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It’s weird, but the bulldozer, for all the destruction it can wreak is often seen as a sign of peace and prosperity. It stands to reason then, that there is a huge market for these machines, especially with the number of road building projects going on in the region.
While a number of manufactures have brought super-heavy class bulldozers into the region over the years, the two major players are Komatsu and Caterpillar.
The reason for this design is to make the system modular for easier maintenance, as well as protecting the drive init from the worst of the dirt and the grit.
The disadvantage of the system is that track life can be reduced, due to extra movement between the planetary gear and the track, although Cat say this problem has been eliminated with the addition of a sealed lubrication package.
According to Keith Lupton of World Wide Auctions, the main point to check on any used bulldozer is the undercarriage.

He added that the very large ‘Cat dozers such as the D10 and D11 are rare items at auction, although some do appear from time to time as the Abu Dhabi government apparently owned a fleet at one stage.
More common in the heavy class is the D9L, as these are popular in the region’s quarries, though they are usually being sold for a reason.
Bulldozers are used for construction, and wherever there are tracks and a blade, chances are there is new investment and ambition behind them.
In fact several very heavy models more usually suited to quarry work are battling the elements in a bid to grade the way for.
Without looking at the brand decals the easiest way to tell the two apart is the position of the drive sprocket. This was my blue and gold macaw's cage to sleep in at night, but he now sleeps in our large aviary, so I no longer need the cage.

This measures 62" height overall, the two back corner sides are 28" wide each, the front where the door is, is  24" wide. And, we continue to make strong progress in delivering on our promise to be the best provider of top quality trailers and the best customer service.

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