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Drawing is intimate and reveals exactly where we are, and in a culture that isn't comfortable with that, it frightens many. Ben Grosser is an artist and composer who also directs the Imaging Technology Group at the Beckman Institute. Impressed by the helpfulness of the free information of various kinds on the web at the time (1998), Grosser decided to contribute his plans to those interested and posted them on his website. He has continued that practice and the plans, which are detailed, accompanied by a materials list and photographs, are available freely on his web site today. With them, he states that even a novice, with borrowed tools and no woodworking experience, can build their own large easel for under $100, handling paintings as well as some large easels costing many times that much.
There is also a gallery of photos from people who have built their own easels using Grosser’s plans (images above, bottom row), as well as emails with anecdotes, descriptions of customizations and clever enhancements, and even stories of easels built from scrap materials for under $20, some of them looking wonderfully rough hewn and rustic.
Grosser was offering easily downloadable PDF versions of his plans, but his generosity was repaid by scavengers ripping off his free plans, stripping out his credits and selling them on eBay as if they had created them; so he has had to discontinue the PDFs. If you decide to build an easel, be sure to send him photos and comments about your experience. Please note that display ads for lines and colors are limited to arts related topics and may not be animated. Lines and Colors is a blog about painting, drawing, sketching, illustration, comics, cartoons, webcomics, art history, concept art, gallery art, digital art, artist tools and techniques, motion graphics, animation, sci-fi and fantasy illustration, paleo art, storyboards, matte painting, 3d graphics and anything else I find visually interesting. How to build a timber frame Artist Studio - Part 1This video is a Part 1 summary demonstrating how to build a timber frame Artist Studio - Will Kemp Art Studio - was constructed by Mulberry Construction and Landscapes Staffordshire builders based in Leek. Next Up: The Fox Problem powered by HP bring you Alex Pettitt, top tech talent and video virtuoso, responsible for bringing The Fox Problem from our studio to YOUR screen.
Learn how to build a good quality home studio recording booth with cheap enough material in three days.
With the help of Rockford Construction, we spent just two days laying the groundwork for our very own recording studio!
It doesn't matter what you call it: light tent, light cube, light box, macro photo studio, or a mini photo studio. Shows you how to build your own art brush caddy to stay completely organized whether painting in the studio, on-location, plein aire, teaching, or taking lessons.
Ken and Bo demonstrate how easy it can be to build a very useful art studio (or work shop, or getaway, or whatever you need).
Complete novice woodworking plans for building a fully-functional studio easel for less than $100 in materials using tools you'll find in your basement or your friend's garage. How To Build An Art Studio In Your Own Back Yard: Suda's Studio Build your own wheel from treadmill parts. How To Build An Art Studio In Your Own Back Yard: Suda's Studio DIY Studio for about ten dollars! How To Build An Art Studio In Your Own Back Yard: Suda's Studio MAKE AN ART STUDIOHaving a place to promote creative art can be challenging in a suburban home. Chance Nauman — Deck Analysis — May 9, 2012 — 5,186 viewsHello everyone, welcome to my second article on SixPrizes. As we go along, I will use this list as a baseline for you to compare to the other CMT lists.
Yes, that may sound incredibly tacky, but it’s the odd techs and unusual Trainer lines that make a list your own. Of the four lists present in this article, the Terrakion variation is my personal favorite.
Despite what you may think, adding Terrakion to your list does not require the removal of many consistency cards.
You are playing against Zekeels, and you have a fully charged Regigigas EX in the active position with an Eviolite attached and 100 damage on it from your opponent’s Zekrom, which hit you with a Bolt Strike during the previous turn. Next, you drop down Shaymin UL and move the energy from the damaged Regigigas EX to your new active.
In a deck running Regigigas EX, I consider Seeker to be superior to Super Scoop Up; this is because with Seeker, you are not basing your entire game on the luck (or lack thereof) of a coin flip.
This gives you a massive advantage over your opponent, improving an already-positive matchup against mono-Fighting decks.
In list #2, there was an explanation as to why Terrakion is a such a positive addition to CMT.
Starting with Heatmor or Terrakion, those horrifying moments when your hand is full of Energy and then you draw into an Energy Search or Energy Retrieval.
In the second part of this article, I will go over multiple interesting techs that could be worthwhile additions to your CMT lists. Judge is a card that fell off the radar after the fall of Yanmega variants, and struggled to be found in many other lists since. You’re in the middle of a Mewtwo war and your opponent just got a KO on your Mewtwo EX. We are currently experiencing a format in which Special Energy cards such as Prism Energy, Special Darkness Energy, and Double Colorless Energy are played as frequently as Junk Arm. The ability to remove a Special Energy from your opponent’s field can give you a strong advantage against your opponent, especially in the CMT mirror. Of all the techs and options that have and will be mentioned, I personally consider Revive to be one of the strongest options. Energy Exchanger is a card that has been considered an option in many decks since the day it was released in Undaunted, a trend that has continued into CMT.
