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When Carly and her sassy best friend Sam act funny at a school talent show audition, tech-savvy Freddie tapes it and posts it online without telling them.
Carly lives in Seattle, Washington with her 26-year-old brother and guardian Spencer and produces the show in a makeshift third-floor studio loft in their apartment.
Exterior shots of the Shays' apartment building, Bushwell Plaza, are digitally altered images of the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles. The show ends when Carly moves with her dad to Italy, but it is unknown if she will ever come back and continue the web show (Dan has stated that he would like to make a reunion episode). Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is a normally-happy girl who seems to be the only normal one on the show. Lewbert (Jeremy Rowley) is the doorman for the building in which Carly, Spencer, and Freddie live, characterized by his annoying, protective behavior and a large wart on his face. Guppy (Ethan Munck) is Gibby's younger brother and often tags along with Gibby and is nice to the gang.
Chuck Chambers (Ryan Ochoa) is a child in the Shays' apartment building who constantly torments Spencer. Principal Franklin (Tim Russ) is the principal at Ridgeway High School, the school where Carly, Sam, and Freddie attend.
Principal Franklin (Mindy Sterling) is a very strict English teacher at Ridgeway who shows an obvious dislike for children. Nora Dershlit (Danielle Morrow) is a psychotic fan of iCarly, at the point of locking the crew in her basement when they came to her birthday party. Cat appeared on some online stand-alone iCarly segments (that have nothing to do with any show). As a recurring cast member until the fourth season, Noah Munck has been absent of a lot of episodes. In "iBloop" and "iBloop 2: Electric Bloopaloo", the actors appear as themselves, so these non-canon episodes don't feature scenes of webcast except in clips.
In 2010, Ryan Ochoa left his role of Chuck to be on the Disney XD show Pair of Kings as Lanny. Sam gets her to blow into a plastic bag to keep her quiet in "IWant My Website Back" after she tells the iCarly trio she has a plan, but she needs 3 zebras. She is also one of the main antagonists in the show, but only appears in "iAm Your Biggest Fan" and "IWant My Website Back".
Canadian bacon Carly Shay (his little sister) Celebrities Underwater Coconut Cream Pie Colonel Shay Freddie Benson Full House Gibby Gibson Harry Joyner Jacuzzis Jenna Hamilton Marissa Benson Marty Caruthers Nug Nug (from Galaxy Wars) Pini's Lasagna Sam Puckett Sham-Pow! Spencer also frequently finds himself in sticky situations that serve as a subplot for the episode.
Another recurring gag is that many objects Spencer touches or fixes spontaneously bursts into flames, the first being the chicken stir fry he made in iWanna Stay With Spencer, with added humor due to the fact the item that does so is always made of a material that is non-flammable in real life, such as a hotel bell or the cymbal on a drum. Spencer attended Ridgeway Middle School and also attended Seattle Law School for three days but quit to become an artist. It is revealed in iGet Pranky that Spencer had an obsession with playing pranks on others when he was in middle school. In iDo, it is confirmed that he hasn't had a steady girlfriend since high school, he doesn't like it when people say his butt is flat, and he drinks milk in the shower (also said in iGot a Hot Room).
According to Veronica (his previous girlfriend) in iEnrage Gibby, Spencer is "too loud," which is technically true as proven in most episodes.
According to the iCarly Website (in the iParty with Victorious picture gallery), when Spencer was in the 5th grade, he was in a choir group. Spencer gets many of his art supplies from the local junkyard and even claims to have an account there (iAm Your Biggest Fan). Carly and her brother usually have a very strong relationship and often have fun hanging out together. Spencer and Sam seem to be very good friends, and whenever Carly isn't available, Sam enjoys hanging out with him. Gibby and Spencer seem to enjoy each other's company and get together often when the others are not around.
Throughout the series, it has been shown that Spencer is quite the ladies' man who dates many women. Jennifer: A girl mentioned in iHate Sam's Boyfriend, who Spencer dated while he had poison ivy for two weeks and didn't even notice. An unnamed girl: Referred to as 'that girl' by Sam in iWant More Viewers who only liked Spencer because of his glowing socks. Connie Connie: Dated her, but found out she was "juggling for other guys," so he decided to break up with her. Marilyn Ramer: Spencer was flirting with her in iWant a World Record, even when she mentioned she had a boyfriend.
