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I found an instruction for how to make a paper parasol in an old 1950’s Things to Make booklet. This would be a fun project to do with a child, but you could certainly take it a step further and adhere some fabric to the stiff paper or use lace rather than crepe paper on the edges. Kids Crafts – How to Make a Paper Umbrella shows the best way to do this craft with kids and uses just about exactly the same directions as above.
If you’d like the paper parasol instructions as a PDF to save later, the link is below. The pattern is in PDF format so to download it you’ll need the Adobe Reader software on your computer.
Download Instructions: Right-Click the link and select either “save target as” or “save link as” depending on what browser you are using or simply click on it and save or print. This entry was posted in VTNS Fan Freebie Friday and tagged baby shower favors, doll parasol, drink umbrella, lace parasol, paper umbrella, party favors, wedding showe favors. These word art collages of Halloween-inspired messages come in orange on white, white on orange and white on black. We've seen this popular phrase altered in so many different ways, so it seems only natural to find a Halloween version.
Show your Halloween spirit by hanging this banner where everyone can see, like in your entryway, above a window or over your door. This printable also comes with instructions on how to make these creepy cupcakes, complete with skeleton parts.
Turn your candy into delicacies that sound like they belong on an ingredient list for witch's brew with these eery labels. If you're in need of last-minute decor, this printable is perfect to place on any pillow to add a little festivity to your home.
These postcards are a festive and easy way to quickly send out invitations for your ghoulish gathering. Smsc-home, 1942 western approaches type colors : western approaches blue, western approaches green, white. Artisteer - web design software joomla template maker, Artisteer - automated web designer. Free craft ideas, paper quilling patterns, kids activities, recipes, travel guides and useful stuff. To make the miniature flower pot, join 7 strips of purple colour quilling paper and 1 strip of white colour quilling paper to form a very long strip of paper. Gently push the centre of the coil so that it extrudes outward to form the shape of a flower pot. Take a strip of quilling paper with a smaller width and wrap it around the top rim of the pot to give the pot a more ecstatic look. Miniature winter tree for a decoration or Christmas village display, made from layers of folded paper doilies. These decorative winter trees are simple to make from layers of folded paper doilies, glued to a rolled paper trunk.
To fold the doilies into layers for each tree, you need to fold each doily exactly in half, then into thirds.
The paper triangle is rolled from the tallest side to the low point to make a tapered cone for the trunk of a miniature paper doily tree. Cut a long triangle the length of a sheet of paper and roll it up tightly from the straight edge, gluing the pointed end to the roll to form a tight trunk for a miniature tree. To assemble the miniature tree made from doilies, cut a small circular section out of each doily by using sharp scissors to cut across the point of each folded doily. My thought processes have chosen their absolute paths around my cranium and the connected nervous system. Apparently, this is what is termed as mid-life crisis, or the perceived notion of reaching a ‘dead end’ in one’s journey, because everybody (read society) says so!
The so-called ‘People of the Society’ now have a fair understanding about me, and by that qualification, they can now advise me on what exactly I should be doing in the 38th year of my life.
38 defines where I am in life with respect to where I should’ve been in life as per my life goals.
These are fears implanted over the generations, in you and me; like a wheel it goes on and on in a never ending cyclic path, consuming every fresh idea that comes its way. We ended up buying three sarees here, not only as a gesture of support but also because they were very pretty.
How we ended up at the Sarnath Art Gallery is also an interesting story, will reveal more of it in my Sarnath adventures below. The Mister and me had pre-decided that our three days in the city will not be hurried ones, having us jump from one tourist must-see, must-do to another. For a city built around the banks of the Ganga, Varanasi has 84 ghats, many of which are private. The first half was spent walking, sitting, clicking pictures till Harishchandra ghat, the ghat for Hindu cremations after Manikarnika, the ghat dedicated only to cremations.
When our feet began to complain a few ghats from Harishchandra ghat, we climbed up the steps to enter the city streets. The Mister bought short kurthas in cotton and khadi fabric, while I bought a woollen poncho at one of these shops.
We returned to Assi ghat, our guest house, atop one of the cycle rickshaws that form the main transport in the old part of the city, while devouring more cups of lebu cha and bhuja. Bhuja is made right in front of you, the maker carefully measures each portion of rice, daals, and heats them along with a salt-sand mixture. While on our way back, I learnt there is nothing non-vegetarian served anywhere, except for one place that was selling chicken tandooris. The temperature was down to 13-14 degrees C as we made our way out from Assi again, to experience the famed ‘Ganga Aarti’ in the evening. Day two began with a walk to BHU (Banaras Hindu University), one of the biggest residential universities in the world, after having breakfast at ‘Pehalwan Lassi Bhandar’ close to Ravidas Gate.
