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A solar still will provide you with 100% pure water, and will not require purification or boiling prior to drinking.
The solar still technique will work just about anywhere, provided that there is enough sunlight to assist the process. Find, or dig a hole in the ground, the size depending on how quickly you wish to extract water and also depending on the available size of your tarp or plastic to cover it.
Lay a tarp or plastic across the diameter of the hole and procure enough rocks, logs, or other improvisations to use for sealing the perimeter of the tarp. While in the process of sealing the perimeter of the tarp, set a container in the center of the dug-out-hole, which will coincide with the position of a medium weight stone placed on top of the tarp – providing a drip point into the container underneath (see solar-still illustration above). The heat of the sun beating down on the tarp (which is now sealed over the hole in the ground,) will heat up the air which is trapped underneath and will evaporate some of the moisture that is in the ground. Since the water is created from the condensation process, it is therefore 100% pure and ready to drink (provided that your tarp or plastic is clean). Tip: It is important to seal the perimeter as best as possible to prevent heated air from escaping.

A variation of this, is to scatter chunks of vegetation such as pieces of cactus around the bottom of the hole. A Solar Panel as the building block next in size is composed of a multitude of Solar Cells.
And even if you look for Solar Panels for Sale or Solar Cells for Sale you might be interested if there is a way to start saving at the basic building block of the solar power generation: The Solar Cell. And for parents and teachers this might also be pretty interesting to show how a Solar Cell can be build McGuyver style… if you are not too hungry that is.
If you really want to save money I suggest you better look for good deals and Solar Panels for Sale. Seriously, a pizza box is an ideal container for this project, but any lidded cardboard box will do.
2.  Close the lid and place the oven in a sunny spot in which the solar panel faces direct sunlight. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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Building a Solar PanelMaking your own solar panels to help save energy and money on your electric bill is actually easier than you may think. Here are simple instructions how to build a solar still to extract pure drinking water from the earth. The moisture will condense on the inside of the plastic or tarp, and then drip down towards the center and into the container. You can add other things in the hole itself, to provide even more evaporated water… things like vegetation or other items that may be damp.
Since the process is condensation, it won’t matter where the water came from with regards to purity.

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