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If you don’t want that your CSS files load slowly, then this tutorial will help you to compress CSS files using PHP.
JpGraph supports internal caching, more than 400 named colors, various layouts, multiple Y-axes, flexible scales, advanced Gantt-charts, country flags, several plot types, interpolation with cubic splines, automatic generation of client-side image and many more features.
Libchart a free PHP library will help you to draw pie charts, line charts and vertical or horizontal bar charts. Joomla is a free and open-source content management system that allows you to build your website to your liking. For many people, the best way to learn something is quite simply to jump in and start doing it. Now that you have WordPress installed, you need to build the identity of your website or your business. When you create your header image, you will want to use an image that represents your work as it goes across the top of your website page. Once you have the header image created, set it by using the option under Appearance > Customize. The colors for the website shown in the screenshot above were based on the colors that the customer had used in her original Facebook page. Create a static page for the front page of your site - after the header image had been created, we decided to use a static page with a gallery of pictures that showcase the pictures on the website.
After you have identified yourself through a header and title page, you will need to think about the content that will fill your website.

To set the Featured Image, look in the far right column of the page, then scroll down until you see Set Featured Image. Creating a Page is literally identical to creating a post, except that you would click on Pages then Add new in the menu to create a new page. Each page and post also allows for interactivity via a comment option at the bottom of each page or post. As per the static page that we created above, you can create galleries in either pages or posts. When you have more than one item in the menu list, you can use drag-and-drop to re-position the order of your menu. In the right side of the screen you will see three areas: Primary Sidebar, Content Sidebar, and the Footer Widget Area.
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You will learn The Reinhold Weber method, The Perishable Press method and The Paul Stamatiou method.
You can easily implement cache on specific pages which have high traffic and on a whole site.
Remember that the content and images for the header image and home page are the first pages your visitors see.

The static page is a simple non-interactive page that we use to present information or highlight a specific image. If you are a photographer, and you need to show a client pictures, you can quickly build pages with galleries.
For this example, let's also make sure that we set the image that is added to this post uses the Featured Image option.
Footers can also help, or they can be used as section of the website where information can be displayed. This tutorial will cover cookies, sessions, classes, jQuery, Prepared statements and MySqli concepts. You can check our Fita reviews page to know more about our quality and standards and see if there are any Fita complaints. For the developers, I’m presenting a list of 12 Useful PHP Tutorials, Techniques and Components.
The following steps walk you through creating a header image, modifying your theme colors, and creating a static page.

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