Lauren Ackerman: Dated her, but couldn't take her anymore because she was obsessive, and overreacted if Spencer wasn't thinking of her, so he broke up with her. Sasha Striker: No real relationship as seen on the show, but she offered to "take him for a ride," and they kissed for 7 seconds passionately after Spencer won the title for best Pak-Rat player in the world. Trudy Galini: He dated Trudy, although he found her rather unattractive and repulsive, in order to get Mr.
Veronica: A supermarket clerk at Hey Food, who Spencer was convinced only liked him when he was in a tuxedo, since she had hated him before.
Charlotte Gibson: Dated her, but he saw a vision of Gibby (especially her 'Gibby lips') when he saw her face, and Gibby's mother also saw a vision of Carly on Spencer's face, so they both ran away screaming in horror.
Jodi: She was meant to marry Gordon Birch, but when she saw Spencer, she decided that she wanted to marry him (something that Spencer is not exactly pleased about).

Cassie: Cassie was Spencer's Girlfriend in iStill Psycho, Cassie and Spencer had kissed 3 times in the episode. Selecting pictures that are functional and relevant to the context of the page its placed on can be as important as the content the user reads. Self labeled as the leading website for stock photoa€™s Stock.XCHNG has more than 396,000 images to browse and download. Easy to download, image details such as dimensions (in pixels) and file sizes (in Kbytes) are listed.
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After seeing the girls' strong chemistry and banter, the online audience clamors for more and the iCarly webcast is born. Even though their mother has never been seen or mentioned, their father, Steven Shay, is a U.S. He is Carly's nemesis and has constantly tried to sabotage iCarly in exchange for a kiss from Carly.
Jennette was at the hospital during the production episode "iWon't Cancel the Show", which was written to be a plot created by Sam's absence.
She is described as an extremely hyperactive and annoying when around Carly, Sam, and Freddie.
Mandy also likes the show Girly Cow, which Spencer is also a fan of as evidenced in "iSpace Out". He loving, funny, caring and protective of his little sister and is kind and friendly towards all.
Some of his relationships are even more eccentric than he is, like Connie the juggler, Lauren Ackerman, Carly's former teacher with a lot of emotional problems, and Stephanie, and a girl who believed that she had a pet unicorn who could talk. In iOMG, it is shown that his flame problem is so bad, Spencer caused a fire extinguisher to expel flames.
Although he may have quit law school after only for seventy-two hours, he still possesses some legal knowledge as shown in iPromote Techfoots and iOwe You. Although he insisted he had gotten over it, the obsession returned when Carly asked him to teach her how to prank and got out of control. It is seen on a few occasions that he can play the banjo, a skill he has used to attract women.
They soon kicked him out of the group because Spencer is known to make an "unusual" face whenever he sings. During his "Aspartamay V.S Aruthor" battle, there was a "sing-off" (dissing) scene between Aspartamay and Aruthor. Spencer has also made a short claymation film called The Alien, The Space Hamster, and the Burrito, which ironically are the names of the actual characters.
Occasionally, they seem as close as siblings, possibly making the Shay family a replacement for Sam's own dysfunctional one. Freddie usually asks him for advice (especially about girls) and enjoys hanging out with him when he needs "guy time" away from girls. Both are rather eccentric, often serving as the ones to do some of the crazier things on the web show. She eventually does bring her boyfriend (Calvin, the Guy Who Never Blinks) to the Shays' apartment when she takes a photo of Spencer's completed sculpture.
Galini's delightfully delicious pie recipe, and Trudy kept kissing Spencer for some reason, calling his kissing, "Good stuff," much to Spencer's revulsion. He was supposed to go on a double date with her along with Freddie, and her 15 year old cousin Leslie, but while waiting at the apartment for their rock climbing reservation time, Spencer and Freddie became obsessed with a party game Leslie suggested, and their dates eventually left when they couldn't get either Freddie or Spencer's attention off of the game. He had a date with her, but they broke up when she found out he helps children with webcasts, and she was out of his league.
