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With the upcoming update in June, the Xbox One will be receiving a lot of new features, one of which being the all important support of external storage.
Many of you have been asking for it and, in June, it will have arrived – Xbox One system will soon support up to two external hard drives at once.
You can have 1,000 friends on Xbox One but you can’t remember 1,000 gamertags and which one belongs to which person, can you? Xbox One will be bringing the entire OneGuide experience and Universal Remote Control to SmartGlass. Other features will be the TV and OneGuide will be available to everyone in the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, in June. Many, many new features to come with this update, in June, that many fans have been crying out for.
Since our launch of Xbox One last year, we’ve been hard at work to continue making Xbox One the best destination for all your gaming and entertainment experiences.
Easily Increase Games Capacity with External Storage SupportIt couldn’t be easier to increase your storage capacity of games and apps with the external storage support features we’re bringing in June. This is also a great way to take your content to a friend’s house and get straight into a game directly from an external drive. Real Names Makes it Easier to Identify FriendsWith Xbox One you can have 1,000 friends and infinite followers, but as these lists grow it can become increasingly more difficult to remember the people you know by their gamertag alone.
Most importantly, we heard your feedback that to make this most useful you need full control. Other improvements to SmartGlass will help you stay current on what you and your friends are up to, even when you’re away from your console. Coming soon, these features will be available to members previewing Xbox One system updates as they help us work through final improvements. ADATA had plenty of tech aimed at performance hounds and enterprise implementers on display at CES 2016--new PCI Express-based flash and SSD storage, as well as color-coordinated desktop memory. Gamers who've maxed out the internal storage in their Xboxes may want to sidle up to the ADATA Xbox Game Drive.
We weren't lying in our review when we said that the Xbox One felt like a work in progress. The Xbox One is also beating its competition to the media punch again by adding DLNA support so you can stream videos (yes, including MKV files) from your computer to the console. While it's great that so many games are available digitally nowadays, it also means that maintaining a console's storage space is more important than ever.
The PlayStation 4 is similar to the Xbox One in a lot of ways, including how much storage space it comes with. At this point, the Xbox 360 has an absolutely massive library of games, and most of them are available digitally.
Among the biggest claims is that the console will only be released in one installment with 500 GB of storage.
The system will also require it's motion detector sensing Kinect technology in order to function. With 500GB of storage, players will be able to install games from discs meaning fewer load time. The Kinect by itself is available for $90 right now, while a 4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect will costs $299. Yesterday, Microsoft released stats revealing they have sold more than 76 million Xbox consoles and 24 million Kinect sensors.

Just plug in your storage device and transfer games, game add-ons, apps and whatever else you want to. You will be able to view all of your TV listings on your SmartGlass device and set and view whatever channels you’d like.
It will now be possible for you to choose an account for automatic sign-in on your Xbox One.
Because of the way we’ve designed the Xbox One platform, we’ve been able to continually improve the product for you with a more regular cadence of system and app updates. With this update, Xbox Live is being improved in a number of ways as we announced last week. You’ll need to sign in to Xbox Live if you’ve purchased your content digitally or insert a disc to verify your game ownership when you take your content on the road.
Now with real names feature you can recognize people on your friends list and more easily discover people you already know who are on Xbox Live. You’ll be able to share with all your friends, a subset of your choosing, friends of friends or none at all.
We’re bringing hero stats and activity feed front and center, and adding more ways for you to compare achievements via SmartGlass whether you’re on a friend’s profile or viewing a game from the activity feed.
This is not an entirely new offering from ADATA, and you can still buy the previous version (a souped-up, jet black version of the ADATA HD710) online in the United Kingdom.
From the sounds of it, though, the system's next update will add features and functionality that frankly should have been in the box last fall. There are a ton of other smaller, but no less noteworthy, features in the upcoming patch, so be sure and hit Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb's blog post for the full details. Of course, with games taking up so much space nowadays, it's a lot easier than one might think. This will bring you to a list of everything on the console, split into two categories: Games and Apps. Be warned: if you want delete multiple games, this will take far longer than the method described above. If you want to delete games, go to Games and Apps, if you want to delete videos, go to Videos, etc. To completely wipe all of the game's data from the system (including updates, patches and install data), head back to the Games section. With this guide, you should be able to keep your consoles running with plenty of extra space to spare! You’ll need to sign in to Xbox Live if you’ve purchased your content digitally or insert a disc to verify your game ownership if you take your content to another console. Xbox One will be receiving a real names feature so you can recognize people on your friends list. With the Universal Remote Control, you can set new recordings, switch channels,  and control recorded content from your DVR.
Xbox One owners should be delighted to hear the news of this upcoming update and will be more than  thrilled when it drops, next month. Your feedback for what you want most has been our guiding light for these updates, and will continue to be as we work to bring the fan-favorite features you want most. Simply plug in your 256 GB or larger USB 3.0 external hard drive and once formatted, copy and move games, apps and game add-ons to increase your storage capacity at home. The great benefit here is there’s no need to wait to re-download your game and all the DLC.

