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ShareIf you are just starting out in affiliate marketing then you probably have quite a few questions ranging from what are considered acceptable practices all the way up to how exactly do you go about creating affiliate links on your website. Starting off, many people believe that having affiliate links or ads on a website or blog is spammy or unacceptable but that is simply not true. Many reputable websites and blogs place affiliate links and ads on their website and within their content. Either way, placing an affiliate link on your website might seem like a complicated process at first but learning how to place them is quite simple. Graphic or image links are typically put in the sidebar of a website either on the right or left hand side. Keep in mind that affiliate links or images contain a tracking code that lets the affiliate you’re marketing for know that the sale came from you and your website.
With that said, when you sign up for an affiliate program, the affiliate that you are marketing for will provide you with the proper html code for text and image links. In order to place the text links and images, you need to first copy the html code you are provided.
For text links, once you copy the code that you are provided, you then need to paste that code into your content.
If you use WordPress or another platform that provides you with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor, then placing text links is simple. If you are not using a WYSIWYG editor, then things can get a little more complicated but not by much. If you are placing it on the sidebar and you use WordPress or another platform that is similar, then you can just copy and paste the code into a text widget and save it. If you cannot do either of the steps above or want it placed somewhere else within the code, then you will need to enter the code you are given directly into your website’s code in the area that you want it to be placed.
As you can see, if you are using a text editor, then placing links are simply since the affiliate you are marketing for gives you the code to place.
Due to this law do you need to state that you will be receiving commission on a re-direct page that is promoting another website?
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In the last two weeks I found myself making several narrated screen recordings to help people to understand and learn a key procedure on their computers or mobile devices.
Last summer I presented to my administrators the possibility of using iPads, an Apple TV, and digital projector as an alternative to some newer technologies that essentially were achieving the same end as interactive whiteboards. Today, students, parents, and school administrators expect teachers to maintain a class website. Recent research led by Professor John Dunlosky, Kent State, examined thousands of studies in order to find which study techniques worked best for students.
In his 1623 book The Assayer, Galileo wrote, 'Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze. Suppose your school leadership gave you a choice: you could have a SmartBoard, a big interactive LCD-TV, 15 tablets, or 5 nice compact laptops for your classroom.
Affiliate linking or marketing can be done easily, without making your website readers feel spammed and it can be done ethically.
Sometimes they are quite easily recognizable and other times an Internet user may not be aware of them right away. The exception to this is when the graphic or image is a banner ad, which are typically placed near the top of the website or near the bottom (right above the footer area).
Due to this, simply placing anchor text links or linking a graphic will not work for affiliate programs because it will not provide any tracking.
This is to ensure that you are using the images that they want you to use and it will also ensure that both text and image links will properly be tracked to make sure you get the money you deserve when a person clicks on one of those links and purchases a product or service.
While simply placing an anchor text link with a simple URL will not work, it will work when you take the code you have copied from your affiliate since it includes the tracking information. All you need to do is highlight the text that you want to link to your affiliate product or service and then click on the closed link box in the editor. You will need to place an html anchor text link within the body of the text using the words that you want to use in order to link.
If you are using a WYSIWYG editor to place links within the content and you want to place an image in the content with the link, then you would follow the same steps as above, only you would paste the affiliate link into the image information.
Just remember that most affiliate programs require that you cannot change the link code in any way or they will ban you. It gets a little more complicated if you are not using a text editor or some type of widget but you just need to know how to place a link to begin with which is not hard at all to do.
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With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.
We have 11 styles and models of wood and vinyl sheds and 5 models of Amish built wood playhouses to choose from. Normally, I put these instructions in writing, in a step-by-step list, as you have seen in this series of articles. My administrators agreed to let me pilot 1:1 iPads in my 3rd grade classroom, and they were rolled out in early January. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the characters in which it is written. There are those of course who do affiliate market with less than good intentions and therefore, it gives the rest of the industry a bad name. A text link is where a portion (one to a few words usually) is turned into a link and an image link is when an image or graphic links to the affiliate’s page or product. I think that I just ignore or smash or finally dismiss a model that I think is rooted in vintage balderdash, you know?
