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Centerville, Kingston Springs, Charlotte, Ashland City, White Bluff, Nashville, Hendersonville, Mt.
Our goal at Ivory Construction is to treat each client as a unique individual by customizing every Ivory Construction building to their specific needs and preferences. Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture designed this orange container home for clients in San Jose, Costa Rica. This structure, which was exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is called the MDU, or Mobile Dwelling Unit, and was designed by Lot-EK. Note the white corrugated wall; that should tip you off that this is the interior of a shipping container home. Poteet Architects, a firm known for its adaptive reuse of existing buildings, designed this 32-square-foot guest house in San Antonio, Texas using a shipping container.
The emerald green-accented Crossbox house in Brittany, France was designed by CG Architects.
Cove Park, located on 50-acres of Scotland’s west coast, is a community of established artists.
This Adam Kalkin Container House in Califon, New Jersey, is three shipping containers wide by two shipping containers tall. This perfectly simple, wood clad, absolutely horizontal 40-foot cargo container house sits on a flat site in the Galician countryside of Spain.
Maziar Behrooz Architecture designed this 840-square-foot art studio next to the client’s house in the summer enclave of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. In my mind recycling shipping containers for buildings is a great use for an otherwise obsolete product.
Just an FYI , The SEED Project is actually developing unused shipping containers as Emergency alternative housing options for people impacted by disasters.
Its great to see continued interest in Container based Construction – to be honest I wasn’t sure if it was a fade that would die out of not but just like the Tiny Homes they have staying power ! This a great list and is a great way that recycled shipping containers can continue to be useful even after they are done being shipped all around the world. We have an exciting new sea container project that you might be interested in following up in Canada. I would like to bring this kind of home made by container in my family land in Africa (RDC).
I’m a big fan of cargotecture and I love how these virtually indestructible crates lying around us can be repurposed to serve as stylish modular living spaces.
I believe that they have a great potential and something has to be done about the negative public perception of this concept.
I really love using shipping containers on my designs, the idea captured my interest in designing houses like this..
Absolute Steel carports and RV covers are designed differently for different environments and they’ll fit different budgets as well. Sonoran carports feature a rounded eave and the panels are applied in a horizontal fashion. We offer the Sonoran carport or RV cover in 5’ On Center frames which will meet most Texas building codes and go down to 4’ On Center and even 3’ On Center for hurricane or mountain environments.
Built much the same as the Standard or Sonoran carport, the Sierra has roof panels affixed so that the panels run from the peak to eave, shedding water and other weather better. For customers that live in an area having snow loads in excess of 35 psf, the Sierra is what we recommend. Having the panels attached as described above requires additional trim pieces such as ridge cap etc. The Single Slope carport serves a variety of needs – equipment covers, livestock shades, apartment parking, hay storage and of course, just a simple two car carport. The Combo as its name implies is a steel carport structure with additional enclosed storage for odds and ends; its part carport and part building.
The Teton carport uses our Grand Beam paneling which is made to look like shiplap siding thereby blending in to many residential environments.
Due to the configuration of the overhangs, the Teton carport has the more trim components than any other carport we manufacture. Installing the San Tan is very simple and not time consuming—basic common tools and 2 people and you can complete the job in a few hours. Our painted steel panels come with the best paint warranty in the business: guaranteed not to fade, chalk or peel for 25, 30 and even 50 years, depending upon which panel you choose. If just the paint finish lasts that long – how long do you think the panels will last? All our American made steel carport or RV cover frames panels are made with 80,000 ksi steel. All our RV covers and steel carports use the best painted steel panels that are also made in America – naturally.
Don’t worry about having exterior paint maintenance on a steel building from Absolute Steel! Our steel carports and RV covers are made only from the same US steel that we use in our metal buildings. Besides using honest materials, we use larger sized steel, stronger steel and a more corrosive resistant steel than the competition. Now here’s one of our carports erected in south Florida that experienced Hurricane Wilma, one of the fiercest storms to ever hit the East Coast.Hurricane Wilma was the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. It means you’re getting the best possible value in a steel carport or RV cover that your money can buy.
It means you’re getting a better selection of models to choose from than you would from any other company in North America.
It means by choosing an Absolute Steel Texas steel carport or RV cover that you can order engineered plans—something that no other tubular steel building system manufacturer in Texas can do. Texas municipalities can be pretty easy to deal with, and many people have satisfied their local town or city by furnishing drawings from us that show the sizes and strengths of the steel. Along with those engineered plans you’ll need a site plan showing the distance from the lot line and nearby buildings (fire access).
Before you spend your money on engineered plans, please check and see if you are in violation of any setbacks from the lot line or other issues that may prevent you from building your steel carport or RV cover where you intend.
Always check and make sure that the placement of the structure is allowable—distance from lot lines etc. If you subsequently find your structure red tagged by an official, you can then order plans from us and go into the building department, hat in hand, and usually end up with a permit. Please take a moment to understand the unique characteristics of our metal carports and RV covers. You should know that Absolute Steel through its sister website Metal Roofing Source distributes metal roofing panels throughout North America and has done so for many years.

