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Sony Japan has shown some new AR prototypes showing object tracking, digital characters dynamically lit by a real world lighting and then there's the 'HoloPop'.
I'm going to hazard a guess this is far from legit, but someone's trying to auction the ET cartridges recently exhumed from a New Mexico landfill as a, "job lot, 10,000+ cartridges". Posted on Tumblr, these Source Filmmaker recreations of the Bioshock Infinite gang fighting through the Left 4 Dead world really seem to click.
There's a point where 'knowing tech stuff' passes through into witchcraft and this is that point.
A blog post over at the Star Wars website has laid down the law regarding the movies and the huge expanse of Extended Universe content. Thinking With Time Machine is a new and grammatically dubious Portal 2 mod that lets you record and play back time loops to solve puzzles.
Redditor scoodidabop has been working on his recreation Jurassic Park Explorer Jeep for a while but has just found, "the EXACT right brush guard".
TechCruch are reporting it's all over for Google+ after senior VP of engineering and head of the service Vic Gundotra's departure.
Kotaku UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
The university students behind it have printed a playable game controller from scratch as a proof of concept.

The three excerpts are brief, showing off some ships, a new (possibly Russian) area and a look at a map naming various Earth regions.
Literal technomage David Hunt has turned a Raspberry Pi in to an actual working phone for a little over ?90. Turns out that's because Sony's hardware division just went off and made it without telling anyone. Cue the sort of rolling-around-in-the-street gun fights that made up chunks of my childhood, only this time with much better special effects. Considering the trouble some had with just the portals I'm imaging a few Scanner-style head pops here.
Multiple sources have confirmed resources and people are being moved away and mandatory integration has largely been dropped. As well as showing exploration, combat and vehicles in action, at one point the devs stop to build a shed with the crafting system.
Shuhei Yoshida (then head of US development) only found out three weeks before the 2006 E3 reveal when he was asked to "make something for it".

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