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We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our flag will be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom on the one hand, of overwhelming power on the other. If you rifle hunt with ANYTHING BIGGER THAN a 7mm-08 you're a sissy and should wear pink panties. Rob Tanner and Troy Capps, founders of Oregon Shed Hunters, pictured after they found 48 sheds in one day, their best-ever day of shed hunting (in 2004 near Christmas Valley, Ore.). A growing number of people take to the woods during winter, looking for the antlers that have been shed by Oregon’s deer and elk. Oregon has an organization that promotes ethical practices for the sporta€”Oregon Shed Hunters, founded in in 2005 by Rob Tanner and his brother-in-law, Troy Capps. Elk antlers begin re-growing soon after they are shed, with most growth happening in spring and summer months. Tanner says some shed hunters approach the sport as a way to scout for where animals might be during fall hunting season. People who collect shed antlers are allowed to sell or exchange them, but certain rules apply. Besides promoting ethical shed hunting, Tanner founded his organization as a place for people who share his passion to get together and share their finds. Several ODFW managed wildlife areas and Travel Management Areas are closed during the winter to protect big game on winter range.
Prineville Reservoir Wildlife Area (Maury and Ochoco Units): Closed to motorized vehicle access Nov.
Cabin Lake-Silver Lake Winter Range (Paulina, Silver Lake, Fort Rock Units): Closed to motor vehicle use Dec.
I really wouldn't be surprised if we covered every bizarre occurrence on the entire northern hemisphere.
If you're 5 mile in, and you happen to find a green pack with 4 meat sacks, rope, a saw, 20 bottles of water, a container of powdered gatorade, 2 cans of pork and beans, and 2 plastic spoons, and a lighter, that would be my cache.

I thought that this lonely overgrown and untended grave out in the middle of nowhere was pretty odd, too. For decades I had heard of these strange hermits who wander alone, guarding the forest, but I always thought they were myth. Believe me, I beat cheeks back down the mountain as fast as I could, but the whole way I could feel his penetrating stare on my back and hear branches crashing and breaking as he paced me back in the timber. I'm sorry about the picture quality, but I used my phone's camera to shoot one shot from the hip.
In central Oregon there's an increasingly popular form of hunting that never kills animals.
Watch videos from your favorite PBS KIDS shows with the PBS KIDS Video app for your tablet or phone. Deer usually shed theirs from late December through March, and elk from late February through early April. The ground is water-logged at this time of year and off-roading in the wrong place can damage critical wildlife and fish habitat.
Deer and elk might need to be in that spot for food or cover, and your presence will keep them from it.
Only naturally shed antlers, antlers detached from the skull, or a skull split apart can be sold or exchanged. Each year, the organization recognizes the top five largest sheds for five different species (mule deer, black-tailed deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk and Roosevelt elk). I was following a pioneer wagon road miles from pavement, searching for the elusive truffle. I was thinking that if I was going to die there, maybe someone would be able to identify this guy if the phone was still with my corpse.
Kids and parents comb the ground in late winter searching for fallen antlers that deer naturally shed.

Passport gives you access to a wealth of premium content not previously available online, including full seasons of your favorite shows. Here at OSH, we are committed to preserving the sport by promoting ethical shed hunting in a way that prevents harassment of wildlife or damage to public resources. Usually not all the bulls have dropped early on, but we do notice the big bulls drop early as compare to the smaller branch bulls. This makes antlers ready in time for breeding season (in September for elk and November for deer), when male deer or elk will fight for dominance using their antlers. The photo doesn't show it, but there was a green tint to the shaggy beard from algae and moss and lichen growing in it. Oregon Shed Hunters encourage responsible shed hunting in the hopes that the state leaves the sport unregulated. One of our goals at OSH is to preserve the sport, yet also have a place where shed hunters can share their shed hunting finds, have them recorded at an official site by an official scorer, enter them into our annual contests, and have them entered into the Oregon Shed Hunters Record Book. When the wind swirled my direction, it carried an aroma from him just like an old boar bear. What I didn't take pictures of was my brother in law picking up 5 more sheds before we got back to the trail head.
As I struggled up out of a creek bottom I suddenly climbed into a patch of tule fog that felt 20 degrees colder than anything I had encountred all day.
I thought I saw a strange shape ahead, but my glasses were streaming with rain and all fogged up.
I didn't have a dry stitch of cloth on me, so I had to lick my lenses clear of fog, but the saliva left the lenses distorted, I had trouble interpreting what was ahead of me.

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