I tell you, I usually get annoyed when folks discuss issues that they clearly do not know about. It’s on a totally different topic but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read? Ive been following your blog for a month or so and have picked up a ton of fine info and loved the method youve structured your site. Perfect for a garden shed, garage, pool house, office, workshop, game room, guest house, camp or just for storage. The losers were highlighting, underlining, rereading and summarizing-all skills we encourage our students to use both online and offline. Many have embraced this law and have done a good job at making their disclaimer’s reflect the issue, while other websites are still trying to get away with a little too much. They both work the same way, the major difference is that one shows up as text and the other shows up as an image or graphic.
You managed to hit the nail right on the head and rolled out everything without complication. Many thanks for supplying those warm and friendly, trustworthy, explanatory and even fun tips on this topic to Ethel. I guess having something useful or substantial to give info on is the most important factor.
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They find that having an online library of narrated demonstrations to be a useful resource for students and an efficient method of teaching. Instead of purchasing Apple Protection Plans for all 20 classroom devices, they decided to purchase 5 extra devices that will be stored should anything happen once the devices are out of warranty. In today's schools, we have the technology to begin using less paper, and streamline our administrative duties, conserving both time and resources.

How do teachers create class websites that are useful, simple to maintain, and appreciated by students, parents, and administration?Simplify. According to the research, the best thing about these techniques is they require students to read the assigned material. Arab and Persian astronomers discovered the mathematics that determined the paths of the stars and invented a mathematical oration to explain when heavenly bodies would move, appear and disappear. The students' devices are stored in a locked cart in the classroom and are never used outside of the classroom.One concern from the tech staff at my school was how the devices would be managed. This week's article delves deeper into the dilemma of technology choices for schools, with specific references and comparisons of six different products.The table below summarizes the choices.
Our sheds have been approved by every Home Owners Association and building covenants to date. It's in their classrooms.According to the latest survey by the National Center for Educational Statistics in 2009, 97% of classrooms contain computers, 93% enjoy Internet access, and schools house one computer for every five students. With the goal to be a true pilot to test the feasibility of a larger rollout, they did not want the iPads to be end user controlled; the tech staff was looking for an enterprise management solution. My school subscribes to a web-based student management system called JupiterGrades, that has a great mobile site. Maybe it's because our students don't know what to highlight, underline, reread, and summarize? We have been approved by historical New Orleans, Abita Springs, Covington, Madisonville, Mandeville and Baton Rouge. The solution that they settled on was Meraki's Mobil Device Management.My iPad is imaged and controlled through Meraki. It allows me to bypass the paper grade book and input grades as easily on my phone and iPad as I can on my desktop. 48% of classrooms have digital projectors, 28% contain a smart board, and these are used where available by 72% of teachers. I can also access the App Store with a school provided Apple ID and password, however I can't download any purchased apps. If I am grading students in class (playing test, quick check), I use my phone or iPad and input the grades directly. See if you can add to the calendar from your smart phone or tablet, so it will be easier to keep current. Paid apps are purchased through vouchers by the IT staff and pushed to my device through Meraki. If God was a mathematician when she put the universe in motion, our species has served as her active students, constructing and discovering the ancient language.But somehow we have lost the sense of wonder and power that captivated and motivated the Arab astronomers, the Greek geometers, and the rocket scientists. But we found a way to send the video output of the iPad to the Macintosh, which recorded our voice along with the activity on the iPad screen.
With Diigo, students can highlight, create interactive sticky notes, make and organize bookmarks, take and annotate screen shots, and share what they are doing with you. I watched some sixth-graders at a top flight school face a phalanx of long division problems -- dividing decimals, on paper, no explanation, no rationale for their connection with the real world.
