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Share6 Tweet +1 Pin472 Reddit Stumble EmailShares 478Fallout 4 launched a little more than 11 days ago, and people playing the game have already begun going crazy with using the provided toolset to create some amazing feats of construction, not found anywhere else in any other game to date.
The Starlight Movie Theater is one of the first Fallout 4 settlements that you’re asked to liberate, after you join up with the Minutemen. The Red Rocket Garage is a really lonely place when the player first encounters it in the main game. Sanctuary Hills, being the first settlement you visit after emerging from your Vault, is not really much to look at. While many custom made Fallout 4 settlements out there are really impressive, this one has to be among the best. After re-conquering the former stronghold of the Minutemen, and beating a really hard boss to do so, players gain access to The Castle, a crumbling ancient stronghold.
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In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods already here are the top 10 mods that people have already created for the recently released Fallout 4.
While not perfect this mod freezes the counter on settlement objects so you don't reach a dreaded maximum count when trying to build what crazy sort of thing you want. Like the description of the mod many are not a fan of the lockpicking system and I honestly just don't care for it.
Thought it might be nice to include some preset characters in this list as well considering it is the first week and almost everyone is just starting out. This is another mod that aims to enhance the textures of the game though this mod doesn't aim to improve the resolution of blood, yet improve the decal number of duration for a more realistic effect.
It's time to cook some meth within the wasteland of the future as you play with the grizzled Walter White preset which perfectly captures the character from Breaking Bad quite well.
I always like the look of Noire type things and this mod brings just that into the wasteland.
This mod is more subtle in how it changes the water though while watching the motion you can see there's a different between the water qualities.
I always love smaller mods that focus on just a single item since it allows me to collect a pile of them for my unique world and honestly the pre-war money texture was bad. I did what I always do with Bethesda games after entering the wild: soak up the view, then turn around and go the exact opposite direction.
I'm playing a weapon heavy sneak thief: will sneak into and through areas, but capable of blasting my way out. I haven't progressed much into the game as I am playing on survival (Just did the factory side quest and haven't been to diamond city yet) but my base is coming along nicely at sanctuary.
I just killed every Raider there and the guy gave me her contract for free, because he didn't have any use for her anymore. Others have mentioned it already, but holy SHIT, you have to check out the Massachusetts State House (west of Goodneighbor, north of Swan's Pond).
Once you do so, you find out that it is nothing more then a small bar and yard full of car wreckages with a radioactive pool of water in the middle of it. Sure, this is the place you meet your first companion, Dogmeat, but apart from that, it is a Molerat infested garbage dump.
Inhabited only by your former robo-butler, Codsworth, and full of ruined houses, it was just asking for an overhaul. You probably remember the giant Death Robot that the Brotherhood of Steel had in Fallout 3. A beautiful and serene place, with lots of grass and vibrant colors that make us forget that we’re actually in a post-apocalyptic game and that the nuclear holocaust happened.

While The Castle, itself, is really not much to look at, another creative gamer has managed to completely restore the place into something to rival even Diamond City.
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The following Test #30 is based upon what is already presented on many tutorials on YouTube (though I don't know the original source of this discovery yet).So you have reached your building limit for your current settlement, but want to continue to build and create things?
At this point these are mostly some small texture tweaks, character designs and file changes to benefit players trying to get a quicker start. I have a thing for redheads and this was, like the title suggest the most beautiful starting character. Already we've been given a mod that greatly improves the quality of the eyes within the game which honestly didn't look great in vanilla style.
While better blood mods will come to improve the textures this is a great start for your first playthrough of the game. Honestly the mod really only seems to make the game black and white though I still appreciate the customization. After playing with the vanilla water I'll really take anything that makes it look better as it's not very appealing, additionally this mod now contains foam! With this mod it greatly improves the textures for pre-war money of current money by including a fresh mod version and a worn out version as well which both look great. There really isn't any texture changes present within this one it's a standard nude mod, it's just a first week anyways so I'm going to assume more will show up in the future.
It's one of my favorite songs but I can't find it on the wiki's list of songs and the lyrics don't bring up anything but modern pop nonsense when I search for it on the internet. Unfortunately that led to the edge of playable space, but I spent some time exploring around the border and found quite a few interesting, unmarked places and got a good load of supplies, before landing at my first major destination. One creative player has completely changed the Red Rocket Garage into a comfortable place for any Wastelander out there. The Red Rocket redux has a full Nuka-Cola vending machine, along with multiple magazine racks, a ton of food and almost all of the entertainment holotapes found in the game.
Well, one intrepid gamer has decided to build his own version of it, in the form a gigantic power armor suit.
The house is built around a huge tree, complete with a custom stairwell, a huge veranda with lots of space for furniture and decorations, along with the house on top of this multi-tier construct. Every building is built from wood, there are trees everywhere, and the town even has a custom crafted windmill.
Two-storied houses, bridges and completely restored walls are just a few of the features of the new Castle. The panning light video was so much more complex than it seems at first.I will try to add a few more notes to Test #20 that will hopefully make it better to understand. Note, it also is just scaled to your perk level so you still need certain perks to unlock some areas so it just skips the mini-game for you. It doesn't quite note the resolution used which slightly annoys me, but the quality is clearly present within the material provided. There's just something calming about the game within these textures, not for everyone but great for others I'm sure.
Very much enjoyed exploring the vault and finding all the terminals and small details that told stories in the environment; Bethesda was masterful at staging scenes in Skyrim and that has carried over to Fallout 4.
It’s the perfect place for any weary wasteland hero to relax with a few beers and feel safe. I assume they would somehow teleport out when you left, but finding a way to make them stay could yield a good prison build. Sanctuary Hills now sports a huge wall surrounding the entire town, along with massive defenses and even an Inn, with its own pool table and lots of beverages. I wish I could just hit him over the head with a shoval to stop his whining and ship him off to The Glowing Sea.

