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True it's not rocket science, but getting what you need from your mobile website is not as easy as shrinking down your desktop content and moving it around.
Figure out what it is you want your visitor to do, the task they must perform to create what you need.
If your company has items or services for sale directly, then your primary goal on-line is to convince the visitor to purchase your goods.
If your primary goal is to gather information, build a data base of emails, or collect data for direct sales initiatives, then innovative solutions are needed to convince a data collection weary world to give you their information or participate in your survey.
If your company wants to immerse visitors in your brand, then a digital experience that encourages interaction and increased time on site is necessary. If you want to create foot traffic into your brick and mortar location or sort the traffic digitally directing it to other properties, then a compelling digital pathway in impetrative. If you are championing an idea, product, movement, or philanthropy, then creating engaging ways to inform and garner support and sharing is your digital mission.
Once you understand your objective, the outcome you want from your visitors, build a path and they will follow.
Look back, you may have missed a very important point that actually deserves an entire article itself - "with your visitor in mind". What's true for salt, make-up and feng shui furniture placement is also true for mobile design, less is more. Just as horses can smell fear and your mother knew you had not cleaned your room just by looking at your face, mobile visitors can spot an old site within seconds. This contributed article was written by James Ramsey, CEO of Fiddlefly, a digital creative agency.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This is one of the features I used to detect if a browser is a mobile device and redirect them to my custom mobile website. For this to work, your Server must be PHP enabled, if PHP is not operative on your Server then, this will just be a dead end.
Contributing to the information World makes it easier for others to have knowledge about other information's. This entry was posted in Mobile Phones, Programming, Tutorial and tagged mobile devices, PHP. My AppsI wonder if, there could be an Application that can make other Applications, it seems as though the age in Information Technology has drawn so far, that it is so oblique to everyone.
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If you’ve ever tried to browse the Internet on a smartphone, you’ll know how difficult it can be to navigate a website, read tiny text, and click on miniscule links.
So how do you provide your mobile visitors with a better experience so they’ll be more likely to stick around and engage with you?

Research, sales trends, and advertising all speak to the growing trend in mobile (in this context, smartphone and tablet) use.
Before proceeding with any mobile project, it’s important to not only understand the broader trends, but also your specific community’s needs. The more you are running campaigns and sharing content on email, social media, or in situations where people would be more likely to use a mobile device, the more important it is to consider the mobile-friendliness of your website.
Taking the time to reflect on these questions will help you decide whether this is a good use of your time and resources. It’s worth noting at this point that a mobile-friendly website is just one facet of a mobile strategy. If you want to dip your toes into the world of mobile, optimizing a specific piece of content for mobile (rather than your whole site) can be one way to get started. Care2’s site is not optimized for mobile devices (it looks just like it would on a desktop computer, but smaller) but their petition forms are mobile-optimized so it’s easy for mobile users to take action. If you want your whole website to be mobile-friendly, you have two main options: build a mobile website or use responsive design.
Responsive design is the latest trend in mobile-friendly websites as it allows your website to adapt to look good on any size of screen. A significant advantage of responsive design is that you only have one website, whereas the mobile website approach involves creating an additional website. Even if you aren’t ready to take the plunge into mobile, you can still design your website in a way that will be easier to optimize for mobile in the future.
Or, hire a developer (in most cases, the work involved is much simpler than building a mobile site from scratch). If you’re already redesigning your website, now is the time to think about how you can make it mobile-friendly - or design it in a way that it will be easy to make it responsive when time or budget allows. TweetIf you have a website, the odds are pretty good that someone is viewing it using their mobile phone. When your web pages are big, wordy and filled with images, it makes it hard for mobile phones to load them quickly.
Make your website mobile phone friendly by making sure you’re offering viewers shortcuts easily to access the various pages within your website.
Finally, test your small business website for mobile readiness by checking it on your own mobile phone.
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The last thing you ever want to do is give someone, no matter what device they are on, a reason to NOT click through to your website. My ideas and knowledge on the Internet and in Computer Science, has brought me a step closer to having logical understanding of things and i feel knowledge is power and with that anyone can become somebody special. As more people get smartphones and tablets, it’s more likely that the frustrated people scrolling, pinching, and zooming their way through your website will be your donors, potential volunteers, or new members – people who need to access your information easily so that you can build relationships with them. As of 2011, 37% of Canadians had access to mobile internet (which breaks down to 47% of Canadians under 55) and the trend shows steady upward growth. Other opportunities to consider include mobile-friendly emails, text-to-donate, text campaigns, and mobile apps.

If you visit a responsive website on a mobile device, the content will rearrange itself to be mobile friendly - text may get larger, items may be rearranged to form one long column, images may resize, the menu may condense, etc.
This can save time and money during development and also make ongoing maintenance much simpler. Try visiting them on your computer and on a mobile device, or simply open it on your computer and resize the window to see how the sites change.
For example, designing your website with a relatively straightforward, block-based layout will make it easier to make the site responsive in the future by rearranging the blocks. If not, look at your audience, website analytics and goals, and consider whether a mobile-friendly website would be a good investment for your organization. That’s why it is so important to make sure your small business website is mobile phone friendly. Have links that get people to the top of the page, the bottom and easily back to the home page to avoid scrolling and shorten the time it takes to navigate to the content they’re looking for. Check it on a few different mobile phones if you can and work on the problem areas that you find.
Although Now-a-days mobile devices support JavaScript still for security purposes most users disable JavaScript on mobile device.To work around this, one of the most effective and easiest scripting to use will be PHP. This can be easily done if you can convert and miniaturize all your content that you previously had on your Desktop version of the website.Once that is complete you can place the give code below, in the head section or any preferred place you wish it to be, but it should be before the body, so the users can be redirected to the appropriate mobile site. The urgency for mobile becomes even more relevant when you are trying to reach young people.
This article will discuss when you should consider optimizing your website for mobile and three main approaches. Mobile is here to stay – technology will only continue to develop and advance in this area – so it makes sense to start thinking proactively about how it relates to your charity and website. The content itself could be a landing page with information, a donation form, a petition, or an advocacy action.
Their approach is a great compromise that prioritizes what’s most important - the petition forms. When you visit the website on a mobile device, it will usually redirect you to the mobile version, though you will have the option to “Go to Full Site” if you prefer. Here are some tips you can apply to make your web pages look good on various mobile phone screens. Potential clients aren’t likely to stick around and wait very long for your pages to download, so make sure you’ve compressed your website to maximize mobile phone viewing potential. Make a mobile phone ready website part of your small business design as soon as you can, as more phones are hitting the market with great web-surfing technologies. Don’t lose out on potential revenue for your business because your website isn’t ready for the 21st century style to surf the internet. When ads are allowed to roam free on your website, people are spending more time dealing with them than looking at your content.

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