Review of material over time is the best way for students to retain the content long term - the opposite of cramming, studying over time combined with practice testing works. Storing photos and files on a Cloud service can neutralize some of these negative effects.Classroom Management One of the challenges I faced was implementing the iPads mid-year.
As long as I keep it up-to-date, all I need to do at the end of the quarter is add comments.
With good compression, and economic use of time, these screen recordings should be small enough to distribute by email, through your learning management system, or by posting on your teacher web page. It's with their students.95% of students age 12-17 connect regularly to online sources of information.
The first six weeks of school (and sometimes beyond!) are spent purposefully introducing and practicing all of the procedures in the school day. Create an Announcements or Assignments page and use it to post in-class and homework assignments.
Students who have content they need available on their computers and digital devices can study anywhere. How many gallons of water must be added to dilute the mixture to 8 gals of a 15% saline solution?And this severing of mathematics teaching and learning from nature and practicality is not a function of college level.
75% of them own a cell phone, 23% own a smartphone, 74% own a computer, and 75% send text messages with these devices, and 80% use online social network sites such as Facebook. Every school and teacher is different, but no matter how you set up your lesson plans, you can find a way to do it with less (or no) paper. If your school has 1:1 technology or you're teaching in a lab, make your website the launch pad to worksheets in Google Forms, the gallery of student work for class commentary, or the host for links to videos or articles. They can use flashcard apps such as Flashcard Machine, Quizlet, and STUDYBLUE to create ways to test themselves.
Let's look at the 8th-grade exam required by a major northeastern state of all its students.
I was glad that I anticipated how awkward it would feel to begin the slow and methodical teaching of new rules and procedures. As an experienced teacher with administrators that do not ask to see daily plans or expect a certain format, my daily plans look more like outlines. If your students have access to technology when you're absent, leave your sub activities on your website so your students can have access to the assignment while you're home sick or at a conference. Most of the questions on the test -- for which millions of students are being prepped every day -- are like this:Of the 27 questions on the test, only five appear in any kind of an applied context.
Though it is tempting to try and get them up and running at the pace of a January school day, in the long run I was much better served to teach the new procedures as purposefully as I do the markers and scissors at the start of the school year.As a class we brainstormed our rules for iPad use, refining and ultimately voting on a set of rules to be posted on the iPad cart. I develop these based on my (administration-approved) curriculum, each day's lesson moving my students closer to the goals of the course. Using one website as the anchor for all of your online work makes it easy for students and parents to stay in touch with you and your class.
These techniques weren't with the losers, but they didn't have the advantages offered by studying overtime and quizzing.Obviously, helping students to realize the importance of studying over time and frequent non-graded testing is the best path for improvement in learning. The questions we ask our students come out of the blue, with no relation to each other or to the original meaning of math. Indeed, researchers have affirmed that computer technology provides abundant opportunities for students to build or modify their personal knowledge through the rich experiences that technology affords.
It's important to give students ownership in the rules, and makes it easier for me to hold them to the expectations that they created. The math we teach and test bears little connection to nature, few practical applications, and no sense of context. There is nothing more disappointing than accessing a website only to find the information outdated.
Authorities require it.Most states require teachers to be technically competent to qualify for a teaching certificate. Twenty-two states include technology competence in their list of requirements, and another 15 require such competence as part of their program approval process.
Since many of the activities and goals loop from one class meeting to the next, I don't need to rewrite it again and again. Even if you're assigning traditional pencil-and-paper homework, post the assignment online so students have access anytime, anywhere, and so parents and administration can see what your class is up to. Five require technology competence indirectly, and in eight states no requirement is listed. These student numbers are used for the order they sit in the circle, the order they line up, organizing mailboxes, etc.
