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Fortunately, most of the premium and even free WordPress themes have responsive design now.
The best plugin to turn embed videos responsive is Advanced Responsive Video Embedder which supports more than 20 video sharing sites. Another, solution is to use Shortcodes Ultimate, which is the greatest free solution to add various elements to pages such as spoilers, boxes, buttons and many others. So, if you want to make your WordPress site responsive you should use a proper theme first and with some mentioned plugins above you can make it full responsive. Responsive Web design (RWD) is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
Well, there are two common ways of doing this, either by using responsive themes or by using plug-ins. The new WPtouch 3 uses an automatic theme that provides users with the opportunity to switch between the mobile-enabled theme and the traditional theme. WP Mobile Detector is perhaps the most versatile among the five plug-ins we have covered in this blog. Embedded with rich and advanced responsive themes and using a jQuery framework, the WP Mobile Detector provides the advantage of dynamic page loading, content formatting, and image resizing. Enriched with features supporting mobile-friendly websites, this plug-in provides the best possible solutions for responsive designs. It means that this plug-in can give a boost to your website’s ranking and it also contains social share button. If you want to switch your traditional website into a mobile-friendly one, this plug-in provides a one-step solution for your website.
This plug-in provides you the luxury to enhance the customized themes of your mobile friendly website or blog. If you know any further plug-ins of such kind, do let us know in the comments section below. Right after that, we’re going to attach the second stylesheet, and we want the bootstrap-responsive stylesheet as above. Recently I came across a very simple yet brilliant technique to adjust the content based on available height as well. Everything with the Vanables website was perfect expect for the fact that it was using Javascript to figure out viewport size. Try playing with the browser height, and watch how “Sign up” block keeps at the bottom of the page. Responsive web design is the preferred choice amongst industry experts and businesses big and small.
With the increasing number of people using tablets and Smartphones to access sites, you need to switch to a responsive web design to make sure every user has the opportunity to view your site.
A web designer needs to come up with a design that fits the size and scale of every browser. Be it the classical Harvard University site or the fun-filled Cafe Evoke site, there is no constraint on creativity when it comes to creating responsive web designs. A good example of the way to build on your brand identity with a responsive design is showed by Enso. Waiting for a webpage to load or finding the next button on a mobile phone is quite annoying. Get rid of such problems and make it easier for users to view the site and its different components. Pay attention to small details like rather than using text links, you can always use ‘big and bright’ button that will hopefully make it easier for both the desktop and mobile users to click on them and navigate.
Moreover, we are really habituated to seeing and using sites with top navigation and probably this is the reason why designers face huge amount of difficulties when they are asked to create responsive version of a content rich site. The most intriguing part of designing a responsive template is that it is going to cater the needs of diverse types of screen sizes, resolutions and devices. While designing for desktop devices, we are habituated to use large fonts for headers and sometimes, we use a combination of different font sizes to spice up the look.
Again, when you choose images or graphics for your responsive design, you need to make sure that they can be scaled up to fit the bigger screens of desktops or down to suit tablets and Smartphones’ smaller browsers without any compromise in quality.