I know that Shaymin EX was briefly discussed in list #4 (Teched Out), but I felt that it needed a more in-depth look into. Even though Shaymin EX can be easily KO’d, its strength as a late-game sweeper is currently unmatched, and when combined with N, can be absolutely devastating to your opponent. If you’re looking for a second opinion on deciding between Cleffa and Smeargle, I would suggest that Smeargle is the better of the two options by leaps and bounds.
If Seeker is your choice, remember that when you play it, it will be your Supporter for turn. Another factor of Seeker is that it can help or hinder your opponent; so there is a level of risk in playing Seeker as well.

While running three Super Scoop Up is, in my opinion, overkill in CMT, running two Super Scoop Up and one Seeker is a healthy mix of the two cards. Right, so you made the choice to run Terrakion, and now you have another choice to make: Should I use Prism or Fighting Energy? Now, if you choose to run two Terrakion and a larger number of energy, then Prism Energy has potential to be the more useful of the two, as Prism Energy gives you a new assortment of attack options.
Lastly, for those of you running three Mewtwo EX or a heavy retreater like Regigigas EX, I would recommend running two Smeargle and four Celebi Prime, as starting with a Mewtwo EX or Regigigas EX could cost you the game before you even flip your cards over.
Of all the choices you will have to make, perhaps the most easily overlooked is deciding to run Dual Ball or Pokémon Collector.
By far the most popular choice for CMT, Dual Ball fits into the synergy of CMT like a glove. It is a card based on coin flips, and I have seen more than a few people flip double tails, often costing them the game. With all of these rather unappealing requirements, why would you even want to run Pokémon Collector?
To me, playing Collector and then putting a Smeargle in the Active position is something you would do with Dual Ball, so why not have the benefit of having two extra Pokémon on the bench or in hand to go with it? A split line of Dual Ball and Pokémon Collector is not a new or foreign concept in CMT.
I’d add Copycat is a considered tech for more pure builds with low counts of Pokemon (4 Celebi, 3 Mewtwo, nothing else).
Still, great article :) Really covered the deck well and provided some insight for anyone considering CMT.
I thought your article was very insightful, I’m a newb to Pokemon and uber-newb to Sixprizes and I love the articles, especially those geared towards us free members.
Great article, and it helped me out with understanding CMT better, as I haven’t actually tried to build it with real cards yet, just to test against it.
I have a few nitpicky points – I think Tyrogue and Energy Retrieval are superfluous in the first list, and the list fills out better with a 3rd or even 4th Tornadus EPO and a second Smeargle. It helps a lot because Underground is written by really good players, no offense to free 6p writers. Start your next project for build your own art studio with one of our many woodworking plans.
This first part discusses Choosing a Room, Book Recommendations, Sound Proofing and Conditioning, Troubleshooting, and more. This segment focuses on 2 will focus on building a comments, questions, or suggestions are fully appreciated.Please subscribe and like this video if you're interested in more. In this video Stephan demonstrates how to DIY and build acoustic sound treatment panels for a home recording studio. This building - Suda's Studio - was completed from ground breaking to finish in just six weeks. Paperish Mess can also work to build custom work benches for your own studio if you are interested.
Materials- 2 Closetmaid 9 cube shelves 1 sheet MDF (the top I used we had cut to 3x6 at Home Depot. In this article I am going to discuss CMT, the second most popular deck in our current format, as well share several different variations of CMT.
It had a very successful States, taking several first place positions and dozens of top cuts. It’s a very effective card that, with a bit of luck, can win you games, but it can also be the key factor as to why you lost a match.
With four Celebi Prime, one Smeargle, plus a strong Trainer and Supporter line, consistency is rarely an issue with this list. If you’re looking for something more creative for your CMT, then the next three lists will definitely be more to your taste. This list was made to incorporate Regigigas EX, and as such there are several unusual Trainer lines in this CMT. This is because Regigigas EX has a massive retreat cost of four, so having a high number of Switch is nothing short of a necessity. You play Switch, sending up a fresh attacker (Tornadus, another Regigigas EX, etc.) with no energy attached to it.
Eviolite is added primarily to block the 20 damage that Regigigas EX would otherwise do itself via its Giga Power attack.
The difference with this list is there is only one Terrakion instead of two, and there is one less Fighting Energy. While this card is considered a staple in many CMT lists, I am not sure that it should be considered a staple to every CMT; but I will get more in depth with Shaymin EX later on.
Some have potential, some are not as successful as you would like, and some are stuck in the murky waters of opinion. Copycat is based purely your opponent’s hand size, which varies every single turn and is extremely situational. The idea is, instead of playing N and reducing your opponents hand size to near nil, you play Copycat and take advantage of all the extra cards your opponent just got from the Prizes your opponent just took. It seems that the minds behind Pokémon TCG realize this as well, as Lost Remover has essentially been reprinted in the form of Enhanced Hammer.