The BHU has many centres of research; students both girls and boys wore woollen jackets over their uniforms, cycles seemed to be the mode of transport for many of them.
We returned to Assi to rest for a while, while we bought some street jewellery, woollen wear on our way back. First we visited the Thai temple – Wat Sarnath, which is part temple and part meditation place for Buddhists.
Sarnath, also called ‘Mrigadava’ meaning ‘deer jungle’, was a densely forested place teeming with deer when Buddha came here. Our guide then took us to the Sarnath Art Gallery and showed us the handloom, I was given the privilege to touch the silk threads and feel its fineness as it makes its journey into a beautiful silk brocade saree.
Much of the excavations by the Archaeological Survey of India shows a beautifully structured city with stone-carved sculptures of the Buddha and Boddhisattvas. The Lion Capital from the Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath has also been found and restored in the Sarnath museum.
We returned to Assi in Varanasi, bodily tired but mentally enriched with what human civilization had and lost over the ages. Our journey was never a religious one, and also we didn’t want to be late to check out the cremations at the Manikarnika ghat.
A good while later, we walked to our guest house and returned to our reality, thanks to the Wifi setup there. It was just last month, one exhaustive weekday that the Mister and me figured the only way out to give our brains a detox is to go on a vacation.
Before I deviate further, let’s go back to the brain detox, the vacation we both deserved but hadn’t earned until now. We were able to reserve our seats too; Divine Providence was at work, otherwise getting reserved seats 20 days prior is next to impossible. So, that’s where we are headed to – in the Varanasi Express starting from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Kurla, Mumbai and going straight to Varanasi Junction – a 27-hour journey across the two states of Maharashta and Uttar Pradesh, not very friendly states, yet the two share a symbiotic relationship with each other both in economics and state politics. The week before, Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe was at Varanasi – news being he had come to sign the deal to make India’s first bullet train – Modi’s most ambitious project after becoming PM. Abe, in all probability, has studied the city’s structure and plans on building a mini-Banaras back in Japan. Our Varanasi Express crossed many important places, I’ll remember them by the food we had there. My co-passengers have been keeping themselves busy; eating seems to be India’s national pastime. But, what’s a journey without food, and what’s a country without its politics – my co-passengers are reading newspapers, magazines, news apps, while discussing food, state politics and new business ideas. While urban India is keen on starting up new app-driven marketplaces, the larger agri-based India is looking at making what else – new snack food ideas! After whiling away two hours in the waiting room, we dragged our frozen bodies out at 6:00 am to the 10 degree cold city. Others who are only into photo blogs or video blogs went into either Tumblr, Instagram or YouTube.
Ultimately, there’s a force of nature that transforms everything and that holds true for virtual spaces too. The day we set foot in our house after all the packing and the moving and then the unpacking, we saw a quaint figure watching us from a distance. Days went by and just as the Mister and me were getting newly accustomed to our clean home, and hassle-free maid, things took an ugly turn. It started with her reporting time that swayed anywhere from pre-breakfast to lunch-making time.

Dust is transferred from one place to another, just like the law of conservation of energy that states – Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another. This month, she has set a new rule, well two actually – one we cannot ‘not be present’ at home whenever she comes, and second, we need to inform her in advance if we will ‘not be present’ at home whenever she comes. Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. I just loved the experience of quilling miniature roses; it is quick, fun and happily satisfying. Here are some pictures of the miniature flower vases, with the leaves and some fancy variations: from up close, a little far and on the table. For the vase, I made two hollow pieces, the top one with a hole like a doughnut and then pulled it up longer. When things have all dried and your vase is balancing well, you can add a nice shine to the flower vase by painting on some quilling varnish. The Saturday has been particularly uninteresting, but I have gone back to an old interest of mine – pencil sketching! Quilling: Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.
My personal tip: Use thinner paper especially for roses as it is very difficult to keep folding reverse with thick paper, as you can see in my roses.
These could be used as party favors, favors for wedding showers, decorations for cakes or cupcakes or to put in your favorite dinner time drink. She uses pinking shears to cut out the circles which gives it a nice zig-zag pattern on the edge.
