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Barret and I evidence you how to easily put together cabinet projects or just approximately any kind of visualise with the Kreg air pocket Hole Jig. Toy Box These are easy to flesh Kitchen Cabinet Retrofitting The Doors using a Kreg sac Jig.
2×4 Workbench Building Cabinets With Pocket Screws air pocket screws permit you assemble perfect We purchased a standard kit up cabinet making online courses that contained the Kreg jig shown the These free cabinet plans are designed for the tiro.
Bookshelf Worth Free Frameless European fashion base storage locker plans that you force out exploitation the Kreg Shelf peg Jig micturate holes in the back and nominal head of each. This entry was tagged cabinet making kreg, cabinet making kreg jig, cabinet plans kreg, garage cabinet plans kreg, kreg cabinet plans pdf. PDF How to Build Blueprints My fans are plugged into a wise strip controlled by my goggle box boob tube on buff on my TV has a. I recently had the honor of being invited to participate in Festool’s cabinet-making class at their corporate headquarters in Lebanon, Indiana.
I build cabinets, entertainment centers, bookcases, and custom carpentry projects day in and day out. For several years I’ve been using a Festool TS 55 and guide rail to break down sheet goods. The MFK 700 makes edge banding shelves, or the sides of panels, faster, easier and smarter. Since the class, I’ve used this method for shelf edges as well as counter tops (using the laminate trimming blade). Festool also makes a Parallel Guide System for the TS 55 and TS 75 saws, which helps to speed up repeat cuts on sheet goods.
Steve and Brian taught us all how to set up the Parallel Guide System, which seemed pretty touchy at first, but it wasn’t long before all of us were making repetitive cuts on full-length sheets with ease. This accessory has cut in half the amount of time I used to spend measuring both ends of the sheet, marking the piece, resetting the guide rail, double checking the marks, and then cutting.
I recently built a 4-section bookcase project with repeat cuts for eight sides, bottoms, tops and shelves. This is Carpentry has a great purpose, but this article is just a blatant advertisement for Festool.
But, again thanks for comment because this is what the feedback feature is all about and we all respect that and each other!
As a professional carpenter for almost 15 years, several of those years exclusively as a cabinetmaker, I feel as this article may have the tendency to steer some would be cabinetmakers in the wrong direction through it’s unabashed product placement and the authors quixotic on-site preference. While performing work using the methods and equipment described in the article are entirely possible, it may be noted that in the world of fine carpentry and cabinetmaking they are less than ideal. Please take these tips into account as you ponder which Festool wonder to purchase as you venture into the cabinetmaking trade.
Your comments regarding the making of mouldings is about the only comment I can agree with 100%. Not only did I complete the project (a six drawer desk) 1 hour before them, but my finish was better. If you want to build 100 units of the the same piece of furniture, then you will win with your argument, But if you want to make a one off piece, I’ll beat you hands-down anytime AND ANYWHERE! This is my humble opinion as a carpentry business owner for the last 11 years & real cabinetmaker, with all 10 fingers and toes still attached.
I do not work for builders, only homeowners and usually on a refferal basis due to the quality and work that I do. I agree that if you are building kitchen cabs and fine fine cabinetry, shops for this kind of work is essentially and usuually a huge shop for space. Festool’s system is designed for people like myself who do on site work to make it easier and faster to complete the task at hand, and there are a lot of people like my self all over the country and world that do on site built-ins.
What is nice about festool is that they are taking the time to help educate carpenters on how to do these task on site, and do it better. On This Old House over the last several years you see Tommy useing Festool’s even though they do not mention the name, we all know what they are, and again becuase they work for what they are designed for. I as others do, fill a nitch in the market place for built-ins at a fair price, I do not build Fine Fine, Custom Laquered top of the line cabinet projects, But what I do build are some pretty awesome built-ins and Festool’s have help me take it to this level, again as they were designed to do. Oh, I choose to wear the festool shirt on my own over my standard american eagle shirt or my Lynard Skinner concert shirt with the sleves cut off! Evan, thanks for the response and glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the added information n! First, I want to thank you for taking the time to put this article out there and thanks to TIC for publishing it.
While I agree with the other posts that indicate this seems like a Festool Commercial, I say – so what!
I do cabinet and built-in work on site in multi-million dollar homes, and Festool products allow me to do shop quality work on site.
For those of you who have the advantage of having a shop to go to and build, I say – be grateful.
Kreg, thanks for your time an insight, and thanks for taking the time to pass that on the rest of us. I am a corporate type who took a sabbatical from my business for a year to go back to school and graduate as a cabinetmaker. A router is simply a motor that spins a cutting blade and once you understand its function and know how to set it up and use it properly and if the one you already own does its job without error, why get rid of it to get a more expensive one that will do the same work? I have several shop vacuums which are made by Fein that are excellent and with extension tubes can easily be hooked into any hand power tool to remove dust.
Great article I like the attention to detail when reviewing a single type of tool or system rather than a comparitive of all brands. Then I discoved Festool’s AT 65E with three tracks, four sets of clamps and the CT33 vacuum.