CMT gains a major benefit from Revive, as it means all of your Pokémon lines get a +1. Because it allows you to your deck for any Energy; this means you can search your deck for a DCE.
It’s for these reasons that if you should play Energy Exchanger, you should only play one copy of it, as two is rarely necessary. Before, I mentioned that Shaymin EX is a staple in many CMT lists, but that I wasn’t certain it should be a staple.
Not to mention that Shaymin EX has both Resistance and a type advantage over Terrakion, giving you a massive advantage over Mono Fighting decks.
While you can get away with running only one copy, two is a better number because you can draw into them more consistently.

In short, if you play Seeker, you should run it in addition to two Smeargle and two or three Switch to utilize it effectively. With Prism Energy, you can attack with Mewtwo EX’s Psydrive, which is not only an unexpected play, but a very effective one in the right situation. More often than not, people choose to run Dual Ball because, well, that’s what everyone else is doing, right?
It allows you to hopefully (as it is based on a coin flip) search your deck for one or two Pokémon, depending upon the luck of your coin flips, without using your Supporter for turn.
It is actually one of the most effective splits in found currently in our format at the moment, but how would you do the split? The idea being you can mulligan your opponent into a large hand and Copycat them giving you a large hand, which should be more advantageous for you since you’re the deck that can donk on T1. It one shots Thundurus with PlusPower, kills Tynamos quick with a simple DCE, and also kills Eelektriks pretty easily.
Obviously a lot of this is personal taste, but when you run only two Tornadus EPO, any game where they are both prized is a lot harder to plan for. Starting Shaymin EX basically guarantees you the game loss, and it doesn’t make up for that risk in late-game wins, in my experience. They’re regurgitating info from other sites and making you pay $3 for the full article.
Includes four colored crystals for various light effects, two lenses for optic experiments, and a fun and informative learning guide. After being frustrated early in his painting career by the cost of large easels that would accommodate his desire to paint large canvasses, he decided to build his own.
People immediately took to the deck because it is a fast, consistent deck that easily incorporates a card that has defined our current format: Mewtwo EX. This is because Mewtwo EX is a powerful, easy to set up card that has only one truly effective counter: Mewtwo EX. Very few consistency cards have been cut to make way for any unusual or overly creative techs. However, to me, it does not posses a strong feel of originality; a feel that it is your own.
With only two Fighting Energy in deck, you’re not overly likely to draw into them exactly when you need them. It allows you to trade one Energy card in your hand for any other Energy card in your deck. In certain situations, trading a Grass Energy for a DCE or even a Fighting Energy could be the difference between winning or losing a match. There is a much better option that fits the synergy and idea of CMT like a glove: Smeargle.
When it comes to how many you should run, Seeker is a card that you can run only one of (with better success than Super Scoop Up), but running two Seeker improves your odds of drawing into it. This is because you only run a low number of the Energy for Terrakion, and once Prism Energy is in the discard, it’s gone for the rest of the game. If you choose to run four Celebi Prime, then you can get away with running only one Smeargle; though I would still recommend running two copies of Smeargle. A lot of people feel like Tornadus EX is going to be a dead card against Zeels, but that’s only true in the mid-late game. Mid game then yeah, Tornadus EX is pretty much useless, but if you can get them really early on then you are in good shape. 10 page discussions (if you copied and pasted it onto MS Word) of intimate details on the topic, written by accomplished players in the TCG. Versus mono-Fighting decks such as Quad Terrakion, if you attach an Eviolite to your Tornadus (EPO or EX) all damage done to them, taking Tornadus’ Fighting resistance into account, is reduced by 40 damage. This list runs multiple techs, and when you run a list with multiple techs, things sometimes just go haywire. It is for those games when you need to make a comeback, or when you need a late game sweeper.
Well, the ability to smash out 100 damage for only two Energy is more than a powerful addition to your arsenal. The previews are just summaries of what we already know, and it’s not even great advice. The preview usually goes up until a decklist is about to be given out, or some lesser known topic is about to be discussed. If you like what you see, please Subscribe to or Follow Us to be updated on new posts and features.
Plus, with the likelihood of Zoroark DEX becoming a significant part of our format, having Terrakion as part of your arsenal will give you the type advantage over Zoroark as well. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that Heatmor gives CMT (or any other deck, for the matter) an auto-win versus Durant, it simply improves your Durant matchup. Zeels may be able to 1HKO it mid-game, but if you’ve devestated their start, giving up Tornadus for 2 prize cards will be more than worth it. If you are an artist or photographer and would like to have your work featured on Art Nectar, or have any questions please send us an email by clicking 'Contact Us' under our logo. I've got my hands on some more Gelarti stickers - this one features really pretty butterflies and flowers so hope you like it! This essentially makes the little fireball a free prize to your opponent, but after he takes a prize for you. I would probably only use a Super Rod and not Energy Retrieval either… for the sake of that extra consistency card.

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