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As a young child (or perhaps even an adult) who hasn’t dreamed of living tree houses? Baumraum treehouses blends classic notions of a simple wood structure in a tree with modernist angles, clean lines and other design elements. The mobile, durable and somehow fanciful Free Spirit Spheres can be hung from anything from trees to buildings and rock faces. The TreeHouse Workshop is a Seattle-based company that takes the art of constructing tree houses extremely seriously. The 02 Sustainability Tree House defies many of the conventions one associates with a typical tree house. Of course, not all tree houses are avante garde examples of design and sustainability – some people live in far more traditional tree houses such as the tree dwellers shown in the photographs above. It’s one thing to chain oneself to a tree in order to save it, but quite another to live in one! To wind down from the more wacky designs, the above video shows a simple traditional tree house being built – but sped up and using stop-motion techniques to illustrate the process. Some strange treehouses have slipped through the cracks, their stories and histories unknown, yet the images of them are too amazing to go un-shown. Freeman Dyson’s son, George, was well-known in the Vancouver (BC) area for the elaborate treehouse he lived in up Indian Arm. Beats my platform any day!!Though the price of these wasn’t mentioned once…I wonder why?! The mission of the treehouse is to help save endangered forests by valuing these natural resources through eco tourism instead of cutting them down and selling the wood.
I wonder about the protest treehouse design… whether it could stay in the trees long without harming them.
We built our 100th tree house last year and the way I see it, the more people we get up in trees, the better! These are pretty cool, I especially like the clusters of tree houses with rope bridges connecting them.

I drew up the blue prints for the Treehouse Workshop one displayed and those assholes never gave me my pay. Nice, i like the start, when the two babes are there XD, + i saw the manon the roof, so damn good start! This is AMAZING!, I have only just seen you on here and I have just been looking over your work, it is astounding. Some structures are built on trees or hung from trees, but some unusual tree house building designs are even grown from trees or built right into a tree. These both blend with and stand out from their natural environs and are customized to client wishes before being installed. As with the best tree house designs, this project successfully worked around the existing natural site conditions. They build an average of one tree house per month and hire extremely able builders and carpenters to construct their projects. The paradigm of a square shack-like wooden structure is replaced with a light and spacious geodesic dome structure that requires very little (and eco-friendly) material and has minimal impact on trees in which it is placed (hanging from cables rather than bolted to trees). In the jungles of the Brazza River Basin in the Indonesian province of Papua the local tribes have slowly built their way up into the trees to escape pests and one another. Of course not just anyone can get permission to build a house like this: it helps to be the daughter of the ex-president of the country. A combination of scaffolding and other systems could be used to direct the growth of these fascinating and creative concept tree houses over a period of years.
Layouts are allowed to conform to the natural landscapes around them to take maximum advantage of views and natural light without disturbing the local environment. For more sustainable designs be sure to see these collections of strange recycled architecture, unusual green vehicles, bizarre green art and incredible green roofs. It's like your interiors shape the exteriors, whatever is inside, always complements whats on the outside.
Some people live in trees as a luxury, some to help save the environment and others out of tradition or necessity.

The Baumraum group is both experimental and experienced, wish expertise in tree types, capabilities and environmental impact. One clever designer has developed a series of conceptual strategies shown in the above images to take this approach to the next level. Vines, roots and trees become organic architectural materials to create a flexible framework for these curious creations. The thin foundational supports are designed to minimize impact on root systems and the ground surface. There are also some great books with more tree houses around the world, interesting tree houses in the United States and tree houses you can actually build. Daily we add hundreds of pictures, dozens of videos, flash games, celebrities and other great stuff.
This time we made a Jungle Treehouse and I really hope you all enjoy it.The world save is survival and can be really a nice place to start your adventures from.
Here are ten incredible tree house building designs and ideas that range from functional to fanciful, sustainable to strange and affordable to incredibly expensive. Each sphere is waterproof and impact-resistant, composed of an internal laminated wood frame and clear fiberglass exterior. With just 13% of these old-growth trees left, these new structures would link from tree to tree providing habitats but also protecting the natural environment. Rainwater collection, solar panels, wind collection and other sustainable systems are also integrated making the house mostly energy independent. I wish to find others who would like to help build a ten acre food forest with platforms decks and many other kinds of spaces, we will create ten times ten acres of living environments by building to the overstory.

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