, portable ground blind with a chimney that hangs from a limb, as shown below.
In addition to deer stand plans, I will be including tips on food plots, info on game cameras, and other deer hunting topics and tips in future updates. Anything but your conventional log cabin home, one might see this structure atop a mountain or on a lake and and think it a pile of rough-cut wood logs rather than a cleverly camouflaged modular living and work space. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes! Get the best set of deer blind plans sent instantly to your email for immediate download so you can start building today! This unusual forest home has a certain old-world, Euro aesthetic that makes it one of a kind here in the community of Alpine Peak in Tahoe City, California. Philip Cooper's Bohorockers Turkoman Yurts bring you back to nature without sacrificing luxury. Sometimes it's the place you're in that can put a new slant on how you see the world, and this angled wall house by Giovanni D'Ambrosio does just that. This cozy mountain cabin in the Swiss Alps is an inviting retreat in a picture-perfect setting. The San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge is a rustic log cabin with a modern twist, sitting 1,200m up in the forests of Pustertal in Italy. Zero Plus Architecture carefully planned this cool Washington-area cabin design to ensure it complemented its environment without being a burden to it. You could call this French country home a labor of love for London architects Greg Blee and Lee Halligan – one ultimately spanning almost 30 years. Here is a great example of modern timber architecture we came across by Quezada Architecture and we thought it was worth a shout-out. Atlanta-based architecture firm Lord, Aeck & Sargent is the brain behind this beautiful rustic timber home design in Rutledge, Georgia. Created by Chilean architecture firm dRN Architects, this stunning mountain chalet design sits 2,000m high in the pristine peace of the Andes Mountains.
This mountain cottage design by architect Shin Ohori of Japanese architecture firm General Design Co. Johnsen Schmaling Architects are the designers behind the rustic Camouflage House, hidden in Green Lake, Wisconsin. I climbed the ladder without much trouble, I think I even felt a bit of triumphant accomplishment when I arrived at the platform part of the ladder. I was so frozen to my spot I was sure roots had grown out my ass, attached themselves to the seat and I would never, ever get off that stand. For those seeking legit and helpful advice about tree stands and such, I suggest visiting Ben G Outdoors website for reviews about tree stands and other hunting tips!
Hunter-Gatherer school in Sussex that specialises in hunting, fishing, foraging, bushcraft and cookery. Last January, there was a new addition to the our family: a scruffy mix of Norfolk terrier x Jack Russell.
Along with a bit of help from a friend and the queen of truffles herself, Melissa Waddingham, who introduced me to the forager's holy grail back in 2011 for an article I did on her for the independent, I set about 7 months of intesive truffle dog training. After, moving training from the living room to the garden and then to the woods, I felt that B was ready to embark on her first truffle season- she was working well and it was time to upgrade. B may be a working dog, but she certainly enjoys her work, I think the video below illustrates that perfectly- she's a happy little soul and when she isn't tearing it about at 100mph, she is at least semi professional- but we still have a way to go! On Another note, we at Hunter Gather Cook have had the pleasure of doing some videos with Vice Munchies, here is the first installment from earlier this year on how to butcher and cook wild rabbit at our Treehouse HQ, pleased to say it has racked up an astonishing 63,000 hits! Happy Spring Everyone!Finally the end of winter is nigh and already the hedgerows are bursting with early spring greens. Ever since building a tree house and living in it and off the land, it has always been a dream to go back to the roots of where Hunter Gather Cook began and build a tree house HQ in which to run all our courses. Wild stinger Pesto Balls: Ideal for those that are vegetarian, even better for those that want something to go with their meat!
