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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This multicolor, made from a combination of wood and metal print painting is an interesting alternative to wall decoration in your home or office. Isaac Cordal created three-dimensional grid faces and used street lights to cast their shadows onto the pavement in London, England. 3D metallic art: draw image on cardboard with glue, press foil over it, etch detail with pencil, highlight with shoe polish. WE ARE STARTING A NEW PRINTING BUSINESS IN JEFFREYSBAY DOING VINYL PRINTING ON T-SHIRTS, HOODIES, JEANS ETC, AND ALSO SUBLIMATION PRINTING ON POLYESTER SHIRTS, PILLOW CASES, PUZZLE INVITES. Now you can have your own online business and join the big money wave, without any experience. It is common to see such independent musicians who haven’t got many chances, money, and channels to introduce and promote their own music. Therefore, working harder to promote your own music is needed if you haven’t got your shoot in music industry. Email is very useful to promote your song and give the necessary information about your music.
It is classic but still powerful if you promoting your music through all the social network and blogs. You can make a post that allows you to interact with your fans, get their attention, and support for your music.
You’ll be well known not only by the audience of your music but also the search engine like Google or Yahoo because these search engines love an updated website.

To be successfully selling music to the people, you have to be friendly and good to your fans, because if there is no fan, there will be no buyer and of course, there is no income for you. You can ask something you don’t know and there will be someone answers your question. Therefore, you need PayPal or another online transaction site to help you doing your music trading transaction. You can try to just put a price tag on your songs, but you should also be ready to disappoint because no one will ever buy your music.
Using stones and bricks with history and culture of the land, he creats the sculpture of the stones put in polished glasses. WE REQUIRE A SILENT INVESTOR TO INVEST R 50 000 TOWARDS THE START-UP CAPITAL OF THE BUSINESS.
Enter the New Era of online selling and make your extra or permanent income with ease.ECRP 2016 is here. Now you don’t have to worry if you are not so well known, because you can still be successfully selling music trough internet and also get paid online. You need more than luck and cleverness to get your music known and bought by the people on the internet.
You have to tell them that you have recently made a song, whether it’s rap or hip hop song, and ask them to listen to your songs.
You can start sending email to your old friends, the people you’ve just known, and people you met online from another country.
Successfully selling music is all about the way you make yourself to be visible for the audience and social media is the perfect place to seek a buyer for your music.

You should keep post an interesting posting that will make your fans continuously visit your blog.
You can show other people on that forum your knowledge and credibility by answering the questions that sometimes asked by the member. SHELF PACKAGE B a€? Company Registration with tax clearance, 2 share certificate and BEE certificate SHELF PACKAGE C a€? Company Registration with tax clearance, 2 share certificate, BEE certificate and bank account.
WE ALREADY BOUGHT THE EQUIPMENT ( HEAT PRESS, VINYL CUTTER, SUBLIMATION PRINTER, SOFTWARE AND COMPUTER). Below are several tips for you, the independent musician, to get income by successfully selling music. If your song is good enough according to their opinions, you could ask to promote your song and ask them to tell their friends or everyone they know to listen and buy your music online. Being in the forum has the same effect like joining the social media; you will be known by the member and your music can be bought, especially if you leave some links to your website and your songs download page.
Therefore, you need to give a gift to introduce yourself to the people and free music download is the best gift you can ever give.

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