Underwriter’s Laboratory, the most trusted worldwide source for product safety certification rates the panels we use an industry leading: UL 2218 Class 4 hail impact rating and a UL 790 Class A fire resistance rating. Now if the paint finish it guaranteed that long what do you suppose is happening to the steel underneath?
There’s a lot we have to say about the US steel we use in our Texas steel carports and RV cover frames but for our purposes here, we need to discuss our fabrication process and why we make parts the way we do.
As the base rail system bears the maximum load of the structure itself, we do not use a swedged (mechanically reduced) piece of tube to fit up into the sidewall of your metal carport or RV cover.
At the bottom, where condensation can collect, you have uniform and tight connections where it is most critical to keep moisture out. 12″ inserts give you plenty of adjustment capabilities in the event your site is irregular. Common sense tells you that a sidewall that’s made up of more than one piece is not as strong as a single piece and yet that’s what the competition often does. Single piece connections that run from the base rail to the eave piece give you more strength on that wall.
It stands to reason that the more parts you have, the less overall strength you’ll have. Plain and simple, our Power Bend is the most superior technology in the tubular steel building business; its way out in front of the competition.
There are several technologies used to make the bends at the peaks and eaves of a Texas steel carport or RV cover. An uninformed person will buy this product which uses Mexican steel and Crush Bends for both the peaks and eaves. Knowing the peak has been weakened by the Crush Bend, this company is using a 16 gauge U brace to give the weakened point more strength. Notice the use of two crush bends, that’s because the Crush Bend is so radical it would tear the steel if one tried to make the necessary radius with one bend.
Apparently this carport is still for sale?  Pay particular attention to where this structure gave in—right at the stress points; the crush bends despite any U channel bracing. Power Bend: The Power Bend adds six more surfaces with condensed curves to strengthen peaks and eaves – remember the car body and why it has contours to its surfaces? For years we’ve been the specialists in delivering our steel carports to the job site anywhere in the country including Alaska and Hawaii. Juliet, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Thompson’s Station, Hohenwald, Sante Fe, Hampshire, Mt.
Sheds in Plano, Garland, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney, TX, Dallas, Fort Worth,, Arlington, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Irving, Denton, San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Medina, Texas.
The bedrooms are in the containers while the entry, dining, living, and a loft is in the center area.
Upcycled steel shipping containers were used for a steel frame, which was then clad with a sustainable bamboo facade. The project involved transforming a mechanical room and adding a bedroom with a patio on the roof. In fact, this Houston residence is composed of three containers, to make a total of 1,538-square feet of living space. The interior is lined with bamboo plywood for the floor and the walls and the deck is made out of recycled soda bottles. Two shipping containers are cantilevered above two more, and there’s a planted roof too. In 2002, Container City created three cubes made of shipping containers to act as artist retreats, and another six were added in 2006.
Glass on two sides allows ample light to shine in, and the industrial materials continue throughout, with a concrete floor and steel beams and columns. Its porch and removable awning allow for outdoor enjoyment, which is ideal since it’s a summer house.
They used two shipping containers which were painted dark charcoal to match the main house; both blend into the surrounding woods. She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot.
There is just as much honesty in using the container as a design system, and then decorating it how you like.
The link below is great blog and infographics that details the life of a shipping container from new to retirement where it could possibly become a new home. Easier fabrication into a home, and if you keep the doors original format you can torch the locking bars off then use a more conventional door locking system.
You can actually find container homes all over the country, from the beach, to the jungle, to the mountains. I put together a few reasons why I think these container homes are a viable housing alternative together with a few examples and links for companies in Canada. It allows anybody to make ecologically sensitive choices that would normally be too cost-heavy for the average homeowner.
Between this, tiny homes, and the people that Pinterest their wooden palate creations my evenings are pretty much booked for internet time. Architects Fulton + Salomon have been specializing in container architecture for many years with projects worldwide. Most of the time, we can put you in touch with a professional carport installer we’ve dealt with before or if you want to save some money, install it yourself.
We are known across America for steel carports and RV covers that fit into settings that most other steel structures just wouldn’t work.
You can spend a lot more than we charge but the others probably will not engineer for up to 90 mph sustained winds or meet a 30 psf Roof Load. These versatile steel carports and RV covers come in a range of widths from 10’ to 40’ and eave heights from 7’ to 15.5. This means it’s very simple, if you wish, to extend the panels down one or both sides for extra protection against the Texas elements. And in order to run the panels in this fashion this steel carport requires purlins or cross members for those parts to attach to the roof. It features clean lines and an unobstructed profile so it’s a great covered parking structure when you’d like a carport that as invisible as a carport can be. It features a 12” soffit overhang and unless closely examined one would think its exterior is wood. We NEVER use steel panels rolled from Mexican metal that are painted with cheap, substandard automotive paint.