Potted Rabbit: Now the suns out, rabbit will be out in the fields lining up for the gun- a great recipe to make the most out of your bunnies! Adventure was what I was looking for, but not one that involved a physical journey from A to B. Little did I know, it would be my choice of accommodation that would be central to my way of life. Hunter Gather Cook foraging and cookery school was set up in 2011, the plan was to establish the school at the original tree house, a place I had got to know extremely well with a mental map of where to find every wild ingredient and plenty of room for roaming including a river full of fish. The HGC off-grid kitchen has been one of the greatest kitchens I have ever had the pleasure to work in. A Treehouse HQ has always been at the forefront of my mind, going back to the roots of where everything began and paying homage to it for giving me a life I never thought could exist is something I will always be grateful for. Over the last three years Hunter Gather Cook has grown at an exceptional rate, festivals, pop-ups, weddings, stag & hen doa€™s and wild banquets as well as all our fixed seasonal and specialist day courses are all part of what we do. I do like a bit of a forage- having a nice fondle of the hedgerows for your supper is a timeless activity that all humans, regardless of anything, will always take pleasure in. Ia€™m incredibly happy with the fact I eat meat and even happier that I source most of it myself- I would like to wear a badge that says a€?carnivorea€™ or have a window sticker that says a€?No Meat, No Meala€™.
Ia€™ve never really understood just why it is truffles and people are attracted to one another? I first got drawn toward truffles a few years ago, after hearing stories that truffles existed in the South Downs. The internet proved more forthcoming, and after reading an article that was in Sussex life, I had a name of a local truffle hunter: Melissa Waddingham. After spending a wonderful day with Melissa learning about everything Truffle, I was hooked, although there was one major issue, I didna€™t have a dog, let alone a pig that I could use as a truffle detector and as such felt it would be a tough one to pursue. The other day I had a call from Melissa saying that it was a good year for truffles so far and I might want to X and do Y. When gathering mushrooms and wild plants, you have the pleasure of being able to wander the woods, fields and meadows and spot what you are looking for.
This truly is hunting, but not for anything with a vertebrae, a certain amount of a€?trackinga€™ is involved in the ultimate foray that will lead you to the buried treasure of a€?black golda€™. The type of truffle we hunt in the UK is the Summer Truffle or tuber aestivum perhaps not of the same quality as a Perigord truffle from France or the white a€?Trifola da€™Albaa€™ from Italy, but personally I couldna€™t give a shit: Ita€™s an English truffle and thata€™s all you need to know. The reason this is such a good indicator, and will likely get you in the vicinity of buried treasure, is because the truffles growing beneath the surface let off VOCa€™s or Volatile Organic Compounds, basically- potent herbacides that inhibit the growth of any plants, which is why you get a a€?Bruleea€™. Once you have found a likely looking brulee, simply stand and have a good look over it for any kind of disturbance. When looking buried for treasure, it is customary to have some sort of digging instrument, preferably a trowel. With any joy (and what a joy it is!) you will uncover your first truffle, which could be anything from the size of a marble to a golf ball, or bigger!
So thata€™s a basic rundown on truffle hunting sans animals (although they do actually come into it). Ia€™ve always struggled with Elderflower, ita€™s good stuff dona€™t get me wrong- one of the best inductions for many a blossoming forager. The Killer Mullet Rig: small mepps, weights two single hooks in tandem baited with a ragworm.
The one that didnt get away: the extra single hook nails them everytime- just make sure your knots are up to scratch!
I know what its like to be hungry, thanks to 3 months on a desert island with Channel 4 and living as a caveman for a week for Reader's Digest, but certainly not to the extent that the people of Ethiopia have in the past. Here at HGC, we like to cater for everyone and a group of lads looking to experience something unique as a send off for their condemned friend is no exception: The Hunter Gather Stag was born. Upon this discovery the energetic Dutch laid claim to the lands in what now are New Jersey and New York.
Long before Hendryck Hudson ever went a-voyaging, nay before this doughty seaman shrilled his first baby cry, the a€?good and pleasant landa€? had been discovered, explored and settled by that immemorial legal process known as squattersa€Y rights. The Unamis branch of the Lenni Lenape Indians lived along the river known as Manasquan and upon the Island since called a€?Osbornea€Ys.a€? They claimed the exclusive right to fish in and hunt along the tributaries of the river.
