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The versatility and durability of sheet metal is unique, and it's amazingly easy to work with, once you know a few tips. As homeowners have become more aware of the benefits of metal roofing its’ popularity has soared.
Metal roofing no longer looks like “barn tin” as our grand-parents use to say, it now comes with a granular surface. Now that you know about Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing and the Gerard metal roofs we install, I will tell you about our competition.  I am not here to bad mouth any company just the different products they install. Both of these types of metal roofs have limitations as far as warranty on the paint and snow slide. Raised Seam or Standing Seam metal as in figure 2 has no exposed fasteners and is typically a 24ga metal with a Kynar 500®  paint.  You can also buy a cheaper 26 ga raised rib panel as well but the paint warranty is usually not as strong as the 24 ga. Raised seam is popular for industrial applications such as schools, banks and government buildings. Lastly, there is a good reason why exposed fastener roofing is called “Barn Steel” roofing.  It is intended to be installed on a barn roof – not your home!
You now have a working knowledge of the different metal roof offerings that are installed the most. Natural wood shake is also highly flammable, and combined with petroleum based waterproofing under-laymnets that are used, poses a very high fire risk to the home owner. Gerard USA is a division of Metals USA, Inc., a premier provider of metal building products for home and commercial industries.
No other metal roofing manufacturer warrantees their stone coating 100% for the lifetime of the original owner and 50 years transferable. Corrugated metal roofing panels can be shipped anywhere in the country very inexpensively on one of our route trucks. The latest improvements, such as the use of galvanized metal, have contributed in the increased demand for the product among residential homeowners.
When you find out the cost of Waverly metal roof installation, the price may seem too high at first sight, especially compared with other options for roofing materials.
It is quite easy to install the roof of this kind yourself, especially if you have some experience in any sort of roofing.
The installation of this type of roof means fixing metal sheets to a previously installed wooden frame, with overlaps that allow you to fit the pieces properly, taking into account the steepness of the roof.
To simplify your work, you may buy the panels of length ample to cover the entire side of roof. It should also be mentioned that corrugated metal roofing is totally economically and environmentally friendly.
In many areas it is acceptable to simply install building wrap and pieces of drip-cap flashing over the tops of windows and doors.
The general principle is: As any moisture (which may collect due to condensation or small gaps in the siding) flows downward, it should not have an opportunity to infiltrate behind the house wrap where it can do damage. The type and location of the flashings will vary depending on the type of windows and doors. In addition to metal flashing, self-adhesive flashings, similar to WSU sheets used for roofing edges, are often applied around window or door openings. When you install a window in new construction, the building wrap overlaps the self-adhesive flashing. In this arrangement, felt or building paper is first stapled to the sheathing, with the top pieces overlapping the lower pieces. A good contractor is like a good mechanic: find the right one and you'll have a partner in home improvement for years to come.
Installation of LImited Life-time Metal Shingle Shake, Steel-lap siding, gutters, and custom trim on a 1902 custom estate home in Fayeteville NC. Get online access to 5 of our best articles about choosing materials, venting, waterproofing, and installing a roof that will last a lifetime.
Learn how to install a self-adhering roof underlayment in vulnerable locations for extra protection from leaks and rot. Get online access to 5 of our best articles about choosing materials, venting, waterproofing, and installing a roof that will las a lifetime. RoofCalc gives you all the tools you need to estimate the quantity of shingles and other materials that you will need to complete your next roofing job. It's one of the most versatile and maintenance-free siding products you can use on the farm or home. This makes it possible to install metal roofing really crooked if you aren't paying attention, or you can cheat the sheets to make something appear "straight" that really isn't.