The panels we use on our metal building walls and roofs come with a 40 year limited warranty on the paint finish cracking, checking, peeling or losing adhesion. We do this because that’s the only assurance we have that the steel meets engineering specifications.

While this may not mean much to you right now, it will mean the world when the first storm hits.
Wilma made several landfalls, with the most destructive effects felt in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Cuba, and the U.S. Our frame systems have a conditional lifetime warranty and the steel panels have a paint warranty against fading, chalking or peeling for 20, 30 and even 50 years depending upon which you purchase. You would lay your attached base rails on the ground so that the anchor attached to the base rail goes into the hole. If you live in an incorporated town or city, you need to check with your local building department. These are never “wet stamped” by the engineer – if you need original wet stamped plans, that’s when we have to charge. This page briefly illustrates the products we use in your Texas steel carport or RV cover frame and some information on why we fabricate things the way we do. Any explanations or pictures of similar products are furnished only for comparative evaluation.
We supply many companies and government agencies that have strict specifications with regards to the properties of the steel panels that are acceptable.
Instead we use single 14 gauge insert tube (insert tube is slightly smaller: 1 ?” x 2 ?”) for each vertical upright to slip onto.
There’s no additional parts to mess with, and by virtue of there being no connections, you will have a stronger sidewall! That’s quite a statement but with the following information and a few pictures, you’ll know why we can make that claim. As a side note, one panel screw used per side on a joint is simply inadequate and dangerous – and this is a sales model!
The peaks and eaves need to be built that way because steel carports and RV covers are prone to stress at those points.
Every carport system bought from Absolute Steel Texas comes with easy-to-follow instructions and we have honest-to-goodness live people on the phones who can answer any question you can come up with.
The project is planned to be off-the-grid using solar orientation, passive cooling, green roofs, pellet stove heating, and photovoltaics to create electricity. The home includes a rainwater collection system, solar cell-clad green roof, skylights, and permeable paving.
When traveling, its sub-volumes are pushed in to fill the entire container, and then interlock so the container is left flush and can be shipped worldwide.
Pictured above is a yellow aluminum container that has been partially deconstructed to become an open outdoor space. Architect Christopher Robertson of local firm Robertston Design says one of the goals was to make it feel like a typical home. Rustic fir flooring and mahogany closing doors ensures it works in its wooded surroundings. Everyone has personal taste, and where is the fun in building a house if you can’t decorate it. High Cubes allow for much better air circulation and loft storage or other loft interior options. Great for DIYers as you can leave your MIG welder power source inside, ground it to the shell, then take a suitcase feeder where every you like. And in most cases feels more like a sleek designer pad than a house built from used shipping containers. We also assist clients in source their containers with modifications completed before the containers are delivered to site. This is made from the same rugged steel specifications as all our steel structures and will never look like those trashy carports that fall over in a year or so. The main frame system is 2” x 3” galvanized tube steel and in the wider and taller models, we use a rugged 14 gauge 2” x 4” main frame system. We have designed and supplied these to job sites to cover one car and up to several hundred. This is a great structure because one can avoid the costs of a garage and yet have some private storage or a workshop while getting some protection for vehicles. This style gives you eave overhangs which can vary depending upon the width of the structure but is priced less than other styles that offer the eave overhang due to less in trim costs. Additionally the paint finish is guaranteed not to fade, chalk or lose color for a period of 30 years. These systems resist general air pollution and will not pit or whiten when exposed to moist environments such as rain, dew, fog, acid rain and chlorinated air. Personally we would take the extra time (or money in the case of an professional install) to put the corners in concrete caissons as described below and if it was longer, we suggest putting one or two of those in-between the corners. Three sets of stamped and sealed drawings along with three sets of stamped and sealed structural calculations by a licensed Texas engineer are $450.
With a mandrel bend the steel is stretched and the stress marks are visible—and that’s what you can see. When in use, the sub-volumes are pushed out, and its 500-square-foot interior is suitable for living and working.
The panels can be applied horizontally like a Sonoran or Standard carport or like the Sierra offers – vertical.
If cleaning is required, either conventional detergents or solvent-type cleaners can be used. Foreign steel, which is used by many of our competitors, is just like canned soup from Mexico – do you want to believe the purported ingredients? You then drive this rod (with sledge or jackhammer) which pushes the MR-68 into the ground.
When you cover things up with concrete no one can tell what’s in there unless you have documented it. I love the idea of cladding with that wonderfully durable & sustainable material bamboo. Our largest project is conference centre, hotel, 400 student apartments and 400 luxury apartments all on a new cruise ship pier in Australia. Now take a washer and nut and tighten up the all thread bolt that you’ve put through one of the holes in the Z bracket. See twelve homes that make them work and check out our resources for shipping container builders and plans at the end of the article. Strong enough to be one of the top 5 most damaging hurricanes, but NOT STRONG ENOUGH to damage an Absolute Steel structure!

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