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One night on a family camping trip to Quetico park, the reckless raven-haired Francis waits until her family have fallen asleep and takes a rowing boat out to the middle of the lake.
Pere Lachaise is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris, France (44 hectares (110 acres)), though there are larger cemeteries in the city’s suburbs.
A little girl is filling her bucket from a well in a beautiful night time setting, the huge moon turns out to be a 'creature of the night' It turns out that this is a gentle giant. Im Y6 again so still in the catch up phase - but can see the value of the mixed bag of methods for different pupils. But I do know many will disagree, because many have forgotten, in my view, what it is like to be a primary age child. Having worked in publishing, prior to jumping ship to teaching, I find the ehole independent writing assessment process ludicrous.
Cold writing often puts fear into children like it did to me when I was in Primary and Secondary school.
As a result in teenage years in grammar school I struggled with essays in subjects such as English, History and Religion.
As a tutor, later in my life I found excellent study guides to help my students and I improved my skills alongside my students.
Some children have a gift for writing, with minimal help, in a beautiful and relevant style, just as my childhood friend Lesley did.
Athletes practising badly without an excellent coach will rarely excel and this applies just as much to learning to write. Even within one school just how independent, independent writing is varies, even with guidance. I think this is great.What an innovative way to get students writing as they will want to use this fantastic presentation tool.

Picture this: a child in the corner of a playground, or at a kitchen table, or up a tree, with a notebook, a fistful of paper, a tablet. SHE HELD ONTO EACH SIDE OF THE BOAT, AND NOW SHE COULD ONLY WAIT TO SEE IF IT HAPPENED AGAIN. As an adult, I would not expect to have to write ANYTHING without being able to refer to guidance to help me. I don't recall having any training in improving the style of my writing and this resulted in average or lower than average results in tests and the term's work, which made me feel sad. Even in this environment, in the 1960s, no one thought that this would be a useful training area to help us teach children in school. It wasn't until my late 50s, when I decided to join the OU that I received explicit training in writing style for my subject.
Keep questioning the 'experts' and ask for more definition and above all, the reasons for it. I think the problem being is some teachers see it as an assessment of their teaching rather than an assessment of the children! In example to surprise friends and coworkers, send a birthday greeting or to give your next blog entry a special look.
Children can select artwork to insert into their stories from a huge bank of illustrations.
That may be a simple list of features, it may be about effective structure, it may be a reminder of how to reference correctly. I have some excellent writers in my class and always get asked "how much support did they have for this?" The answer? I understand the need for independent writing and I understand the government want and need their good scores but when did we forget that these are still children were talking about!

I would have loved the teaching that children have in school nowadays to improve their writing.
Practising writing 'well' improves writing and motivates and warms children to becoming a writer. The idea that a primary age child should be judged on a piece of writing without any support is, to my mind, literally absurd. Practising writing 'less than well' has a cooling effect and destroys writing and motivation.
The story is of a little girl exploring the cemetery and meeting up with the ghost of Chopin for piano lessons.Perhaps the children can research a famous dead person also buried in the cemetery and base their story on meeting them.
There are some beautiful scenes at the beginning of the animation that can be used for rich description. How many teachers at primary level can rattle off all the features of all the different genres?
I would write something and it would get checked by my line editor, a sub-editor and then then the editor. Expecting children to write independently is complete nonsense, nowhere in this world will you find published, academic work that is not written without support and help.
Despite not being reminded of how to write in complex for almost 10 weeks, they could still use complex sentences.

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