It seems they follow the same rule, but only the first individual object that passes the barrier is accounted for in this question.
I could, if I wanted to, move outside the settlement building area, while still focusing and holding the object. If anything isn't clear in that diagram, feel free to ask.Awaiting what you can do with clipping. This is the action that will now decrease the size bar, with each weapon a bit.The size bar after a second round performing this trick. Hopefully something cooler than a treehouse!If it's cooler I don't know, but I was able to point out a few, interesting details. Workshop Auto exit in 5s.I could move back into the legit building area, however, as it turns out, I am also able to place the group selected object through pressing "E" inside the normal building area. I assume they would somehow teleport out when you left, but finding a way to make them stay could yield a good prison build.Already had the idea of prison cells aswell (well, I tried to 'imprison' one especially annoying settler), but didn't come around to test that more.
Let's group selected the Artillery Piece and the Shack Floors once more.Move a few steps back so that we are outside the normal building area.
I will once again see the note that I left the building area and building mode will be automatically be exited in 5 seconds.Before the five seconds run out, I will now move a few steps to the right. Once I am sure that I have found a new place where my group selected object can be placed .. If I would now press "E" I would select that specific object, it would light up green and I could reposition it or store it back into the workshop.However, as mentioned by SparrowPrince, if you press down "E" and hold it, you will group select the entire structure of objects, that are currently attached to each other. It then behaves as one object, which can be moved and rotated.What happens though, if an object that needs energy is involved in a group selection of objects?
Let the time run out.Once the five seconds are over, the group selected object will be placed right on the spot where I last had it focused on. In the image above we see a Large Generator, ten Lightboxes and a Construction Light, with the Construction Light being placed upon our Shack Floor element. The Generator produces ten energy and normally the 10 Lightboxes (that are connected in a line-structure) would consume all of this generated energy. If tried, the Power Armor will 'snap out of the Artillery Piece' and the player will enter it without the animation playing.The Power Armor wasn't damaged by this. However, as the Construction Light is also attached to the Generator, one energy point goes to the Construction Light and therefore only nine Lightboxes light up!If we now group select the structure (Shack Foundation, Shack Floors, Construction Light), something interesting happens.
The wire, that connects the Generator with the Construction Light will no longer be visible ..
This is true as long as we hold the group selection active and have not repositioned the group-selected-object somewhere else (so as long as we did not press "E").What happens, if we go further away, so far, that the normally legit distance between Generator and Construction Light will be exceeded?As long as the group selection is active, the Construction Light doesn't care if it is too far away from the Generator, it will continue to be lighting. However, if we now press "E" and thus select a new spot for our group selected object, the wire connection between the Generator and the Construction Light will immediately be disconnected, as it was too long, and therefore the Construction Light will no longer be lighting. You will notice, that now all ten Lightboxes are lighting.Seems like this is unfortunately a dead end. But apparently not everywhere.Let's say we build this multistoried object and 'group select' it. It will light up green and we can move and rotate it.It is possible, that we can now move this object into the (non scrapable) tree in Sanctuary Hills!
For example the tree in Covenant does not want to play nice if clipping objects into it is attempted.

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