The last Indian claimants to the land were known to the whites as Tom Store and Andrew Woolley. So, to the Indian exploration and hunting and fishing rights and to the doughty Dutch goes the honor of discovering not only the land, but the goodness and pleasantness and worthwhileness of this part of America for all those who should follow in the centuries to come. The white man, having discovered this part of the American Continent, and having come to the conclusion that it was truly a a€?good and pleasant land,a€? his fellows proceeded to draw the conclusion into reality. On the 8th day of April, 1665, Richard Nicholls, Esq., Governor under His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, of all his territories in America, signed a grant, which is known as the Monmouth Patent. Governor and his executives, the Indians in their primitive dress, the settlers in the dull garb of the Quakers, Puritans, Long Island Dutch, and the Governor and his executives in the scarlet and Gold uniforms of their rank, made a memorable scene in the old State House in New York. This grant embraced parts of Middlesex and Ocean Counties and all of what is now Monmouth, except the Township of Upper Freehold and the western part of Millstone. On June 24, 1664, the Duke of York had disposed of all his interests in the territory lying between the Hudson and the Delaware Rivers to Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret.
Philip Carteret at once gave proclamation of his Commission as Governor a€?under the new Lord Proprietorsa€?. The Proprietors claimed that the titles given by Governor Nicholls were void, to which the settlers demurred.
Among those recorded in the record of a€?Quit-Rentsa€? and Patents are some interesting and familiar Monmouth County names: a€?Richard Hartshornea€”500 acres, January 18, 1685.
Bit by bit they cleared their land, made trails which became crude roads and in their habitations began to mingle in those social gatherings that have ever been the relaxation of those who live close to the soil and come to grips with nature. To say that our town has grown is to say something that seems silly, for years ago there was no town, just settlements or habitations scattered here and there singly or in neighborly fashion in the clearings in the forests or by the quiet river-side. By the time the fateful days of the Revolutionary war had rolled around, Manasquan Inlet had become a refuge for small boats and was by way of becoming a small sea port. The Salt Works, which were scattered all along our coast, were the objects of depredation on the part of the British and their Tory allies.
The charcoal industry was beginning to flourish and various trades and occupations which cause men to gather in groups for mutual help and convenience were being developed among the dwellers in the eastern end of Monmouth County.

But ever as late as 1815, there was no village of Manasquan and its site was a thick hickory wood, having a small clearing where the Osborn House once stood (near the intersection of present Main and South Streets). It seems that the first building that could properly be called the beginning of the town was built in 1808.
Soon after 1815, there was a tavern-house, the store of Jacob Curtis, the houses of Benjamin Pearce, William McKnight and David Curtis. The only house of worship in this entire community at this time was the Quaker Meeting House,but this simple, beautiful faith flourished in the midst of world cares and concerns.
Thus, through all the years there has been a strong religious influence in and around Manasquan.
A weekly mail route was established from Freehold to Toma€Ys River by way of a€?Old Squan Long Bridgea€? by Act of Congress on April 20th, 1818. During the year 1854 a considerable interest was manifested toward having a postoffice at Squan, as the inhabitants were compelled to go two miles or more to Squan Bridge for their mail. I promised to write when god brought me to Jersey, but had not time till now; I shall give thee a brief account of the Country, no fiction, but the truth. The soile is generally black, and in some places a foot deep bearing great burthens of Corn, and Naurally bringeth forth English grass 2 years pleuching: the ground is tender, and the ploughing is very easie, the trees grow genrally not thick, but some places 10, in some 15, in some 25, or 30 upon an Acre. England, and I think feed much better, for they have Beef, Pork, Bacon, Pudding, Milk, Butter and good Beer; and Cyder for drink. In 1796, John Havens (501), then called a€?senior,a€? purchased from James Allen for A?1,500 a tract of 250 acres of farmland, woodland and meadow between Metedeconk River and Kettle Creek and bordering on Barnegant Bay. Through the large farm of John Havens, on Metedconk Neck, ran a road in an easterly-westerly direction, dividing the farm into not uneven parts. 1879 Same day, Charles and Augusta Schmidt sell Jersey City land to Sarah, of Mamakating, Sullivan Co. Featuring a shotgun hand-painted to look wooden, this ornament will add zest and character to your winter holidays. This blind is fastened to a tree and thus requires less materials than the free-standing two-level stand, so it is a bit more economical to build. It contains two levels and decks for safety and accomodating an extra hunter if desired - this would be nice for a parent-child situation. The Easy Tree Deer Stand is perhaps the cheapest and easiest hunting stand you can build - check it out!