Author BioThis guest article was written by Michael Evans, who is a passionate blogger and he is promoting MotoCMS Website Templates that help people to build impressive and strong online presence. Responsive web design is essential now a days because almost half of searches are from smart phones or other devices therefore every webmaster should be conscious about responsive website design and in this scenario your shared points are very helpful and effective to understand the technicalities of responsive website designing.
We just install them as any other themes, and we have a responsive website which works well with all the mobile devices and browser resolution. But what if we include elements such as embed videos, sliders, carousels or lightboxes etc. After installing the plugin, a small icon will be displayed in the editor which lets us to embed videos. Since the full video url is not included in the shortcode, it does not work with Google XML Sitemap for Videos Plugin.
According to the marketing website Vocus, 81% of people prefer mobile for convenience and speed. In this post, we will discover how you can convert your existing WordPress website into a mobile friendly one by using plug-ins.
One of the most important characteristics of this plug-in is that it supports Google Analytics, providing free analytics. It is really handy when it comes to customized navigation of a website developed for mobile users. The latest version, MobilePress 1.2, is out with new themes and templates to restructure your website. Most of the websites are either already responsive or are planing for a responsive re-design. The website which implement this is of San Francisco advertising agency, Venables Bell and Partners.
Can it be a solution for vertically resizing images in a horizontal div, for example, photographer portfolio websites? It’s no wonder that the responsiveness of a website design has become so important nowadays. Without a responsive design, people would either find a site to be bare and bland or barely visible and readable.
Their layout changes a little as the browser size gets smaller; but that little difference doesn’t separate them from their brand image. Imagine how you will feel if you have to wait for minutes to see the page or scroll from side to side to find how to go to the next page. While it isn’t much difficult for a simple site with a few pages, it’s quite a challenge for content-rich sites.
This is definitely a tricky situation and the only way you can fix this by taking a robust and innovative approach to this problem. So, you have to give extra attention to make sure that the template looks good on smaller devices.
As we know, this might create a little bit of trouble when the template gets loaded in a smaller device. And to achieve consistency, you need to choose the right typography and imagery that can scale and fit all kinds of browsers. In reality, creating a responsive design for a site is often a great way to express your creativity. I think, serving the needs of the mobile users is essential nowadays considering that within the near future the number of mobile users will increase drastically. This plugin automatically generates video sitemap for the site and builds it by checking the content for video links. This is a highly customizable and easy to use lightbox plugin that is completely responsive. Furthermore, Danny Brown, co-author of the groundbreaking book Influential Marketing, notes that mobile search has 48% chance of being the starting point for a mobile web user. The unique transformation that it brings to the mobile version of the website is simply magical.
It detects the type of device a visitor is using to visit a website and differentiates between a smartphone and a traditional mobile phone.

If you want to toggle between traditional and mobile friendly version of a website, this plug-in will assist you to do so in a comfortable way. Our unique Apache-Varnish-Ngnix combo ensures your website operates efficiently at all times. I found this technique very useful, as it can also be used to show important messages above the fold. As today’s browsers are getting more and more advanced and with these new CSS capabilities I thought similar functionality could also be replicated using CSS only. Utilizing Viewport Percentage Length make it easier to keep the aspect ratio maintained at any given viewport size.
In the past I used javascript to this, which was fine, but pure CSS solution will be much better. The purpose of the responsive design is to make the template accessible to different devices irrespective of their sizes and specifications. A tiny CTA button is definitely not going to entice your targeted audience to click on that and so you can understand, your website will never be able to maximize its potential. Good typography is a catalyst for the success of a website and this is even more true for responsive web design.
You would not necessarily have to change this for the sake of making your website mobile friendly. Or perhaps, you can use photographs that can be scaled and resized without any necessity to crop them.
On the other hand, it puts the full url of the Youtube video into the shortcode, so it works well with Google Video Sitemap Plugin. We can choose from 4 responsive lightbox scripts, and it works automatically with any images, galleries and even with videos.
This means mobile traffic now matters a lot and if you do not have a mobile responsive website, you will lose the visitor to a competitor. This differentiation helps in setting the required theme according to the compatibility of the mobile device. It is also available in a premium version through which it provides additional support and facilities.
This is a meta tag indicating that the viewport starts with an initial scale of 1.0, which is important when utilizing responsive design. Of course, there are certain restrictions that you need to follow but that do not mean that you have to make any kind of sacrifice on the creativity front.
The minimalistic approach of Time Magazine’s site offers an insight into a possible solution. As the screen size changes, the template and its different designing elements will move and the shrink or expand in size.
Try some cool plugin say for example FitText that will help you change the fonts size as per your requirements. So, you have to make sure that the typography has this capability otherwise the browsing experience would be that much engaging. For our examples, I‘m just going to use something easy and relevant like “How to Use Bootstrap.”Link The Style Sheets The next thing we need to do is attach the stylesheets that we’ll be using in this particular document. In addition, the previous shortcode plugin I used did not generate responsive elements either. This is a twofer: How to take care of Malware on a PC, and an explanation of what a WordPress child theme is versus a custom theme. And getting stronger.Easy SEO Wins for Anyone Looking for some easy SEO wins for your website?

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