So to make sure you have all the right spooky decorations in place, we found a bunch of awesome (and free!) Halloween printables. Use them to hand out to trick-or-treaters, or if you're throwing a party, they would make great favors. This paper quilling tutorial shows you how to make a miniature flower pot with a bunch of tiny flowers. The materials for this  quilling project are strips of quilling paper, a slotted quilling tool, a toothpick and a small amount of glue. With a quilling tool, start rolling from the purple end of the long strip of paper to make a tight coil. The instructions for making quilled fringed flowers can be found in one of my previous posts. The trees can be made in a number of sizes, depending on the sizes of doilies used, and how many doilies you glue to each trunk. Fold one section across another like an ice cream cone to make thirds.When you have the folds neatly creased in each doily (see the first folded section in the example above), unfold the doily. You can make the trunks from strong kraft (brown) paper or white printer paper.Trim the cones to various lengths to make a range of tree heights.
Unfold the doilies and slide an odd number onto each tree trunk, from the narrow top end of the trunk.Set the first doily up at the top of the tree, or use a doily with no center cut out, to cover the top of the tree. It may not be a big deal, in fact it is just a number, but it is a significant one nevertheless. Everything there is to learn in life to sustain a decent livelihood has been done with, and my grey cells have gone into hibernation. It so happened that I was seated at a popular Chinese takeaway, waiting for my parcel, when right adjacent to me was a standee, displaying loudly: “Your Age is your Discount”. Let’s suppose a human life was designed to live fully till 100 years, and then the aging process would set in. Every corner street has a cyber cafe, but the famed Banarasi silk sarees were still being painstakingly woven through wooden looms.
Every silk thread was made of 108 silk threads that the weaver artfully inserted into the holes in the wooden loom, weaving and designing gold silk motifs on the way – paisleys, roses, flowers, leaves all weaved with the help of mathematical calculations and the will to create the perfect Banarasi saree. Also called as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is the holiest of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism and Jainism, and played an important role in the development of Buddhism. The present name comes from the two tributaries of Ganga – Varuna and Asi that bound the city.
Our guest house was at the Assi ghat facing the mighty Ganga, with the Ramnagar fort looking hazily at us from the right. This is a snack made from puffed rice, several types of grains mixed with a special type of spicy chutney, and not to be confused with jhaal-muri of the Bengalis. Streets are teeming with paan dukaans, our regular ‘Calcutta meetha’ was replaced with Banarasi paan, a must-have if you are a connoisseur of good paan.
The ritual begins at around 6 pm and goes on for an hour or more, in between of which you only experience a show of lights, camphor vapour and the magic of Hindu religious rituals.
In the beginning, I was shocked when our auto-rickshaw driver slowed his vehicle at regular intervals just to spit. It is available only in winter as it requires thick milk to be laid out in the sun, at that particular temperature to form a frothy, creamy, all natural dessert, served in a clay pot. We headed to the mini Kashi Vishwanath temple within the campus and basked in the beauty of the natural surroundings and the architecture of the temple. The evening was reserved for the Ganga aarti at Dashaswamedh Ghat, the main ghat where the rituals are more elaborate and crowd-pulling. After having breakfast at our favourite ‘Pehelwan Lassi Bhandar’, we headed out in an auto-rickshaw to Sarnath, 12 kms from Varanasi, armed with well-meaning advice to ‘not visit’ the city at all!
A guide appeared from no where, and offered to show us around for Rs 20, we were not keen on having a human walk around with us in the historical place, and push us from one place to another.
There’s another temple, probably a Sri Lankan one nearby, both temples show the four important stages in Gautama Buddha’s life – Birth at Lumbini in Nepal, Enlightenment at Bodh Gaya, First sermon at Sarnath and Death at Kushinagar, Gorakhpur. All these finds are now in the Sarnath Archaeological Museum, carefully documented and preserved for those who believe ‘history repeats itself’. The Dhamek Stupa is at 128 feet high and 93 feet in diameter, no wonder it was impossible for the Turks to break it.
The base takes you through the four important stages in the Buddha’s life through replicas of the place. You cannot take your bags, wallets or mobile phones inside, everything must be kept in lockers. He saw half burnt bodies, an endless stock of firewood, men ensuring that corpses burnt nicely while casual mourners watched in silence. The Mister had his last Banarasi paan, while our cycle guy was also treated to his favourite paan.
I checked my inbox, whatsapped a few images, listened to Bengali numbers on gaana app, while the Mister went about photo-blogging his Varanasi travel diaries on Instagram. The last time we went on a vacation was four years ago: our honeymoon to Coorg, the Scotland of India. Then we took a call – a unanimous call to take out a little from the savings for bad times. They say, “The journey is the reward,” so it does not really matter whether you choose to visit one of the “50 places to see before I die” or not. Varanasi, also called Banaras, ancient name Kashi (It’s strange how a cute, short city name evolved to a longer one in this digital age).