You are probably doing it to save money, or for the fun and rewards that go with building something yourself. I knew this moment would come despite my reservations and feeble attempts at hinting that I wasn’t so sure I, who has a slight aversion to heights, would enjoy hunting from a tree stand.
I slowly climbed the mountain to the tree stand taking my own sweet time hoping for some sort of reason, like a bull elk bugling somewhere, anywhere, that would force me to abandon the tree stand idea and head off on a new adventure. On about minute number 81, a hard wind kicked up suddenly and my stationary form of torture instantly became a new improved version of Nightmare on Tree Street.
I think my mind has blocked it, repressed the nightmarish memory, but I’m here, clearly alive.
B was a mere 10 weeks when we got her, having never hada dogs before, it was a daunting prospect indeed, but it was to prove one of the best decisions we ever made. Its hard to put into words the first foray to the truffle grounds with the little ferret and quite the elation I felt when she found her first truffle and the dozens she has found since. I had no idea where it would lead or what would happen, but what I did know was that my present situation at the time was in need of an overhaul.
I wanted a sedentary adventure, an existence in a single  place where I could create a simple life that cost virtually nothing but time and effort.
I wasna€™t interested in yurts, teepees or benders, I wanted something fancy and different. Unfortunately, my original bid for freedom and desire for secrecy made logistics of running courses in such a location impossible.
Other than gas rings for heating oil and emergencies, all cooking is done on, in or well above fire. It feels like the right time for a tree house, we need more space at our ground floor HQ, heading to the trees gives us a split level workspace: upstairs for dining, a bar and overnighters and downstairs for the greatest of outdoor, off-grid kitchens and prep areas with just about every wood-fired appliance you could imagine.
I wouldna€™t say Ia€™m a forager as such because I also forage for my protein, be it meat, fish insect or crustacean, just as much as I do for plants, fruit, nuts and mushrooms.
Its not like you would substitute it for perfume, but it is one that really appeals in a culinary sense- then again 70% of taste is smell.
Trying to track down if it was true or not, I went to the local information centre, otherwise known as the pub.
I like to dabble with scribbling from time to time so suggested the possibility of a truffle hunt to the Independent, who agreed. What Melissa did explain to me is that there are natural indicators that can narrow things down and put you right on the money.
The South Downs covers a fair amount of land and beyond said murmurings, I had heard about X before as a possible location, so thought it might be time to strike out and lose my truffle virginity. Quite how you are supposed to turn up in a wood and find something you cant even see because its underground adds a whole new dimension.
Soil, Trees, Vegetation and animal activity all play a large part in tracking a truffle down. Beech is king, but also hazel, hawthorn, ash and elm are quite happy to harbour a truffle or two as long as the soil is calcareous.
As truffles dona€™t surface like mushrooms, they dona€™t have a direct method of spore dispersal. All of the above have pointed towards the possibility that you are right on the money, so know the a€?digginga€™ begins. Lightly scrape back the leaf litter around your animal diggings until you find bare earth: the truffle likes to be in the soil but will quite often have the top 5th of it exposed above the soil- think iceberg, so do this delicately and lightly. After youa€™ve done a little jig and finished fist-pumping the air, REMEMBER to recover any area that you have scraped back as if now one was ever there.
