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By 2010 the government expects all primary schools to offer a Modern Foreign Language at KS2. We have built staff capability by training with William Ellis (a specialist Language College) and with Emma Read (Camden Advisory teacher for MFL).
This year our teaching assistants have also received training so that they can take a more active role in language lessons. To maintain the enthusiasm built during the Enrichment day, we have hosted several Language Assistants and French student teachers.
This year we are delighted to host Ferida who was born in Madagascar and lived there until she was six. Our children did extremely well, with eight mastering Dutch and going through to the semi finals.
Our aim for this school year is to link up with a French primary school through emails and video conferencing. Stephanie had already taken photos of us and our school to Morocco when she visited in January to set up the link. We asked our children to draw, photograph, collage or paint their favourite place in our local area. This third exchange tied in well with our Geography unit on London so we sent them a bumper pack!
We thought about how to share something English with our partner schools in a creative way that would reach across the language barrier. An added benefit of using images from vintage or classic comics such as The Beano, The Dandy, The Victor or Commando! In the same kind of way, once the panels are presented out of the context of the original story, they lose their place in the narrative and this can lend them a surreal quality. As a result of this fondness, my use of comics is not ironic – I hope to present them in a sympathetic way which presents their virtues as I see them. About this websiteJohn Patrick Reynolds' cotton paper screen prints of classic British comics including The Beano, The Dandy and Victor have become collectors' items since their first appearance in the 1990s and received praise from the BBC, the Observer and the Daily Express, among others. Where to hang your printI've often seen my prints hung in dressing rooms, sometimes bathrooms and occasionally as dining or living-room centerpieces. Children added to their growing knowledge of the French language by learning about many aspects of French culture.

First we hosted Zorha who taught the children about Francophone countries, having originated from Belgium herself.
We have after school clubs where children can learn Albanian and Bengali and we offered 16 lucky students the chance to take part in the Junior Language Challenge for 2008. This will allow children to practise their French in a real and meaningful context but also in the safety and security of their own classroom. You can test them out on new vocabulary or take them to the library to borrow books about the French language, France and Francophone countries.
We agreed that our school song was the best way to show the children in Morocco how we felt about belonging to Gospel Oak Primary School. They wrote a sentence explaining why they loved it and Farida our language assisatnt translated it into French so the chidlren in Morocco could read it.
We sent topological maps of London, photos of our sight seeing trip, tourist leaflets that we made on our return and finally a selection of artefacts that the children felt represented our city.
Finally we decided to send them some videos of our Brass Band - what could be more British! For instance, Desperate Dan suggests that, because there is nobody around, he can dress up as a clown.
Comics involve an imaginative and stylised versions of the world, and pretty much anything goes – they do not depict a literal interpretation of the world.
I select panels or details of panels for their sakes as pictures, asking you to enjoy them for their content and composition and for the colour and black outlines which screenprinting is so good at presenting.
We are excited about the role a Modern Foreign Language can play in the curriculum and have already noticed how it can develop children's speaking and listening skills and their understanding about how language works. She has been working as a Nanny in Gilford for the last two years but has come to us for primary experience as she wishes in time to train to be a teacher. Children were challenged to learn three languages in nine months with the national champion winning a trip abroad for their family. We envisage many joint cross-curricular projects that will see our children develop their understanding of children in other countries and be a motivational sphere in which to apply their learning in class.
She filmed us singing it and Farida translated the lyrics into French so that the Moroccan school chidlren could understand. We put all of the beautiful work together in a folder with a map showing where these places were in relation to the school.

We sent them lots of information about the instruments we are all learning to play in our music lessons at school.
This is one of the rolls traditionally played by art – to present familiar objects in unfamiliar ways and by doing so to make fresh again.
Once they are taken out of the context of words, then you appreciate them for their shapes and graphic qualities. The characters of The Beano, for instance, seem to inhabit a kind of parallel universe where Minnie the Minx can have a hippo as a pet and the only misgiving is that her parents can’t see the telly. They also created art based on the works of Seraut, learnt about the French world cup team and were challenged to build the tallest Eiffel Tower from straws!
He worked in many different capacities, stretching higher attaining children during lessons and supporting those who were less confident.
Emma Ladi and Kate Bilton (6C) finished second and third in their heat, just losing out on going through to the finals. We took lots of photos before we sent it off but unfortunately the memory card was corrupted. Farida helped some students to write post cards in French explaining to the Moroccan children about the contents of their package. However, this experience was so much enjoyed by the participants that we have decided to offer 16 lucky students a chance to enter next year. Their interactive performance, 'Le château de Dan Roro,' included French traditions such as Mime, Ventriloquism as well as numerous circus skills. He supported intercultural understanding by team teaching and running weekly lunchtime clubs(one for fluent French speakers and one for each year group). He made excellent use of the interactive whiteboard playing competitive games and showing children real French television programmes, music videos and educational programmes through use of the internet. 2 sheets green poster board these free, printable st patrick day coloring pages provide hours of online and at-home fun for kids during the holiday season.

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