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In his 2006 book Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell tells us how and why we, as human beings, are pre-disposed towards making snap judgements.
In a series of readable and accessible anecdotes, Gladwell explains the mechanisms by which the unconscious mind reacts to situations or stimuli, analyses patterns and forms impressions long before the conscious mind gets around to drawing a conclusion and deciding on a course of action.
Try it yourself – go to a large bookshop, head over to your favourite subject or genre section and then scan across a table full of face-up books. Rapid cognition at a subconscious level will take just a split-second, as you thin-slice a table of books on the basis of your gut reaction to the covers on display. Of course, now you’re aware of sensation transference, you might consciously seek to change you reaction and take more time to read the cover copy or sample the text.
Sensation transference also helps to explain two other common phenomena within the world of book publishing. In the past few years, the popularity and market share of ebooks, and the digital distribution channels that sell them, have continued to increase. For years, studies have been carried out into the impact of first impressions on website use. Please feel free to scroll down to the comments section and post any questions, queries, thoughts, suggestions or corrections. From the Google Research Blog in 2012: Users love simple and familiar designs – Why websites need to make a great first impression (referencing the study mentioned above).
They’ve provided a straightforward, clear and simple design for me to build the site.
He's worked for multiple marketing and web design companies, providing consultation and hands-on work for clients.

Luke Sutton is a Website Designer and SEO Specialist in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire, specialising in search engine optimisation in Hereford, Gloucester, Monmouth, Worcestershire, Birmingham and other areas. He's worked on over 100+ sites in different fields and works with marketing specialists, companies and clients directly, to improve the web. Search Engine WatchDo 50% of adults really not recognise ads in search results?Around half of adults are unable to recognise ads in Google's search results, according to a survey. What They Have To Say"Working with Luke on the OCR Solomudders website has been a great experience.
As always, the shopping cart website layout comes as a Photoshop file with full layers in folders, so you can make any necessary adjustments to your design needs.
He explores concepts such as rapid cognition, thin-slicing, automatic association and unconscious bias to reveal just how we continuously make those snap judgements on the basis of instinct and prior experience rather than investigation and logic, as well as how much our subconscious thought-processes dictate our conscious actions and reactions.
Likewise, the amount of time spent online and on social media channels in particular has also increased. The same principle applies if someone follows a link to a hitherto unknown author’s website. It might sound overly harsh, even faintly ludicrous when you stop and think about it in those terms, but it’s just the same sensation transference principle in action. Bear in mind, these results are from a study in which subjects were specifically asked to study websites. If the first subconscious impression formed by a new visitor to your website is a negative one, then it could be as little as 180 milliseconds before they decide it’s not for them and go back.
From there I’ll move on to the need for your website to signal a Strong Sense of Purpose and then talk about the importance of Clear, Conventional Usability.

Do you think it’s ridiculous to suggest that people would make snap judgements on the basis of just a glance at a book cover?
She has worked in marketing for 6 years for local and national organisations and excels in graphic design and social media. The combination of these two factors means that the online element of an author’s packaging is increasingly likely to be the first point of contact for potential new readers. If they arrive at a website that looks as though it was churned out at the back end of the 1990s and hasn’t been touched since, the back-button is a highly-likely next click.
Which means your chance to engage with them, entertain them and persuade them to read your work might have gone as well. Luke's commitment, passion and hard work to bring my dreams to life would not be found anywhere else." Thank you, Daniel Lister OCR Solomudders. Rapid scanning of book covers, followed by picking out one or two books for further examination. Make free logos for your school or university assignments, design a free logo for your music band, neighborhood association or friend’s club.Are you a digital entrepreneur with no budget to hire a professional designer?
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