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WordPress plugins to make website mobile friendlyPlease click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Posted by Robbie DoverNow you can make any wordpress website mobile friendly, no matter what theme you are using.
MyMobile plugin makes it easy to create an alternate mobile layout for your wordpress installation. MyMobile is a wordpress plugin that works alongside your normal theme, serving an alternate layout to your mobile visitors.
This alternate design creates an enhanced mobile experience and is only shown to your users when they visit your website on a mobile device meaning your original website layout will still display on PCs and laptops. Adjust general settings such as post counts and colour schemes, upload custom logo images, control featured posts and much more. The navigation panel allows you to easily add and remove links, adjust drop-down menu settings and change the order of your links.
The colour control panel allows you to quickly adjust the colours of various parts of your theme, such as font and background colors.
Robbie Dover is a Web Designer from Wicklow, Ireland specialising in responsive (mobile) Wordpress websites for businesses, web design studios and startups.
Most of your visitors will come from their iPhone or other smartphones, since they don’t want to bother anymore carrying a heavy laptop wherever they go. So, it would be very important for you to support your WordPress website that is friendly to mobile devices. If you are still unsure whether your website mobile friendly or not, then you can check it out by using mobile friendly test. If you don’t have responsive web design for mobile devices yet, then you need additional plugins for it. When this plugin installed, your website will be accessible from variety of well-known web browsing from mobile devices, such as from Android, iPod touch, iPhone and other mobile devices. This plugin will detects the mobile phone type used by your visitors automatically and provide suitable WordPress mobile theme for each mobile device. With the various features, such as resizing pictures, mobile statistics, automatically content formatted and detecting more than 5.000 mobile phones, WP Mobile Detector plugin will provide the best experience for mobile visitors.
JetPack is a simple plugin comes with 24 modules that can transform your WordPress website into a mobile friendly with ease.
NB: In addition to making your mobile websites, there are also some WordPress plugins that will make your website Pinterest friendly. That’s it, top 4 WordPress plugins which will be useful on how to make mobile friendly website. But, do not try all of these plugins at the same time; try one by one so that you can see which plugins will work well for you. Well, If you have recommended plugins, do not hesitate to add them in the comments field below. Please share this article to your friends and acquaintances if you find this article useful. About Latest Posts Follow MeNanda RahmaniusI'm a Blogger, Internet Marketer and Online Entrepreneur who Work at Home Online. After all, why not, especially when you know that most of the people are reading your posts and surfing online, using their mobiles. I know that you have a responsive theme because I have checked your blog with my mobile phone some time ago. This improves the loading speed of your site, as you don’t have to use a plugin for creating a mobile version of your blog. I used WPTouch three weeks ago as Google sent me a message saying the website was not mobile compliant.
It seems like a lot of people who use JetPack although most famous among them is WPtouch, it is rather strange though. Enstine Muki recommend you to read >> Should dates be disabled on Blog Posts, Comments & SERP?