Just like on the console, you can choose to get notifications on your smart phone, PC or tablet when a favorite friend signs into their console or starts broadcasting a game. That white version was previously only for Microsoft employees.    The white console is available today with the Kinect and on October 28, you can buy it with no Kinect for $399. On the consumer side, USB Type-C connectors were the name of the game, showing up in rugged portable external drives and power banks. For starters, once the patch rolls out to everyone in October, double-tapping the Guide button on the Xbox One controller will act an awful lot like pressing the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller does: it'll give options to bring up your friends list, achievements and messages. The good news is that, since the console's launch, Microsoft has made it a whole lot easier to clear unwanted games off of your console. Hitting the A Button will launch the game — if a game starts up, head back to the Home Screen and start over. You can uninstall the game straight from the Games and Apps menu, but everything else will be left on the hard drive.
This will bring up a list of all of the compatible memory devices currently running on the system — select whichever one you want to clear out. Find the Game Data Utility folder and repeat Steps 2 and 3 for any games you want to delete. We value your privacy and we will never sell or distribute your email or personal data to third party advertisers. In addition to this, it has been said that you can share with all of your friends, a subset, friends or friends, or no one.
There will also be a new way to compare achievements using SmartGlass, whether you may be on a friend’s Xbox Live profile or viewing a game from the activity feed. With external storage support in June, you can also choose to copy full games and all of the associated content in one easy step. You can watch the broadcast wherever you like, as long as you have are connected to the internet in some form. The update will bring OneGuide, alongside Favorites and App Channels, for people in these markets who have their TV connected to Xbox One via HDMI-in. It will also be the first Xbox One to feature 1 TB of storage, which is twice the storage currently available. The update is also supposed to make recording video without Kinect voice controls a lot easier by letting you save the last 30 seconds of game-video by double-tapping the Guide and then hitting the X button.
Now in supported markets you can view all of your TV listings on your SmartGlass device and set and view your favorite channels and app channels on your smart phone, tablet or PC. Additional features in these markets include Kinect voice commands for controlling your set-top box and other AV equipment.
With the Universal Remote Control, you can also easily switch channels, set new recordings and select and control recorded content from your DVR.
We’ve also updated TV and OneGuide settings to provide better power management and control of your devices and improved compatibility with more devices.New Gold Membership Benefits, Access to Apps for All and MoreWith this update, you’ll find a new hub in Xbox One for exploring all of the great benefits available to Xbox Live Gold members, including Games with Gold and Deals with Gold.
Also, with the Xbox Live Gold changes announced last week, shortly after the Xbox One system update becomes available in June all Xbox Live members will be able to access popular gaming and entertainment apps without a Gold membership. With the touch of your finger you can easily organize your pins in categories or favorites based on your preferences and have those changes refresh to your console.

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