I have never found or shot anything that has caused quite the same level of elation- the buried needle has been found in the vast haystack. All individuals, all slightly tweaked versions of one another, yet all drawn to different things as we grow up.
Manasquan, Maniquan, Mannisquan, Manasquam, Squan and Squan Village are mentioned in various old records, among them a deed dated 1685.
They claimed a€zfrom the mouth of Squan River to the mouth of the Shrewsbury River, to the streams of each to their heads and across from one head to another.a€Y This claim was satisfactorily settled at a subsequent conference held at Easton, Pennsylvania, in October, 1758.
The patentees were William Goulding, Samuel Spicer, John Bowne, Richard Gibbons, Richard Stout, James Grover, John Tilton, Nathaniel Sylvester, William Reape, Walter Clark, Nicholas Davies and Obadiah Holmes. Many of these had previously lived in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay and had left there on account of the religious persecution to which they had been subjected. By the terms of this document the title derived by the settlers from Governor Nicholls was absolutely ignored and they were required to take out new patents under the proprietors, whom they were to acknowledge as land-lords and to whom they were to pay stipulated quit-rents. Defiance, disputes, appeals, friction, riots, and imprisonments, covering many years and many changes of ownership, were the outcome.
Hartshorne came to New Jersey from London in September 1779 and for a time resided at Wawake. There were a few exceptions, among whom was Indian Will, who fished and hunted from Shrewsbury to Barnegat, camping at various places.
By the middle of the last century, there were two stores, one kept by Hatsell (Hadsell?) and Curtis and the other by John Gifford. This route was from Freehold by Squankum, Manasquan (Manasquan here means large settlement in the vicinity of what is now the Route 70 Bridge over the Manasquan River), Toms River, Cedar Creek and Manahawkin to Tuckerton. In this movement, Osborn Curtis took a very active part and he became the unanimous choice of the people for post-master.
Haight established a stage coach service between the boat terminal at Red Bank and Manasquan. After a brief stop, the coach would proceed to the Trap-Tavern in Hamilton (at the intersection of Route 33 and Old Corlies Road) where the travelers usually had their lunch. When they are out of their time, they have land for themselves, and generally turn Farmours for themselves. This time, to Elizabeth Hill, who before her marriage had lived in Hopewell NJ and there had been a loyal member of the Baptist Church.
Anna Havens and Samuel Havens, her step-children, were convicted of sin, and brought to a saving knowledge of the truth.
At the death of their father, the eldest sons, Samuel and John, continued to occupy and farm these portions of the domain. Clarissa bore John 10 children: Ephraim, John, Ann, William, Cynthia, Clarissa, Henry, Esther, George, and Walter.
William Henry Havens (single), Mary (Havens) Wilson, Bradley Wilson her husband, Ann Nebecker and Henry Nebecker her husband, all of Payson, in the territory of Utah, the said William Henry Havens and Mary Wilson being the only children and heirs at law of John Havens, late of the County of Hudson, and the said Ann Nebecker being the widow of the said John Havens, did deed, on 6 Jul 1870, to Harvey M. John Hopper, guardian of minor Peter Smith Havens, appointed by Orphana€Ys Court on 19 Sep 1870, sold to Sarah Havens (Petera€Ys mother), on 10 Jan 1871, property in 12th Ward of Jersey City belonging to said minor. Sarah Havens of Jersey City (formerly Hudson City) NJ, on 26 Aug 1874, bought from Charles H. Sarah Havens, of Jersey City NJ, sold to Mary Josephine Wade, on 17 May 1877, land in Lot #3, in West Hoboken NJ, for $1600. Sarah Havens of Jersey City, Hudson, NJ, on 5 Apr 1877, sold land in Jersey City to Charles F. The patentees were William Goulding, Samuel Spicer, John Bowne, Richard Gibbons, Richard Stout, James Grover,A  John Tilton, Nathaniel Sylvester, William Reape, Walter Clark, Nicholas Davies and Obadiah Holmes.