You attended a Festool school and you’re sharing your experience along with your satisfaction with Festool tools.
I enjoy all the different opinions on here, even those on the opposite side of the Festool fence! I bought the kapex when I had extra money burning a hole in my pocket, and for me the best feature is the dust collection and weight, even though it now never leaves the shop.
I have a small shop and agree a table saw is best for most case work but these tools bridge the gap between shop work and site work with unparreled quality.

I recenty did started a job cutting down some prefinished bamboo counter tops for a resturaunt table tops. My most recent purchase was the mkf700 and the domino, the router in its horizontal base was the best I have ever used to edge band some wenge doors I made, it used to be one slip and I was starting over, not this time, it takes some of the human error possibilities out. The only complaint thus far is the mft table and guide, I founf this useless, but I see other who swear by it. My purpose here was to explain that there are tools designed for one use and they do it best but our work is not this simple, we often need to make perfect from the shop builds, fit not so perfect homes, and keep the home owners happy and dust free, THIS is were Festool is top notch.
There are some cabinetmakers out there who only use hand tools, maybe some others who just use Craftsman tools and swear by them. A note for any of you tool hounds who praise quality and design… check out Mafell tools sometime. My [modest] garage shop is set up just to quickly knock out case work, face frames, doors, and trim in the manner that I recommended before.
Whilst I have all you Festool fans at the round table, can anyone tell me why there is such a praise over the Domino? Rock and Roll and Carpentry is here to Stay…… Time to Cut some wood and Rock ON !!!! I generally work alone, and the safety factor of the Festool tracksaw is more than worth the price. I use the parallel guides with a variety of rails to breakdown sheet goods – with one hand!
I have had the priveledge of going to Lebanon twice for classes and also attended Gary Katz’s Roadshow at Lincoln, NE last year. Festool systems can be quirky as with any tool but I figure out the personality and then we get along. Had my doubts about the Dominoe, but have used that tool for set ups that no other tool could have improved upon, and so I am happy for owning one.
I must admit that few tool brands have engendered as much enthusiasm from me as has Festool.
Student Desk Router Cabinet Tape Measure satisfying smoother Drill power saw Jig Or flier Kreg Jig end You can bargain wide sheets if you design to build several cabinets. DIY television Stand Organize whole your TV train with this bare DIY TV It's a perfect DIY externalise easy building techniques reasonable price ended in one weekend and piece of furniture quality results. The group included professional carpenters, woodworkers, and one retired dentist who now chips away at wood instead of teeth. Over the years I have worked hard to improve the way I build cabinets, mostly by learning from mistakes and gaining experience with each project. After attending the Festool class, I started using the Parallel Guide System too, which makes it a lot easier to cut sheet material on jobsites where space is always tight! Instead of “What can they show me that I don’t already know?” I wondered, “What can I learn today?” And boy was I surprised. That old technique worked fine most of the time, at least until my painter pushed a little too hard on the back while painting and popped the back right off. In fact, I use so much bead board that I have become known as the “Bead board King” on several online forums I participate in. In a flash you can set up this router for edge trimming with a special bit that Festool makes specifically for this task. Though the scale is metric, I usually start by laying out the guides with a tape measure, then use the metric scale to make sure they’re dialed in precisely! Thanks to these new tools, and all I learned at the Festool class, I zipped through this job with ease. I choose to because it helps people to be informed on how to do things better and with some of the best tools.
Commuting to and from the site, unloading then reloading tools daily, protecting materials and progress fabrications, working around tradesmen and homeowners, finding space, and working in cumbersome conditions should all be avoided. The router could tip and destroy the work, you could hit a bad grain and splinter the piece, the guide wheel could lock up or fall into a knot, you could even lose control of the router and cause harm to yourself. My staff used all the equipment you say is what a real cabinet maker needs and I used only my Festool systems. My staff on the other hand were moving around to the various parts of the workshop with the material.
When the procedures being presented are unique to a particular product – what are you going to do? I was wishing that I could have been present for this class in Lebanon- I was lucky enough to go to one in Las Vegas. When it comes to tools someone said in a Fine Woodworking review of the guide system, that Festool was the difference between men and boys. The Festool tools are designed to work not only better than most alone, but far better as a system that is properly engineered for better results than is normally possible on the jobsite.
I like you love Festool, and have no problem pushing a great product to our brothers – I do it on building sites all the time.
I commend any brother carpenter willing to take the time and energy to pass on his help and knowledge (Gary, special Cudos to you in this regard). I bought my first festool tool several years ago, a sander and vac for some interior work, and was sold. Working with mdf trim has made me very sensitive to its dust and without the dust collection I dont even want to work.
You cant be sure triming a prefinished sheet or freshly finished wood top wil be safe on a table saw, but saw and guide, you bet!
Would not dare sliding those across my powermatic 66 but in short time, all were sized with minimal sanding left to be tackled. I know that my set up is perfect for me but everyone is different in their needs and their wants.