During the past decade Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing has installed more than 1300 Gerard metal shingle roofs, mostly the Canyon Shake style.
Now it does have a large following in the heavy snow states like in the mountains, the Upper Peninsula, on log homes and inFlorida. Now it works great in the country on pole barns because it is relatively cheap to buy and install.
They typically have a warranty that the paint will not change over 7 Hunter units; notice the numbers on the side A7 is the 30 year mark. Stone coated and pressed into different profiles, they offer texture and style not found in traditional metal roofing products. Sheets of metal are strengthened by corrugating, and this means that lightweight materials, such as aluminum, become strong enough to survive through many years in any kind of weather. With all the properties of corrugated galvanized metal roofing you may expect the roof of this type to last up to 100 years, even surviving extreme weather conditions.
This working phase requires installation of the constructions that provide enough support for the weight of the roof.
If the length is excessive, cut the panels using a circular saw or a jig saw with metal blades. It is a good idea to pre-drill the panels where the nails will be used to secure the position of the sheet. It helps to avoid corrugations and makes the roof look better, as well as prevents water leakages under the sheet sides. However, manufacturers and building codes often call for more elaborate flashings to protect the sheathing, studs, and interior walls. If you have vinyl- or metal-flanged windows, for instance, you may install drip-cap flashing over the window itself or over the top trim piece that you install. If you are installing a new unit, the self-adhesive flashing will cover the inside of the framing as well as the sheathing.
In a remodeling job, a simpler arrangement is often used: Self-adhesive flashing strips are applied along the bottom, then the sides, then the top. In this arrangement, pieces of building paper and self-adhesive flashing are cut to fit and installed in the correct order so water has no chance to seep behind and damage the sheathing.
Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. Their warranties are not as strong as Gerard’s and they all pro-rate in 20 years after being installed, with declining coverage for the remaining 30 years. Most homes in residential areas do not install this type of metal roofing because the owners do not want to standout that much from the rest of the neighborhood. Just read our Real Life Fire Stories from customers who were glad to have replaced their wood shake with Gerard’s Canyon Shake style stone coated metal roof tiles.
The steel provides the perfect medium for pressing panels to resemble various conventional materials: asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and wood shakes. Simply put: Our warranty, covering all defects in manufacturing and workmanship is the best in the industry, and covers your roof 100% for the lifetime of the original purchaser and 50 years transferable.
Traditionally corrugated metal roofing and siding have been used for industrial and commercial buildings. Modern galvanized metal roofing also has fire resistant properties, so it is the best choice for the areas where lightning strikes are common, such as Florida and Michigan. And whether you do this work yourself or hire a roofer, make sure that the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install corrugated metal roofing are followed properly.
Measure the width of the roof and divide it by the width of one panel to find out how many of them you need. It is better to place the nails around the center of the panel, and try to avoid places near the age of it. Continue installing corrugated metal roofing until the frame is entirely covered with the material.
But actually many suppliers provide a wide choice of colors for metal roofing, from warm and rich red to neutral grey, and here the right choice may change the entire impression of your house. In warm weather it reflects the sun, thus reducing electricity consummation for air conditioning, and in cold seasons it keeps the house warm. Whether you are installing new windows and doors or siding to existing units, plan and carefully install flashings that meet local codes and provide maximum protection against moisture. For a wood unit, drip-cap flashing may be installed over the trim piece (often called brick molding) that comes with the window or door. If the window already exists, the self-adhesive flashing will likely cover the sheathing and any window flanges only.

The steel is then coated with corrosion inhibitors, epoxy primers and other protective layers to provide a permanent metal roofing product. Some have a twenty five year warranty on their granules these also pro rates after 20 years.
Just remember when the snow slides it goes fast and you do not want to be anywhere near the area when it does. These are usually more expensive because there are not that many installers around that like to use it and most are of the 24 ga so the metal itself is more.
This is installed on homes as well but as it expands and contacts on a daily basis it puts an egg shape hole around the screw until it leaks 5-10 years after being installed. Combine this with our highly durable baked on petroleum base coat, reflective decorative stone coatings, and best UV rated acrylic finishes, and you have a material that will never rot, crack, warp or break – at least not in ones lifetime. This means that if you purchase a KBS metal roof, and live in your home for 60 years, you will be covered 100% for that entire duration. Copper metal roofs are also pricey, and their advantages are corrode protection and very easy installation. If the length of the panel is not enough to cover the roof side, make a row by placing the second piece near the first one, with one hump overlapping. In addition, self-adhesive flashing is sometimes installed at wall corners where it can be attached over the building wrap.
At the top, metal drip-cap flashing is tucked under the siding and on top of the second layer of wrap and the trim is installed just under the drip cap.
We don’t do doors, windows, asphalt shingles, siding or decks like other roofing companies. This classic look of a Gerard stone coated steel metal roof will stand the test of time and will always look beautiful.
Unlike standing seam metal roofs, steel roofing tiles or shingles are made of interlocking and install horizontally.
If you install a KBS metal roof, and sell your home after a period of time (lets say 10 years after installation), your warranty transfers on to the new owner and covers that owner for a period of 50 years from the date of installation. Aluminum is the most common for residential buildings, as it is rather durable, extremely lightweight and inexpensive. Consult manufacturer's instructions, your local building department, or a professional siding installer who works in your area. They may look like Gerard’s Canyon Shake but they don’t stand up warranty wise and no other installer In Eau Claire has the experience that the Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing crew has, none.
They have the right idea to have a metal roof but they went for the perceived value and it is not there. The 90-degrees interlocking feature aids in leak prevention, and the design keeps the panels in place during a storm. Another fact that sets us apart from our competitors is this: If you sell your home during the 50-year warranty period, the new owner automatically receives the warranty benefits without having to sign up. The goal is a more durable roof that still retains the aesthetic advantages of a more traditional roofing material so you “look” like you belong in your Eau Claire neighborhood. Sliding snow when it hits the ground will become an iceberg by the time you get home from work. Pole barn steel leaks as I have always said “it is not bad if you have a leak on your tractor seat but you wouldn’t want one on your loveseat”. Our competitors require the new owner to fill out a form, usually within 30 days of purchase of the home, or the warranty is void.
Metal roofing of today will not crack or rust and is durable, fire resistant and lightweight. We know that new homeowners have more important things to think about when moving into a new home, and we don’t penalize them for failing to register.
We only install Gerard Metal roofing because it has the best warranty in the business and enhances the looks your home. Gerard Metal roofing will give you a lasting beauty that tenaciously resists the harmful effects of the sun, wind, rain, 2.5” hail and Wisconsin snows. If you’re considering a different metal roofing, please pay close attention to the warranty. Gerard Metal Roofing has a 50-year non pro rated and transferable warranty; like I said the best warranty in the business.

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