Display these decorations around your house and they will be a sure hit among your family, friends, and guests!
Also we have plans for an easy ground blind that also costs very little and offers some nice concealment. This delightful riverfront home sits on a serene property surrounded by towering firs and redwoods. I leaned over and hung my hunting pack on the tree peg and than proceeded to stand properly on the platform. She has come a long way in her first year, and we couldnt be prouder of what she has achieved, so much so that we honoured her by making her a Hunter Gather Cook Instructor.
The issue was with my working life: 50-60 hours a week doing set design and cheffing for a variety of overbearing bitchy, employers and phsycopathic chefs in Londona€™s events industry was taking its toll on my enthusiasm after 4 years. Knowledge of the natural world and how to best utilise the landscape around me would be key- but this was nothing new to me and I felt confident that striking out into woods of Sussex with the right tools and a few basic staples, I would not only survive but thrive. In a bid to recapture the days of my youth, I opted for something I had always wanted, but as a boy never had the skills or tools to create. Life was simplified and other than my stomach and living arrangements I had virtually set myself free from the system.
Fortunately, with the use of a bit of countryside networking, I soon found the perfect place in which to settle and after 3 years in the same location, a place we still like to keep a little secret only revealed to course attendees, more plans are afoot.

The results produced using various contraptions wea€™ve built and the finest wild meat from within 5 miles of Hunter Gather Cook speaks for itself.
Hunter Gather Cook is not just a foraging & cookery school, it is a way of life for those that work there and for those that spend their time there, we live and breathe it and what makes it so worthwhile is to be able to share it with those that come on our courses in the hope that wild food, be it meat or plants, will be used more regularly in kitchens across the country with sustainability in mind.
The new Treehouse HQ is being engineered with the help of the wonderful gents at Blue Forest and being constructed by myself and the rest of the HGC team. So, for me, Hunter-Gatherer seems more appropriate, forager has murmurings of vegetarianism, although I doubt you would meet many that were, but lets not split hairs! Its not that I dona€™t like my greens, because I love them equally, I just think they need something to go with them and vice versa.
Ia€™m sure I dona€™t have to go into a detailed description, many of you are aware of what a truffle is and that they are synonymous with fine dining, hence spenny to purchase. Needle in a haystack this aina€™t, because the needlea€™s been buried and the haystack is vast. Below is my summary of how to track truffles- alas, I am an amateur and I am simply stating my findings- not the courts.
Most woodlands in the UK have a standard set of ground level plants: Doga€™s mercury, brambles, grasses, ivy and moss are all to be found.
When you scrape back the leaf litter you might get an almighty whiff if youa€™re lucky, otherwise just a tickle. You will get proper grubby, sniff more earth than is probably healthy and get very wet knees (not a good look for me and HGC instructor Dave when we went for a celebratory ale afterwards: two lads in from the woods with wet knees and dirty hands?
It requires patience, observation and a synergy with the natural world around you that can lead to a culinary treat that will have you eating like a king for days. Nicholls, who was unaware of the transaction until the arrival of Philip Carteret, a brother of Sir George Carteret, late in the summer of the same year. He became interested in the Nichollsa€Y Patent controversy and in 1685, with several others, he took up 2500 acres of land on the coast, extending from a€?Rack Ponda€? on the North, to the head of Barnegat Bay, on the south. Landing in the river, they selected their home sites, cleared the land, built their homes in which they installed their families and few, and often scant possessions. Another Meeting House, the Old Free Church on the Hill (later to be known as the Ocean Mill (Hill) Methodist Protestant Church) was built in what is now Atlantic Cemetery. The coach then proceeded along country roads to Tiltona€Ys Tavern at Baileya€Ys Corner and thence to the Squan House at Manasquan, the end of an arduous daya€Ys journey.