Hindus visit the city at least once in their lifetime, the river Ganga – the most sacred of all rivers in India – flows through the city. While Abe and Modi were at the city and the ghats to experience the Ganga Aarti, the entire area was cleaned up of its mess. We eat almost everything that’s coming our way in the train, and also not letting go of any speciality at the stations we halted at. After Modi’s clarion call to ‘Make in India’, nearly every corner street is making plans to make something in India.
One elderly man was advising a man, a few years younger than him, to get into the manufacturing of rice puffs; all it takes is a handful of rice to make many packets of puff snacks, little costs and lots of profit. The temperature was 10 degrees Celsius – super cold for Puneites like me where even winter months have the mercury levels at not less than 16 degrees Celcius.
We managed to get a decent bargain with the auto-rickshaw guy to our guest house – the Yoga House near Assi Ghat, facing the Ganga. She was a prolific blogger; one superb blog post was churned out daily from her writing stable. This chunk was formed when Facebook became very popular in 2008, and it claimed everyone from Orkut, Yahoo groups and blogging platforms. Eventually snow caps melt into oceans, oceans become deserts, desserts become fertile and living beings just migrate from here to there. This year we shifted our home-office to a new place in the same locality, an extra room with an additional balcony meant more space between the Mister and me. Her name means ‘Poetry’ and just like they say, “There is magic in poetry”, there was magic in her, or rather her work.
The next day, a lady deliberately crossed paths with the Mister and ordered him to employ her as our maid.
When it turned into a daily habit, I asked her, of course in a feeble voice, as to what is the matter in her life. I started first with learning to make a paper rose and then one thing led to another and I ended up learning more types of flowers and 3-d quilling too. You will also require a plier and a wire cutter to attach your handmade jhumkas with the hooks, these may be available at the craft shop or you can easily find these at a hardware shop near you. Experiment with the number of strips and add different colours to create 2-coloured or 3-coloured jhumkas.
Here I stuck on some craft rope on the jhumkas with fevicol, and another white one is covered with the off-white stick-on pearls.

The paper is rolled, looped, curled, twisted and otherwise manipulated to create shapes which make up designs to decorate greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, and to make models, jewellery, mobiles etc. I explored further into making miniature flowers using quilling paper and tried to make a vase instead of a pot this time.
You will get this bottle from any craft shop; it makes your paper water-proof and strong, apart from adding the finishing touch! A few Saturdays back, I wanted to dabble into some paper quilling, but didn’t know how to go about it. All you need is quilling paper, a little block of thermocol, some paper pins and fevicol, and you are good to go! Whether you need to add a little more spooky flair to your home or you're looking for a way to dress up some baked goods, there's a decoration out there for you. For the tree shown here I used five, four inch paper doilies from a $1 store, and a sheet of printer paper. Now refold it as shown in the right of the photo, so that the folds are creased on the folds you made previously, by now in an accordion fold.
For a simple arrangement you will need to make an odd number of tree trunks, with a minimum of three. Apply glue to the trunk of the tree just below the doily and slide the doily into the glue.
Trim the trunk to the length you want by cutting across the trunk below the doilies.To decorate the delicate doily trees you can use fine Micro Glitter, Embossing Powders or small beads or sequins. I feel a terrifying vaccum inside me is sucking in everything from my insides, forming a lump of non-renewable mass to be never transformed into energy or set anything into motion again in life.
It tells the people around me that I have now arrived at a ‘big’ juncture in my life, that I should now take life seriously, that I need to now worry about my aging body and not flush my eggs down the toilet bowl – and here is where it all ends, sadly!
In this imaginary world, I could avail a 38% discount the whole of this year, and really look forward to turning 39.
We were fortunate enough to experience one such beautiful cream-red silk saree being woven in a loom at the Sarnath Art Gallery in Sarnath city, 12 kms from Varanasi; the gallery houses handicrafts, sarees, blankets, carpets, sculptures and more made by the ‘Poor Labourers Buddhist Society’. In fact, Guru Nanak Dev had visited the city during Shivrathri in 1507, a trip that played a significant role in founding Sikhism. Ancient name Kashi was used by the pilgrims from the Buddhist days, and has been mentioned in the Rigved and Puranas as well. We started with a walk across the ghats, after casually browsing through the Ravidas Park nearby.
There’s food, handicrafts, woollen wear, silk sarees and an assortment of Indian languages being spoken in the streets. Now it goes to another guy who adds the spices and the chutney, shakes it all up in a small vessel and gives it to you in a paper bag. The Mister explained that the khattha and chuna used is just perfect for a juicy paan, post lunch. I was equally shocked that every time anybody opened their mouth to speak, they would first spit some paan on the side.