Keep a gallery of student work, both to share with the adults and to give your students a chance to critique. At an inner-city high school in the same state, the principal confronted the number of his students failing math in their first year. The tech staff has a barcode on each iPad that they use to identify individual machines, and then they used a permanent marker to number the cases. When I'm in class, I can pull out my phone and quickly make a note of how far the class progressed on a particular activity, or something I need to remember to address next class. Many of these updates take very little time, especially if you're already putting them on your computer. One example would be if the school purchases a copy of a high priced app for a student on an IEP one year, the next year a student who has a different number in our class system can have access to that app by swapping the cases.

The second key procedure, to drill early and often, is some sort of verbal cue for students to bring their attention off of the iPad and onto the teacher. When I'm doing a formal observation and want to provide my administrator with the lesson, I use the school's standard lesson plan format, and write my lesson using Pages.
Instead, when you finish typing up an assignment to print out, take two minutes to put it on the website.
Educators need a system of technology training and certification.Since 1998, The National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education has required teacher technology standards for use when accrediting teacher education programs. I chose a verbal cue I already use when students are working with math manipulatives and art supplies.
Students are not allowed to use common mathematical software tools when they take these tests, and the problems themselves are based on the kinds of paper-and-pencil tasks that mathematicians had to perform by hand before the advent of computers. NCATE standards now expect accredited schools of education to provide adequate access to computers and other technologies; faculty and teacher education students are expected to be able to use it successfully. One of my favorite uses for a class website is as a resource for students who have missed class or need a refresher on a concept recently taught. So, there's little place for equation editors, graphing calculators, or geometric sketchpads in the teaching and learning of math in many schools.
I hold students strictly to this directive once it is given, welcoming them to close their cover and move the iPad to the corner of their desk if it helps them.
Even at schools where every student has a laptop in his backpack, math is still done on pencil and paper, as it was a century ago.How can we connect math back to its natural and practical origins, and take full advantage of digital technologies as we teach and learn it?
This means fewer repeated or incorrectly followed directions when teaching a new procedure or app.Lastly, I set clear expectations for handling the devices.
Or, you could use an app like Educreations to explain an idea or equation, and post that presentation on your site. A few examples observed in forward-looking schools may suggest the right direction.Tennis LauncherThe tennis team doesn't need the practice ball launcher during 5th-period math.
The majority of paper teachers use is for student work- handouts, worksheets, written tests, and more. This might also be helpful to parents- imagine them trying to help their child with homework when the method of subtraction is completely different from the way they learned it 30 years ago.
So the students set the angle, adjust the force, start the video recorder, and pull the lanyard.
This includes administrative work such as putting student test scores into a spreadsheet and analyzing them, as well as preparing curriculum materials with digital tables and graphs of curriculum content, and for some teachers recording measurements from science experiments directly into the computer.Organize information graphically. When they are not being used, students know to store them on the far inside corner of their desk group to lessen the chance of them being bumped off of the desk. He or she can use specialized graphic organizer programs, as well as general tools such as word processors or presentation programs, to create digital representations of educational information. Water bottles are not allowed in the classroom, and if students want to eat snack while working on the iPad, it must be an iPad friendly snack (nothing liquid, sticky, or messy - think goldfish instead of Cheetos, carrot sticks instead of pudding). Whatever you do, having lessons accessible on your website means that instead of individually re-teaching whenever a student needs a refresher, you can send them to a tutorial, and they can explore it themselves. Frame by frame they analyze the video clip, plotting the course of the ball with points on the Cartesian plane laid over the video image.
These last two tips, and lots of other useful information, come from third grade teacher Laura Wright, and can be found in a downloadable Google Doc.
A pair of students downloads the coordinates of the points to a spreadsheet for further analysis, while another pair computes the initial velocity. In their professional preparation, as well as in their classroom assignments, the teacher chooses the most appropriate research tools and databases, and applies the most effective search techniques, to produce useful and safe online resources in the classroom.Evaluate and compare online information and sources.
Allow students to hand in assignments online in a variety of formats (dropbox, email, shared Google Docs).