It is scituate in a good Aire, which makes it healthy, and there is great conveniency for traveling from places throw the Province in Boats, from a small Canoe to Vessels of 30, 30, or 50 Tun, and in some places 100. There is likewayes Gum tree, Cedar, White Wood, like our Fir tree; Walnuts Chestnuts and others lye thick upon the ground. I have sent for servants myself to settle a farme, for if the Proprietors will not do so, I see not what they can expect.
In the deed of purchase, a plot of A? acre a€?in the northwest corner of the orcharda€? was set aside for use as a burying ground. Through this lady, the first Baptist Church in [that] section of the state was established in 1804.
Samuel thought of uniting with the Methodist Church, as there was no Baptist Church near, nor the most distant prospect of one being established. In the will of John Pieterse Van Houten (Marya€Ys father), he refers to her as a€?Polly, wife of Halmagh I.
Some of the children may have been baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church at Ponds (now Oakland, Bergen County) which is closer than Pompton Plains, in Morris County, but unfortunately 150 years of Ponds Reformed Dutch Church records were destroyed by fire, so we do not have all the pertinent information about Halmagh and Pollya€Ys family. Bliss, of Hudson city, about 1.75 acres, for $1200, being the same premises conveyed by Garret Vreeland, his wife and others to John Havens by deed of 14 Apr 1856 and recorded in Deed Book 53, p. Wynnkeep, County Auditor, sold to Eugene Stevenson, on 23 May 1881, Jersey City, land that formerly belonged to Sarah Havens, then living out of state. I don’t think they understand the concept of  internal fears, but I was willing to give it a try, the old climb, conquer and get over it theory. If I am to hunt out of a tree stand in the future, Robert will need to build me a four star tree house complete with shutters and a wrap around deck. I’ve made the mistake of going up in smaller aspen trees when there was a 30+ mph wind what a ride sometimes you almost get sick.
A lot of people  thought the idea of training such a ferret to hunt truffles was a ridiculous notion and unlikely to come to fruition.
It has never been my intention to sell the truffles she finds, they are primarily for use at the school and whatever is left goes to friends or our local- The Ram inn in Firle, in return for beer and fillet steak for B. Being at the forefront of what we do means that we are constantly evolving, experimenting and establishing the best techniques for outdoor cookery and how to produce the best food using our native flora and fauna.
The aim is to create a unique workspace to engage and inspire everyone who comes down to our neck of the woods.
Gordon Ramshank managed to charge a fortune at his restaurants by putting it on everything, that and fois gras. It is the balance between these two, the muskiness of the sulphides and the savoury notes of the Phenolic ether.
So if you are a bit of a truffle fancier, I would strongly recommend going out with Melissa on a hunt, or if you have a dog, she can train it to do the hard work for you! The woodland floor is a delicate ecosystem with strands of mycelium, bugs, grubs and a whole host of other things going on.
As you scrape sniff the soil: if it smells sweet or truffle like then you are close- keep sniffing the earth.
Curtis went to Washington with his petition and after he had made known the grievances of the people to the Postmaster General, the request was granted.
This entire tract of land had formerly belonged to John Allen, father of James Allen, and had been purchased by him from William Bills. She missed the services of the sanctuary and longed for a Baptist Church where she could worship. He, however, was advised to accompany his step- mother to Hightstown, that they might take counsel of the Rev.
The second daughter, Ann (our direct ancestor), was born 24 Mar 1817 and married John Havens on 13 Feb 1839, in Bergen NJ. NJ to Thomas Andrews of Hudson, Hudson, NJ, on 23 Oct 1855, for a mortgage totaling $3,000.
Van Winkle and his wife Mary Ann, of Hudson, Hudson, NJ, sold 1.63 acres to John Havens for the sum of $1. No, life was no longer peaches and cream, it became more of a heart palpitations and cold sweat mixture of hell. Suddenly there were critics and even enthusiasts, I was relatively unbothered by the all of it- I certainly couldna€™t deal with it- no wifi in the woods!
