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Le informazioni riportate su possono essere soggette a modifiche senza preavviso, alcune immagini sono a titolo indicativo. I first decided to purchase Artisteer back in 2010 when I was beginning to become interested in website development.
If you need a tool to make a customized website or blog, than Artisteer is perfect for your needs. For webmasters and internet DIY's, Artisteer represents one of the best options out there in regards to website creation software. Using the Joomla Content Management System allows you the Freedom and Capabilities to update your own website online. The user friendliness of the Joomla CMS and other Website Editing Software today sets a new limit on what is possible. If you represent a school that needs a School Website with the power and ease of a CMS, School Jotter Website Builder is for you. Now you have an updateable Joomla CMS website to make real-time changes to your online web pages! Manage your website's online shopping cart or send out newsletters and specials with Joomla's user friendly interface in minutes. Add, edit or delete any web page, newsletter or special, menu or poll at your own convenience and urgency.
Reduce cost and time of hiring a web developer to make either small or large changes to your website. A fully interactive Joomla CMS website utilizes any (existing or new) website design as your new Joomla website template! The time it once took a web developer to develop a CMS or database is drastically reduced, streamlining and focussing his time.
The Joomla CMS is a dynamic portal engine and content management system which enables you to build web sites as well as powerful online applications.

With Joomla you can manage your own online magazines and publications, community portals, e-commerce shopping solutions, corporate intranets, extranets and websites. You can salvage an old ugly one from somewhere, or make a last minute part order that delays your project.
Most content management systems are covered under the software, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, and HTML, in addition to others.What makes Artisteer to simple and easy to use is the fact that it is a completely drag and drop interface, meaning that its user does not need to have any knowledge of coding at all.
At that time I was making Joomla based websites, so naturally Artisteer was the best option for my needs.
If you are still on the fence about Artisteer, there is a free demo available for download.
Joomla allows developers to easily create sophisticated add-ons that extend the scope of your web content management system.
Project is Open Source which allows you to improve the CMS beyond it's original specifications. It is a free open source content management system for publishing content on the world wide web, that is easier to use than Word!
The award-winning Joomla Project now boasts over 200,000 community users and contributors. Artisteer does not only take care of all of the coding work, but it also comes pre-packed with a lot of pre-made designs and templates that you can use 'right out of the box'. Using Artisteer, I successfully built a couple of websites with Joomla but sort of fell out of favor with it after a while.
One of the top updates to Artisteer made in 3.0 is the addition of a bigger and better image and template design library. The trial version of the software is unlimited in terms of usage time, but any template or website created with it will have a watermark on them (essentially making them useless). No longer the days of getting in touch with your web developer or designer to make changes to your own website for small to large-scale changes, adding to the list of website costs.

Joomla keeps improving with the creation of sophisticated add-ons, extensions, as well as developer tutorials and user tutorials that will even help you to create your own plugins. Joomla's powerful application framework makes it easy for developers to create sophisticated add-ons that extend the power of Joomla into virtually unlimited directions. You also have the ability to alter these pre-made templates as well, making it very easy to build websites quick.
This all changed when Artisteer 3.0 was released, it was then that I decided to go ahead and start using it again.
In order to have the watermarks removed, a user must purchase a full version of the program. Joomla allows you to easily manage text, photos, music, video, documents and plugins with NO technical knowledge. Content is dragged or pasted from an external source document or other online media into Joomla's own editor which will clean up HTML source code before inserting it into your new web page or Article.
There is such a great number that you may find it hard to even browse through all of them let alone actually use all of them. Some basic skills on a pc or word processor will normally do the trick, but we provide a days free training once the website is online, using a manual designed specifically for your website.
One of the greatest enhancements that was made to the Artisteer platform in version 3.0 was the changes made to their image and design library.

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