Once located, the teacher knows the difference between authoritative and untrustworthy sources, how to ascertain authorship, and how to find sources with different points of view. Many students had a difficult time figuring out which way the power cord had to face in order to fit into the iPad.We practiced this routine several times on this first day, and ran it slowly every day for the first week. Remember, when students hand in work electronically, you can access it from anywhere with your tablet or laptop- no more dragging the giant bag of papers and notebooks home every night!If your school has not yet adopted 1:1 technology, it doesn't mean you have to give up on going paperless. If you have access to a computer lab, bring students there when you're giving a written assignment.
Second, it allows me to easily share my plans with colleagues both in my own department and in other schools. In order to do this accurately, they've had to learn to use differential equations, understand the acceleration of gravity (a second-order equation), and factor in the friction of the air. The teacher knows a variety of methods for bookmarking and saving valuable online resources so that may easily be found later and employed in learning materials.
Give students options when handing in assignments- for the students who have technology access, let them complete and share their assignments online.
This set the groundwork for the largest procedural task we will undertake this year - shifting their daily Reading Journal, Math Journal, Science Journal, and worksheets to being done on iPads and stored in the Cloud. Each group plots its prediction with the graphing tools on their various laptops and mobile devices, runs and records the experimental apparatus, and reviews the digital video. These include email, instant messaging, mobile phones, and text messaging for communicating with students, parents, and colleagues, and knowing how to organize and manage these tools in the classroom so that they can be used for learning.Collaborate online for learning. Use your website as a place to collect and share assignments, instead of printing and copying instruction sheets and project rubrics.
Takes advantage of the tools listed above plus blogs, wikis, chats, audio and videoconferencing to bring outside resources into the classroom and to encourage academic collaboration among students.Publish learning resources online.
When you do need to print and copy, consider combining several assignments into one double-sided packet to use less paper. Following these five tips, you can make your class website a hub for updated information that is appreciated by administration, parents, other teachers, and especially, students.
Regardless of your school's technology access, you can find ways to minimize or eliminate paper use in your teaching. The sixth graders are hard at work designing alternative roof systems more friendly to the environment than the rubber fabric proposed in the bid.
This includes an awareness of assistive technologies for disabled students as well as an ability to use a computer to prepare and present academic ideas in a variety of forms for better learning by all students.Capture and edit images, audio, and video. Whenever you determine a grade, write a lesson, or collect an assignment, challenge yourself to do it without paper. One group designs a green roof, with rocks, grass, small bushes, and other natural features that conserve water and provide outdoor laboratory space for science experiments. The teacher can use digital still and video cameras, edit their output on a computer, and produce learning materials that range from simple slide shows to the archiving of student presentations and performances.Produce digital multimedia educational experiences. You'll often find that by keeping your work on a computer or in the cloud, you'll save yourself time and energy. Using common tools for preparing slide shows, videos, and podcasts, the teacher can create presentations that follow the principles of communication, and can apply these design principles to the evaluation of students' digital work.Deliver digital multimedia presentations. How many square meters is that?" They do the calculations, multiplying and dividing decimals in rapid succession. Using common devices such as computers, projectors, and screens, the teacher can set up classroom presentations, deliver them comfortably and effectively, and arrange for students to do the same.Employ new media devices for learning. They are thrown for a loop when their research finds that gravel is sold in cubic yards, not meters: more calculation, more math. From large SmartBoards to tiny iPods to science probes, the teacher can incorporate a variety of digital devices into the instruction in the classroom, and us them to extend learning opportunities for students outside of school.Those are the skills that just about every teacher needs, no matter the subject or grade.
The approaches in these examples begin with a practical problem worth solving, one that requires certain math concepts and skills for its solution. The questions and the challenge are carefully designed by the teacher to require the learning and practice of the kinds of math the students need to learn.
This is what the principal meant by turning the math curriculum upside down.Have these students come back in contact with the predictive and explanatory power of mathematics? Have they come to understand how it might help them get their work done, now and in the adult world?

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