Pure sulphides will smell like canned farts so balance is everything and they can vary from truffle to truffle. You dona€™t want to upset this wonderful balance: ALWAYS make sure that any leaf matter or soil you disturb goes back into its rightful place, this is not only good for truffle futures, but makes your impact minimal. Thus we have one of the earliest, if not the earliest mention of the name of Manasquan, in American records. They have sent over many servants, and are likewayes sending more; They have like wayes sent over many poor Families, and given them a small stock, and these Families, some some for 7, some for 10 years, give the half of their increase to the Landlord, except the milk, which the tennant hath to himself. Peter Wilson, on the evening preceding the first Lorda€Ys Day in November 1801, and went directly to Mr. Other family members believe he married Rachel Baker on 8 Sep 1840, as there is a marriage record to that effect. She was divorced later because of her joining the Mormon Church and later married Henry Nebeker while preparing to move to Utah. They had held property in trust that had been previously purchased by her husband John Havens. Beckham of Hoboken NJ, on 28 Jul 1879, land obtained from Edward Dubois in the city of West Hoboken, for $800.
They can be around a tree or in amongst a bunch of trees, size wise- they can go from anything 5 ft to 30ft or be in a strip. I wish thee would send over some to set up a Brew-house, and a Bake house to bake Bread and Bisket, for a Bisket-Maker we must have to vend our meat to the Plantations.
His wife, Rebecca Jeffrey, had died 6 years before, leaving four sons and one daughter, the eldest, Samuel, 19 years of age and the youngest, Abraham, a child of 3. Pollya€Ys grandfather, Pieter Adrianse Van Houten, was the grandson of Pieter Helmighse, who was the brother of Catlyntje Helmighse Van Houten, who married Johannes Gerritse Van Wagene--the youngest son of immigrants Gerrit Gerritse and Annetje Hermanse; thus making two direct lines back to Gerrit Gerritse and his wife, Annetje Hermanse, and two lines back to Helmigh Cornelise Van Houten and his wife, Jannetje Pieterse Marselise. The first two were sons: John Halmagh, (after his grandfather and father, according to Dutch tradition) and Henry R.
The Chancellor decreed that within 30 days the defendants provide her a deed for the contested land.
New York, which I may need to pursue, since Sarah lived in New York at times.) Recorded in Deed Book 310, p. A piece; and then to work they go, 2 or 3 men will in one year clear 50 acres, in some places 60, and in some more. Fresh diggings or slightly older ones that might be visible are good indicators within a brulee that there are truffles below your feet. He was also a member of the Legislature and instrumental in bringing the railroad to the Shore. Wilson was sick and confined to bed; his sickness was so severe he could not converse with them. Like her older sisters, she emigrated to Nauvoo and then moved on to Utah with the Mormon Pioneers.
There was an immediate appeal on the grounds Sarah hadna€Yt fully paid for the property and that it was originally titled in the name of her husband John, but on 16 Mar 1876 that appeal was denied. They sow Corn the first year, and afterwards maintain themselves; and the increase of Corn, Cows, Horses, Hogs and Sheep comes to the Landlord. I desire thee to encourage some of our Friends, especially the Proprietors, to send over some servants to stock some land: and when they have cleared it, if they have a mind to lett it, here are tenants to take it, and if they will sell it, here also are purchasers. Now I have layd these things before thee, and desire thee to impart them to some of the Proprietors and other friends that they may consider of the same.
Now I have layd these things before thee, and desire thee to impart them to someA  of the Proprietors and other friends that they may consider of the same.
The whole was 1600 or 1800 acres, whereof only 120 acres were cleared, upon which he had a house, Garden and Orchard, and Barn planted: I know several men who lett cleared land at 6 shil.

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