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Then I got a question on facebook requesting a platform bed tutorial to go along with the headboard. Inviting and inclusive are ways to describe a universal design landscape that can be enjoyed and used by all. Design - The ability to move confidently through the landscape or garden is the key to enjoyment. Grips - A rail or post to hold onto provides balance and stability for those who may be unsteady on their feet. Any physical limitations such as reduced ability to bend, kneel, lift, reach or grip must be considered when building or adapting the garden.
Containers - Whiskey barrels, hanging baskets, large pots (on the ground or on platforms with casters) can make plants accessible without excessive bending or banging knees.
Vertical Gardens - Trellises, arbors and fences allow vining plants to be used in the landscape.
Tool Storage - Provide a secure waterproof place in the garden to store hand tools, gloves and other gardening items. One of the basic rules of landscaping and plant placement is to install smaller, shorter plants at the front of the planting bed or border. I'll also be making inner fender molds, but I'll do them after I've made the first set of tub sides and ends. I think the OMIX parts may have been beaten to shape by hand in the Phillipines, rather than being made with accurate dies on a press.

One of the nice things about making masters for molds is that you can use whatever material you like as long as the end result is a smooth surface. This next photo shows a difference between making a mold master and making a final part - I made the inside of the tailgate opening extend all the way to the base board using wood (BTW, this was also part of making the tailgate opening size accurate because of the bad OMIX parts). Now the part is accurate and faithful to the dimensions of the factory tub; a bit more bodywork is yet to be done to smooth everything together seamlessly, more photos to come. The next step for this master is shooting it with high-build primer, followed by fine sanding, then shooting it with epoxy primer (which is impervious to resin), but I'll wait and shoot all of the masters at the same time.
The fenders are welded on, so a little work with a grinder or hacksaw would be required, but other than that it should work fine.
The suspension of these trailers, leaf springs without shocks, are rugged and easy to fix if something goes wrong. I made up a filler panel for the tailgate opening using some MDF sheet and the top rail I showed earlier.
The gap between the filler panel and the end panel will be filled with modeling clay before molding; the result will be a mold for a solid tub end panel with no tailgate opening. BTW, a mold could be made of just this filler panel, and that could serve as a mold for a different style outer skin for the tailgate - it would provide a smooth and flush look tailgate instead of the standard CJ-style tailgate with the lettering panel.
High-build primer is a special 2-part catalyzed primer with high percentage of solids in it. All that's left is to fix the few minor imperfections that spraying something a single color always highlights, then a 320-grit sanding followed by spraying them with epoxy primer.

Please support this site by following and sharing DIY Fun Ideas here on our facebook page so we can continue bringing you fun & fabulous DIY ideas and inspirations! Regardless of vision, dexterity, balance, endurance or mobility, it should be easy to find your way around, so remember to keep the design unobtrusive so that it blends with the existing landscape. The traditional raised bed (18" tall, more or less) could be used here but would still most likely be too low.
Make sure your water feature is safe if your landscape will be frequented by anyone whose mobility or senses may be impaired. Those who have difficulty or are unable to bend down can "stop and smell the roses." Choose plants based on fragrance and texture (how they feel to the touch) as well as pure appearance. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted.
Not all of these are for queen-size, but the first tutorial has the measurements for twin through king, so you can transfer lengths and widths to other designs.
A shorter raised bed with a built-in bench added would allow the gardener to sit while working and allow wheelchair access.

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