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High efficiency cells cost considerably more to produce than standard silicon cells and are typically used in solar cars or space applications. The passivated emitter with rear locally diffused (PERL) cell uses micro-electronic techniques to produce cells with efficiencies approaching 25% under the standard AM1.5 spectrum. Electron microscope image of the top surface of a PERL Cell showing a broken electroplated finger. If you experience a bug or would like to see an addition on the current page, feel free to leave us a message. Instructables user ASCAS has let us share his cool project for a DIY mini solar car that can run at speeds of 9 to 12 mph, which is pretty fast for a toy!

How install gas water heater (diy) remove, How install gas water heater (diy) remove gas water heater easy steps video removing water heater (leaking) installing . How turn water heater step steps instructions, How turn water heater step step instructions.. Two approaches that have been used by niche markets such as solar cars are the PERL cells produced at University of New South Wales, and the rear-contact cells developed at Stanford University and SunPower. The passivated emitter refers to the high quality oxide at the front surface that significantly lowers the number of carriers recombining at the surface. This project can be made on the cheap -- ASCAS made it for just $4 by reusing parts (he previously showed us how to make a solar phone charger for $5).

The rear is locally diffused only at the metal contacts to minimise recombination at the rear while maintaining good electrical contact. It's also great for beginners as the maker original constructed the car when he was only 6 years old.

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