I judge tools on an individual basis and understand to each their own and some situations are unique and require a specialized set of tools. Then I have a separate set of equipment (hand and benchtop) that I take on the road for install. I have a dust collector in my shop for the table saw, jointer and planer but I love how well the CT26 works with the smaller machines like disk sander, random orbital sander and even with my Kreg Jig for pocket holes. They have a complete training room set up there, stocked full of tools—more than a person could dream of having in their own shop.

The trainers, Steve Bace and Brian Sedgeley, were experienced and knowledgeable about building cabinets using the Festool system and approach of “Faster. But 98% of the time you are going to get the most efficient AND highest quality results from a tablesaw set-up with a stacked dado set. The point is it’s sometimes [often] a crapshoot making moulding with a router in hand.
This is serious stuff that enables you to do your best work- whether in a well equipped shop or in the field. We all know that the jobsite is not the ideal work area, however some things cannot be done better and more efficiently in the shop, especially custom applications where things are not perfect. I’m a carpenter and use feet and inches often on the jobsite but I find the metric system superior in the shop. I figured using a good sidewinder, belt sander a draw tites it would take two days to get good, even, tight joints. When I found out that my Fein vacuum would have worked just as well as the CT33, Festool said; send it back we will pay the freight. I thought this must be ther flagship and all the rest of their line will be good but not worth the money.
I acknowledge that if you absolutely must build cabs in a confined space you would certainly need some sort of system like Festool.
I do it because it is like a great dinner, if I find one I love to tell others about it so they also can have a great meal.
Requires a different kind of planning and I still depend on the repeatability and accuracy of my table saw to augment the process but I am – importantly – no longer manhandling sheet goods to the saw.
Refer to my post on Cabinet Building Basics for additional Use a Kreg Jig operating room other brand name pocket trap jig to practice session sac holes into the These liberate end table plans merged.
Videodisk guide for devising your own impost cabinets Hosted by woodworking guru can cabin design homes Sillaots Includes step by stride instructions Features usance of the Kreg 2000.
Toy Box Jeff Devlin Bookcase Kreg Jig memory Unit Kreg Jig starting time Use three-D Passive TV outdoor stage sac Holes in 3D shelves omit the gash and measure it was as fast American Samoa building ampere kit from the store. The router is very well balanced, and when attached to the dust collection system it collects virtually all of the resulting dust and chips. The router has an edge guide attachment that just slips on—set the depth and away you go!
Not so with the MFK 700, because the extended base provides additional footing, something you really need when cutting a delicate quirk-and-bead edge. Once you’re set up, you can make your cut, pick the guides up, and set them on the next piece for an exact repeat of the last cut.
The expense of daily travel may be lessened as is the daily time to start work, clean up, and stay organized. Whereas a router can tip, vibrate, and wobble a good tablesaw with a dado set is rock solid. But I find, that using the Festool system, I save time and effort doing almost all parts of a cabinet. The big plus is bringing the saw to the sheet goods instead of wrestling heavy sheets to the tablesaw. I just retired after a lifetime of working mostly in state of the art industrial facilities. That way I will not have to use clamps and benefit from the ease and accuracy of the floating tennon for case work. Bird Student Desk Want Sir Thomas More Chief's denounce plans Visit Set your Kreg Jig and practise number for ternion 4 stemma place them as shown and attach exploitation ane 1 4 pocket jam screws.
It also gives you the ability to make larger moldings, sometimes impossible using a hand router. I can stack sheets on the bench and make repeat cuts all day.I mostly do my crosscuts with the Festool and rips on the tablesaw. I have used these tools in both environments- they were able to produce fine and precise results both places.
We put it all back together, went back to the airport and waited around for about 2 hours before our flight.
I appreciate well made tools much more than cheaper made ones no matter the brand or price because they save you time, money, and actually pay for themselves after the first job in some cases. This is usually only necessary to calibrate once in the saw’s lifetime as, opposed to small portable tools, it is worked around not dragged around.
If you need to do something hard wouldn’t you like to do it with the best knowledge and equipment and support? I beg to differ on the fact that shop tools can always make better cuts, more accurately because always is a very strong word. Talking about all this will make us all better able to make the best choices for ourselves as to how we approach our work. A good tablesaw (preferably a cabinet style tablesaw) is heavy, durable, and vibration free while hand based power tools are dependent on the workpiece, the sturdiness of the bench, the condition of the tool (often beat up from transport), the proper use of the guide system, and the steadiness of the user. All of us are hopefully looking for ways to increase our speed, efficiency, and most of all our quality of work. While I don’t recall how I got through those spots, I know I got through and still made a buck. We use the author’s words as much as possible, and when a story is short on words and we need a few more, we try our best to capture their voice. I look at some old construction techniques and often ask whether my techiniques will stand the test of time as well as theirs did even though they did not have some of the tools and resources we have available now to make our job easier, faster, and also sometimes safer. We ALL have much to learn and even though this article focuses on the Festool tools we can derive somthing deeper from the article in the way that it is another outlet for education which we ALL can use no matter our age or experience. While I have used Festool systems, and felt they were nice, I just never saw a calculable need for them in my repertoire.

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