I was under the assumption that since my theme was mobile friendly, I wouldn’t have to have a mobile friendly plugin.
I am so thankful I made that big change about a year ago with my entire blog and having it mobile adaptable. I never knew there were people who complain that they can not read my site on their mobile devices, although my blog is not mobile friendly yet. Although I use a mobile responsive theme now there was one point in my journey that I didnt. I’m sure that those bloggers who don’t have a mobile responsive theme will definitely appreciate this post! For many bloggers who don’t have responsive themes, these plugins will help their website to mobile friendly.
If you have a WordPress site, have you considered whether or not it’s mobile friendly? Many WordPress issues can be resolved by using the right plugin, and making your site mobile friendly is no exception. WPtouch allows you to customize the way your site looks on mobile phones, and you won’t have to worry about doing any coding. A plugin that performs a similar function but is a little more advanced and feature rich is WordPress Mobile Pack.
This plugin has several powerful features, including a mobile switcher that selects themes depending on what kind of device the visitor is using. WordPress Mobile Pack also has a mobile admin panel that allows you to access the admin panel while using a mobile device.
No matter what themes or plugins you use, certain features are by their very nature not mobile friendly.
Even if you want to create videos, slideshows or animation on your site, there are alternatives to Flash such as HTML5, CSS and even using jQuery. One way to ensure that you have a mobile friendly website is to create a special mobile edition of your website.
For example, if you have certain features on your regular website (such as Flash) that you don’t want to eliminate, your best solution might be to create a separate, mobile specific site for mobile users. Other than the themes, the plugins we discussed in this article (WPtouch and WordPress Mobile Pack) will also give your visitors the option of viewing your site normally or in mobile mode. Anyway, if you have a website that is truly not adaptable to the mobile format, you may have to create a second, mobile specific site as we discussed above. Make sure you test your WordPress site on mobile devices, and ask for feedback so you know that everyone can enjoy your content no matter how they are viewing it! This follows HTML5 Boilerplate standard with the layout grid inspired by ZURB Foundation Templates and is hNews microformat ready. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. From day to day, mobile phone users have increased drastically and it also increases your site’s visitors coming from mobile users. Your mobile visitors will be touched with the new look and stylish version of your website.
Although you have to do a little simple coding, but there is nothing complex in using this plugin.
Every Internet marketer must never ignore the need to install and apply the right plugins so the website would become mobile friendly. You now even have Whatsapp for your blogs, so it makes sense to install either of these plugins.
I have seen many blogs which are quite responsive but their comment form doesn’t get loaded on mobiles. I agree that having a mobile friendly site is really important and deserves to be a priority. Now for the past couple of months I’ve been taking advantage of the convenience of using my mobile phone.

Smartphones and tablets are useful for businessman most especially if they are on the go and there is no computer. Even me, I can personally say that blogs must be mobile friendly for a better use and easy navigation. This is becoming an increasingly important issue as more and more people are accessing the web via mobile phones.
They simply assume or hope that everyone will be able to see their sites properly, regardless what device they are using to access their websites.
There are several plugins that automatically make your site accessible to mobile device users. Visitors to your site can switch between the WPtouch look and your site’s normal appearance.
There is also a set of premium themes that are especially designed for Nokia and WebKit devices. Responsive themes are ones that appear the same no matter what type of screen or device the visitor is using.
If you want to try this type of theme for your WordPress site, do a search for responsive themes and find one that appeals to you. If you’re not comfortable with this type of task, there are many people who are adept at creating mobile websites and some will do this for a reasonable price. By installing mobilizer plugins, your wordpress blog becomes mobile friendly, and all your earlier blog postings become ready to mobile-accessible with a minimum effort on your part. It allows theme developers to forget about all the complex functionality and dive straight into coding their theme’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But, for those who do not have a responsive theme for their blog, these plugins are the best option at this time.
These plugins are useful for those who do not have a mobile responsive theme and they want their site mobile friendly. I hope for those who do not have a responsive theme can be helped by the presence of these plugins, hopefully. In fact, if current trends continue, more people will soon be surfing the web with smart phones than with laptops or desktops!
Since some people may be visiting your site at different times from different devices, this is a useful feature! WordPress in particular makes this task simple, and you usually don’t have to do anything more than install the right responsive theme and plugin. I have been using Nimble on a couple of my own websites, so I know it’s a good theme and is recommendable to my readers. As mobile technology gets ever more popular, you can be sure that there will be ever more convenient ways to make every site mobile friendly. By doing so, they resist the freedom of expression which is a fundamental right actually (LoL).
For this reason, you are better off not using Fash at all if you want to keep your mobile visitors happy! YouTube Mobile now has various apps and solutions so that people on mobile devices can watch videos. Reply↓ aang July 15, 2010 Hi do you think which one is the best?Narga, I want to request a tutorial. He's 35 years old self-taught web developer and freelance blogger from H?i Phong, Vi?t Nam.

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