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If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it. We reserve the right to delete any comments and block any commenters.LegalThe contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. The effects of a Minnesota winter, along with storm damage, flooding, age, moisture, or heavy soil pressure are common foundation problems that may only be corrected with a complete replacement and foundation repair of the damaged areas.
Foundation walls crack and bow from lateral earth movement and the stress created from  expansive soil changes.
The tech – nology repairs foundation walls without the use of support beams, imbedded fasteners or the  need for ongoing maintenance.
Cracked and deteriorating foundation walls jeopardize your home’s structural integrity, defeat the purpose of weatherproofing and substantially detract from the property’s visual appeal.
Attach rust and corrosion resistent heavy galvanized metal lath and corner moldings with metal fasteners. For when you absolutely positively need the best possible option for coring concrete and don’t mind paying for it. The new Diamond Products Cut Core 14” SLR Cut-Off saw 03853 is completely redesigned from the ground up.
If you are not sure what a crack chasing saw is it probably sounds like a pretty funny name for a saw. Over the past few years concrete countertops have become very popular for many different applications from your local dive bar to some of the nicest kitchens in America. For concrete professionals or those looking to do more work with concrete countertops the Diamond Products DS301 ($1,942, Ohio Power Tool) is really the top of the line tool for the job. Here in Ohio most of our homes have basements, depending on when the home was built this could be poured concrete, cinder block or like one of the homes I grew up in, a foundation made of stones. I apologize in advance for the dry material but we get lots of questions about concrete core drilling and hopefully we can clear it up a few of the basics in this post. Our sales staff is happy to provide you with a project bid to meet your submittal requirements.
Featured productWindPrecast Wind Tower Foundations embody a post-tensioned design that ensures structural integrity with the advantage of using modular precast concrete components.
They specialize in creating factory built homes using reclaimed building materials on the outer facadesA and all new material for the structural framing and roof.
Applied to the foundation walls the bracing system resists ten times the average outside  pressure.
This thing is self propelled, self contained (with water), self feeding, hydraulically controlled with an onboard tachometer and can core anything between ?” to 24” at the flick of a switch. It is the new HDS60 Dragon Saw ($7480, Ohio Power Tool) and as if it didn’t look scary enough it even has a wicked name.
The technology which makes this all possible mixes diamond with various bonds of metal that slowly rub away and expose more diamonds throughout the segment like chocolate chips in a cookie.

In the case of the Diamond Products Cut Core A2Z blades the diamonds are of a higher quality and held in place much longer meaning it can cut metal, rock, concrete, asphalt and just about anything pretty equally.
Crack chasing is the process of cutting into cracks in concrete in order to repair them with an epoxy or some other form of patching element.
The unit features three 5” rotating orbital heads with a Fein variable speed motor powering the unit. Commonly guys will use two screwdrivers and pry the core up and then try to grab the lip and pull it out. There are lots of options when it comes to coring drills & rigs in terms of price, quality, size, power source, etc. Our goal is to find new tools, accessories, and best possible solutions that will help improve the effectiveness of professionals in their daily jobs.
The authors are sharing personal opinions based on products and field testing, and are not necessarily the views of the Ohio Power Tool company. Due to the photographic reproduction limitations, exact color fidelity is difficult to obtain. Before the house is brought by truck to the building site all construction is complete including insulation, wiring, and plumbing.
Overkill for 99% of core drill users probably but we love to see it in action making the job of precisely drilling a dozen 24” holes look as easy as playing a game of Frogger.
The new Diamond Products SLR saw has a lot to prove if it plans of converting any of their faithful users.
Also Pneumatic, Electic and Gas units should be coming soon and all look to be more economically priced. We got to see one in person at this year’s Diamond Products University, a several day training event for professional concrete cutters, and honestly it’s even more impressive in person. The reason this technique does not work on metal is because then you end up with metal on metal which will not wear away but instead creates friction and a lot of heat. The cuts should be much faster however because it is a single layer the life of the blade is going to be much less in concrete. In terms of possibilities the options seem almost limitless color, finish, texture, durability, shape, even imbedded LED lights are not a problem.
To get a mirror finish a job could involve up to 9 steps of grinding and polishing and obviously a large powerful unit like the DS301 is going to save a significant amount of time in the process. Unfortunately some basements do not hold up that well and many of us want to use that space to build our ultimate Man Caves.
This core extracting tool from Diamond Products Core Bore makes the job much easier and will save you a ton of time and energy.
Each type of drill has its place and it’s not always easy to select the right one and not make the decision totally based on which is cheapest. These photographs are also a representation of a range of colors, sizes and shapes and variations in color can be expected.

A foundation has also been prepared prior to delivery so when the truck arrives the house is simply lowered and attached.
Diamond Products Core Drills are some of the best on the market and the “Ultimate Drilling Machine” 4250025 ($43K, Ohio Power Tool) is certainly the show piece that lives up to its name.
Launching officially at next week’s World of Concrete in Las Vegas thousands of professionals will have their opportunity to test it out and see for themselves.
When done by a professional a new concrete countertop could cost even more than granite, depending on how elaborate the project.
The good news is with proper preparation in building the forms several steps can be eliminated. Before you go dropping $10K on plasmas & pool tables you are going to want to be sure the basement is watertight and mildew free. Ohio Power Tool offers a wide range of different types of core drills to cover the majority of needs out there which we’ll look at but obvious there are dozens of other brands out there that could be matched up. For fire and rescue this is an idea blade because it will go through all the materials you might face very quickly while creating relatively fewer sparks and debris. For small cracks a large angle grinder with the proper blade can be used but is not going to provide as clean of cut and could never go as wide. Plenty of space can be made for kitchen cupboards when they can also hide under and around a table for meals.
Another need is small space, which can be made under, around or inside somewhere, for books, cds, movies. I just saw in Pinterest a wide and tall perfect pantry-like door that when closed could look like a wall!
I’ve seen many truly well made baths in these homes that make you see it and wonder how can it look so big? The sink needs to be long to accommodate 2 people to use if needed and the bath counter needs enough space for 2 people along with storage underneath and all wall space available should be used for storage; HOWEVER, I want a builder that can accomplish a look with wood, metal pieces or reclaimed iron, ceramic, etc to leave people feeling they just saw the most amazing and unique bath. So, who is going to show me they are exactly what I’m looking for and have MANY tricks and amazing ideas to make it all work without a worry when it’s done? This will be our last home we buy and live in, the last and most inexpensive place we ever lived in and we plan on growing old there with dentures falling out and minds that are stronger than our bodies.
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