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Now in the Properties box > Web Document tab, place your cursor in the Shortcut key panel.
I was looking for info on how to create a desktop shortcut for gmail, and the advertising at the top flipped down and obscured the information. Wow thanks it actually worked and its soo easy usually stuff like this dosent work now i can do this for myspace and all my other stuff THANKS FRO HELPING APRRECIATE IT!!! I just started using FireFox and it’s really superior, BUT their shortcut creation is tedious. Yes but how can I add a button to ,my website that a user can click to send a shortcut icon to their desktop?
Any idea how to make one that opens Specifically in IE or Specifically in FireFox… For example, I connect to Sharepoint but it really requires IE, yet FireFox is my default browser!!! I browse internet daily to know new ones and find solution to my problems through search engines. So I often visit that websites by speed dial or typing URL on address bar of browser instead of using search engines.
I think so many want to know how to open their often visited WebPages fast and easily by simply double-click. In this article will show you how to create a desktop shortcut to a website using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE). The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a desktop shortcut to a website using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (IE). Step:1 Resize your Web browser so you can see the browser and your desktop in the same screen.
Step:2 Left click the icon located to the left side of the address bar (fevicon of logo of the webpage). Step:4 After creating the shortcut you can right-click on the icon and select Rename to edit the text description.

We hope above method is very useful for while using internet on specific website like and to more about internet browser tricks check here. Tagged desktop shortcut for website desktop shortcut for websites easy access your website from desktop how to bring website shortcut in your desktop How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website..?
Sometimes, we perform of experiencing an easy and simple method for accessing unique Windows menus. Recent CommentsLOVEKESH MALHOTRA on Shaheed Bhagat Singh Full Hd Photos, Images, Wallpapers, Picturesghanshyam kurrey on Dr. There are a ton of great websites and resources on the Internet, and there are many ways to find them. Step 1: Open your Web browser and go to the website for which you want to make your desktop shortcut. Step 2: Right-click the address in the address bar at the top of the window, then click the Copy option. Step 4: Right-click inside the field at the center of the window, then click the Paste option. Step 6: Enter your preferred name for the shortcut into the field at the center of the window, then click the Finish button. If you have a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription, then you might be looking for a simple and affordable way to watch that content on your TV. You can read this article to learn about more ways to add shortcut icons to your desktop in Windows 7. If you visit a particular website often, then you can even create a keyboard shortcut, so that every time you click on it, your favorite website will open in a browser windows. Click on Favorites and right click a favorite website, whose keyboard shortcut, you want to create.
You can even consider assigning a keyboard shortcut to the desktop shortcut icon to launch the favourite in much faster way.

If you crease shortcut to any website or webpage, You can open website or webpage without opening browser.
Speed dial is a faster way to open website but I want to open a website easy and faster than speed dial.
By this solution I open webpage simply double-click on website shortcut icon on desktop without speed dial or searching or typing URL and opening browser. Now you can navigate webpages fast and easily by simply double-click on website shortcut icon on desktop.
Change the Setup Icon Go to Shutdown Button Proporties then click Change Icon and Choose your Icon Done. But this also makes it difficult to remember the addresses or names of sites that you really liked, so you’ve decide that you want to place a shortcut to the site on your desktop so that you can always have a simple way to visit. I thought is there any shortcut to open a website (webpage) fast and easier than speed dial ,without opening browser, typing url or using search engines.
When you double-click the icon from your desktop it automatically launches the browser and opens the site. It will open the website in the browser you used when creating the shortcut.
The desktop is one area of your computer that you will always visit with regularity, and it’s easy to locate specific programs, shortcuts and files when you put them there. Now lets see another quick option that works in both IE and Firefox to create the desktop short cut. This particular article will walk you with the technique of creating shortcuts for different power option menus in Windows shortcut turn off, restart, log off and install your Microsoft windows computer systems easily.
So continue reading below to learn how to add a shortcut to a website on your Windows 7 desktop.

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