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As those of you who read the prior post are aware, a building materials list is nothing more than a list.
Most truly reputable building kit package suppliers will quote an entire building, not just a list of pieces with a disclaimer.
Spelled out is the roof type (gable, full hip, monitor, gambrel, single slope, etc.), whether the building is fully or partially enclosed. Besides the complete detailed and itemized building materials list, we include the industry’s best Construction Manual and two sets of two foot by three foot building plans.
We also state the few items we do not provide – framing nails which would normally be driven by a nail gun (almost everyone uses nail guns and they come in a variety of nail choices – stick or coil, as well as different angles) and concrete (a little heavy to ship). One of the important items we DO include is the full design criteria for the building being provided.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged itemized material list, list of building materials, material takeoff list on April 5, 2012 by admin. One thing we have always done at Hansen Buildings, is to guarantee we have the best price, every day on any complete building kit package with equal or better features. A prospective building owner will walk into his local lumber dealer, or big box store, and ask for a price on pole building kit. However….at least two major lumber yard chains, who regularly supply pole building kits, have disclaimers on the bottom of their materials list. Eric (one of the Hansen Buildings owners) and I reviewed a materials list in the not too distant past, for a horse barn. Right away what was glaring was that all of the doors we had included, were absent from the list! In this particular case, the client was absolutely certain the list he had was going to exactly construct the building we had quoted.
This entry was posted in Pole Barn Planning, Pole Building Comparisons and tagged building materials list, material inventory, material takeoff list on March 26, 2012 by admin. The Hansen Buildings vision is to be the industry leader in post frame building kits as solutions to personal living, storage and agricultural needs while making great service a priority. Build a Pergola PDFThis Pergola Building Plan shows you how to build an pergola attached to your house.

In the above 10:46 minute Windsor Shade Structure Video takes you through the steps for building the Redwood Pergola Plan above this video.
Free building material list calculator downloadsControl Spam in your Online Hotmail Account without building a list of . It is going to the grocery store without lists made from the recipes you have at home, hoping to get all of the correct ingredients and the right amounts. In the case of Hansen Pole Buildings (the HPB mentioned by Jim), these quotes are quite explicit. In my next blog, we will discuss WHY this may be the most important part of every building quote, and ultimately the invoice. We don’t sell materials; we provide complete buildings – all the pieces necessary to construct the building, per our plans, unless otherwise noted. In the instances where someone at the store has a rudimentary knowledge of how pole buildings go together, they will most often provide a materials list of what they believe the materials will be, to construct the size building requested.
As a consumer, if you have one of these lists, you can now go shop it around to whoever will give you the best price! In layman’s terms, they do not guarantee the materials listed on the quote will meet any building code requirements, or do they guarantee the list is adequate to construct any intended building! Of course the client claimed his materials list quote was $5,000 less than our quote (the difference is never $100, by the way, it’s always some huge amount). These Pergola Designs include Pergola Plans attached to a house, DIY Pergola Plans, How to Build a Pergola, a Garden Pergola, a Pergola Made out of Redwood, a Patio Pergola, How to Make a Pergola, a Lowes Backyard Pergola and many other Free Pergola Projects that you can build yourself.
The instructions are a bit sparse in this two page pdf but if you have some woodworking experience it will guide you in the right direction. She discusses the importance of a strong foundation for the support posts and has a materials, tools, and cutting lists, detailed instructions on trim boards on the posts, and finally putting up the various top boards and cross beams. Better Homes and Gardens has 15 Attached Pergola Ideas including several eyebrow pergolas, a two tiered one, and many other interesting designs. BuildEazy give a material list, some drawings, good instructions and various construction pictures. They have a tools and materials list and five step-by-step instructions with illustrations.
This pergola plan pdf is found on page 17 of the 33 page brochure and give a detailed diagrams with recommended tools, instructions, a cutting list and more.

The author discusses the layout, pier construction, support beams, and the various shade elements and cross slats.
In addition to the tools and materials list, they walk you through planning for a pergola, putting up the columns, assembling, cutting and installing the lintels, purlins and capitals for a pergola.
There are no full plans here but they have good instructions with some partial illustrations for the various building steps. The key part of this plan is the 6:32 minute video from the author Steve Maxwell where he walks you through his plan.
There are no plans with these pictures but if you click on the picture you get a larger image. Some 6x6 inch posts, two 6x6 inch beams, 4x4 inch rafters, 1x2 or 2x2 cover boards, with various screw bolts to hold things in place. Building a simple, low powered electric generator can be a fun science fair project, or just a workshop experiment for a . In the end, it cost them $34,500 total, for the materials which were not on the list, but were needed to construct the building!
As we counted the pieces of steel roofing and siding, it became apparent the person doing the list, left off ? of the roof, as well as one side and one end. It's interesting that in this design they use 6 posts as apposed to the typical 4 post pergola.
They discuss laying out the site, setting the posts and beams, placing the rafters, and installing the brace blocks. He covers installing the posts, making the pyramid cuts on the posts, placing crossbeams, shaping the lap joints, raising the roof boards and adding the optional lattice panels.
There is a materials list, a great detailed illustration, however the building instructions are a bit limited. Of course you still have to decide how to secure the posts in the ground or onto a concrete slab. Ry has tools, materials, lumber and cutting lists, with 9 step-by-step instructions and over 10 illustations.

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