In iBeat the Heat, Spencer kept flirting with her and even put up with Chuck tormenting him in order to keep him from taking her away from his house. Spencer and Jenna broke up due to Carly telling them that they're forcing their relationship. A single picture can be the difference between an undesirable bounce rate and visitors being drawn into reading the content on a page.

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While grappling with typical issues of adolescence, Carly, Sam, and Freddie find out that they have also become online celebrities as their show – which features talent contests, recipes, problem-solving, and random dancing – garners international accolades. Air Force officer who is temporarily stationed on a submarine, and is occasionally mentioned but has only been seen in person in the last episode "iGoodbye". James) is a strict and unenthusiastic teacher who hates almost everything, including his wife.
Carly and Freddie did not know who Amanda Valdez was, until they clicked on her picture, (at that point, they started screaming in horror).
He's immature in some episodes but had a strict and mature side in iLook Alike and iDate a Bad Boy, where he grounded Carly twice.
He has kept Carly's asthma inhaler even though she hasn't used it since she was seven (iWanna Stay with Spencer). Spencer usually has no trouble getting women to date him (though according to Carly in iDo, he's never had a steady girlfriend), although in iWin a Date, he decides to try a dating site called Why Not Date Me?. In iDo and iGot a Hot Room, an item of clothing falls off Spencer when he is in shock (his bow tie and his pants).
Eventually, Carly and Freddie asked his former classmates (and prank victims) to visit the apartment and try to reason with him. In both iParty with Victorious and iLost My Mind, it is seen that Spencer is not afraid to get in touch with his feminine side, which is shown by meetings with his ladies' book club, where they discuss books and recipes for fruit tarts. Spencer's well-singing talent is again brought up in iParty with Victorious when he (faintly) sings "Not a fantasy". She is so used to him letting her have a lot of freedom that she gets irritated when he doesn't give her what she wants, as shown in iLook Alike.
Gibby frequently tries to help Spencer out, offering his Grandfather's services in iGot a Hot Room, rubbing Spencer's sore back in iParty with Victorious, etc. She feels bad that Spencer has "died," but when Spencer shows her he's not dead and tries to convince her to date him again, she leaves. They have no real relationship, but they made out at the end of iMust Have Locker 239, after covering each other in paint during the art class. Gibby tried to help him translate, but instead he got a man who only spoke Uzbek as well and stole Krustacia away from Spencer. Cramming too many pictures onto a webpage can look very unprofessional and make it hard for the visitor to find the content which. All submitted pictures have at least five relevant keywords which does help to nut out unrelated pictures amongst the hundreds of thousands of potential results. Once you have clicked on a image inside an album you can quickly scroll through the album images via a carousel feature.
To be able to download you must enter a visual security check code and agree to their Terms of use.
This makes Miranda Cosgrove and Jerry Trainor the only actors to have been in every episode. He is often called abnormal, weird, sometimes gullible and easily distracted, because he has a short attention span. In iLook Alike, Spencer would not let Carly attend the MMA fight, because he said he's seen those fights get really rough and that it's not a place for kids, which is very true. Instead they got revenge on him by pinning him to the ground and hitting him, curing his obsession.
In the same episode he tries to taste the "chunky red goo" Chuck puts in his motorcycle helmet, only to be stopped by Carly.
According to his old girlfriend, Veronica, he has a "creative, fun spirit." He is frequently seen building strange sculptures on the show and most of his works are displayed in the apartment.
In iHire An Idiot, he reveals a bet he made with his grandfather that if he couldn't get one of his sculptures in a museum in three years, he had to go back to law school.
In iSaved Your Life he tastes the paint from a paint-ball Sam shot at him from her blow-tube as part of their assassin game. In iWon't Cancel The Show, Spencer talks to his father on the phone and tells him that law school is going great, revealing that he still has not told him that he dropped out.

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