There’s the Sri Digambar Jain temple too; Sarnath is the birthplace of the Eleventh Thirthankara of Jainism. Our guide knew quite a lot of things, he has been trained at the Buddhist school nearby, although he isn’t a Buddhist himself. They looted the site for building materials, while taking away a very significant part of history. There are many such Stupas in the city, our guide says Buddhist monks face the stupa while in meditation. It has been destroyed and re-constructed a number of times in history; the last structure was demolished by Aurangzeb, who constructed the Gyanvapi Mosque on its site.
The temple does not provide lockers, but one can hire a free locker in the numerous small shops nearby. Both the Mister and me decided to walk into the ghats and watch corpses being burnt instead! Nobody said a word, we didn’t return to our guest house, we stopped at the Assi ghat instead. All we were left with were hashtags – #varanasi, #traveldiaries, #instatravel but they meant so much more now. Our British rulers preferred exotic western equivalents to the scenic beauty that was India…sigh!
The Mister suggested Varanasi; I was lazy, exhausted, and too mind-toxicated to suggest otherwise.
An annual trip to Kashi to bathe in the Ganga was the “one must thing to do before I die” for many Hindus.
The teams did regular rounds of the entire train, back and forth, mopping and cleaning no matter how many times you drop tea or visit the loo, the berth’s were clean and also smelt fresh.
I borrowed the Mister’s jacket and prayed for a miracle – like the Sun God blessing me with some warm sunshine – but hard luck!
Passengers alighted one after the other, no soul was in a hurry, their bodies were equally frozen. At least, I know an entire school that swears by Wattpad, and the volumes of teen fiction they can get on it. Life had become so peaceful that I almost began to worry, remember the Universe’s first law of Happiness – “This too shall pass”.
She says she has a very tiny child (this is a new story) who acts as per his whims and fancies (look who’s talking). We don’t look eye to eye anymore, and I don’t dare occupy the bathroom…whenever she comes.
Add a nice shine by brushing it on with the paper varnish, this also makes your jhumkas water-proof and strong, apart from adding the finishing touch.
Then I filled both the pieces with little rounded thermocol bits and stuck them together using fevicol. Stuff the bottom of the pot with more green fringed quilling paper and use glue to hold them in place. I used Aleenes Fast Grab Tacky Glue as it starts to set a bit quicker than regular pva glue, but you can use PVA glue (white glue) or a glue stick to glue the layers in place on the trunk.
You must use lightweight materials or your delicate lace doilies may collapse with the weight. The Ganga takes it all – effluents, washing soaps, clay lamps, human and animal waste, and possibly some of their sins too.
And, watch out, these are two way streets meant for the buffaloes, bikes, three-wheelers and you the pedestrian!
Then, how can one forget thick white lassi topped with fresh rabri and served in a clay pot? The lighted ghats shone like jewels while we made our way through the crescent-shaped bank in a boat. Although photography isn’t allowed at the museum, the stone sculptures will remain in your mind.
The current structure was built on an adjacent site by the Maratha monarch, Ahilya Bai Holkar of Indore in 1780. They say the funeral pyres at Manikarnika have been burning ceaselessly, since the first ever cremation ages ago!
Before British, Coorg was known as ‘Kodava Nadu’ but for the stiff British tongues, we have a city name that’s quicker to pronounce than to visit!
Today it’s a tourist destination – the ghats teem with more foreigners than Indians but that’s a great sign. The rail network – the world’s largest – carries trains across the length and breadth of India to 7112 stations, but there is a cup of tea for everyone!
A personality analyst would read this paragraph and easily conclude that I am indeed a narcissist. For the stems, I used a thin metal wire I’d bought from the craft shop earlier and attached it to the flower with fevicol.
From framable word art to creepy labels for your liquor bottles, these creative solutions will make decorating your home fun and simple. You can also watch out for the fishermen with their varied techniques, to catch fish along the banks. Here, people were eating one or two, and also taking back with them packets of paan to be eaten with friends (or alone) for the rest of the day!
They began feeling superior to the ones who only shared party, cats and holiday pictures on Facebook. The Mister and me lived like the King and the Queen in their squeaky clean apartment…until. I’ve begun to eat more than I need, exercise less than I must, talk more than I should, listen less than what is good for me. The readers read, recommend, comment, and sometimes help the writer create a mini-history on the social web. This category has now permanently settled on Facebook, quite happy with the online adulation.

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