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Finding proper outdoor bench plans is a complex process, taking into account there are so many plans, materials and designs to choose from. A simple garden bench will enhance the look of your yard, if you come with an appropriate design and select the materials in a professional manner. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to be the first that gets our latest plans and for some other exclusive content. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get many ideas for your backyard from all the internet! Building an outdoor bench is one of those straight forward projects that could change dramatically the look of your backyard, especially if you choose a simple design and a traditional shape. Top Tip: In order to obtain a professional result and a beautiful appearance, buy quality lumber, designed for outdoor use.
First of all, you have to build the wooden legs of the bench, as well as the base supports. Drill pilot holes trough the components, before inserting carriage bolts, ensuring the holes are symmetrical. Top Tip: Work with good judgement, making sure you plumb the legs before driving in the screws. Top Tip: You could adjust the size of the supports (the width of the diy bench), to fit your needs and tastes. Top Tip: Use a spacer between the slats (a nail or a piece of wood), to make sure they are equally spaced.
Lastly, fill the screw holes and the cracks with wood putty and leave it for several hours to harden. Top Tip: In order to protect the bench from decay and water damage, apply several coats of paint or varnish. Outdoor Fireplace Designs is one option decorate the garden as a place to gather with family, even in the cold weather though. In decorating a home, we should not only pay attention to interior design, but also the exterior design. Outdoor fireplaces can be made of various materials, depending on the design that you apply for your exterior. When you are bored dealing with all the contemporary design all over the place, then rustic hotel should be your next destination to be. Lo and behold, because pottery barn outdoor furniture is now available for international shipping!
Please find below a small selection of LED fixtures for outdoor use, for more information, or you don't see what you need please contact us, we can design custom systems for Outdoor structures with demanding design implementations and specialist needs. Designed for a client's project, these were so impressive we have had many requests to make more. This high durability fixture is perfect for creating a color wash, with its 40° angle of light output. These Downlighters using powerful LED Technology are IP44, making them the perfect solution for use under cover outdoors, under ledges etc where it is not technically outside but will be installed in a damp area. Introducting our custom LED ribbon fully I68 for installation underwater in pool's and water features.
These fixtures have been manufactured for clients who need illumination in or around the water features. It is extremely easy to use and has a LCD display to allow easy set for DMX control allowing 16+ million colour variants, these units can be interconnected in multiples to allow controll of more fixtures. This custom built controller is designed to operate our Lighting systems in the easiest possible way, so clients and staff don't need a degree to use it! Individual controls allow mixing the of the colours, buttons allow selection of your favorite colours, colour cutoff, sound to light, extremely compactl, easy operation and with mounting bracket it can be installed out of the way seperate from the power supply for easy of access if needed..
The outdoor dining table plans can be very helpful when you are thinking about making your own dining table for the outdoor setting.
You can always make use of the various plans for an outdoor dining table to make your own design and creation. Before getting the job started, we strongly recommend you to check the local building codes, as there are cases in which these plans might not fit the legal requirements. After building the frame of the utility shed, you need to continue the outdoor project by fitting the rafters and installing the asphalt shingles.
Top Tip: Building trusses and fitting them to the frame would take longer and be more costly, as compared to installing a ridge board and regular rafters.
Place the rafters on both sides of the ridge board, align them at both ends, drill pilot holes and insert the screws. Top Tip: Install the shingles starting with the left- bottom of the roof, after fitting the starting course. Fitting the trims to the ends of the rafters will not only enhance the look of the utility shed, but it will also add value to your construction. Ideally, the asphalt shingles have to overhang about 1-2” over the trims, otherwise the water might damage the wood over the long-term.
Building a front door for the small shed is just a straight forward project, as you just need to use the piece of siding cut out when installing the front face of the shed. Top Tip: Fill the holes with putty, let it dry out and sand the wooden surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper, before applying several coats of paint to the exterior siding and trims. This woodworking project was about building a shed roof. If you want to see more outdoor plans, check out the rest of our step by step projects and follow the instructions to obtain a professional result. Professional Christmas lighting gains in popularity in Colorado as a marketing tool for businesses, a time-saving source of pride for homeowners and as a gift. We create beautiful outdoor spaces year-round and there just aren’t many things in the world more beautiful than Christmas in Colorado.
Christmas lighting displays that synchronize with music is a trend gaining popularity among Colorado commercial properties, as are tree trunk wraps, decorative walkway linings, animated displays and energy-efficient LED Christmas lights.

According to Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care CEO Tom Tolkacz, however, the bigger, overarching trend is greater sophistication in design. Tolkacz said many businesses and homeowners are using professionally-designed and installed Christmas lights to set the tone for their holidays. On the residential side, giving professional outdoor Christmas lighting as a gift is also gaining popularity.
The service model around which Swingle’s Christmas lights installation business is built includes year-round storage and complete maintenance. Founded in 1947, Swingle Lawn, Tree and Landscape Care provides lawn care, tree care and award-winning holiday lighting displays for Colorado homes and businesses. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
38 Amazing Outdoor Water Walls For Your Backyard - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. A remodeled kitchen and bath can help sell a home, but curb appeal is what brings buyers through the door. In fact, midrange entry door and garage door replacement top the list of home improvements, netting the No. The publication issued its 24th survey, conducted yearly to determine the return-on- investment for the most common residential remodeling projects. Small, inexpensive changes that make a big impact – like updated garage doors – bring more reliable returns. Entry doors also made the worth the money cut, as the report showed spending $1,218 on a steel entry door could pay for itself with a 102 percent return.
This is the first year Remodeling magazine has included garage door replacement projects on both its midrange and the upscale project lists. In a separate survey conducted by Stratamark Research and Clopay Building Products, a leading manufacturer of garage doors and entry door systems, real estate agents nationwide said replacing garage doors on a home can increase the asking price by up to four percent. Clopay® offers an extensive portfolio of residential garage doors manufactured in wood, steel and composite material.
The addition of carriage house style garage doors in a complementing color scheme add charm and character to this bungalow's "garage door proud" exterior.
If you are looking for a simple woodworking project, that can be done by any do-it-yourself-er and that doesn’t require a significant amount of money, a wooden bench without a back support is an ideal choice. Taking into account you will place the bench outside, you have to buy lumber designed for outdoor use, such as: cedar, redwood, pine or pressure treated lumber. A wooden bench without a back support is a easy to build woodworking project, even if you don’t have a solid expertise in the field.
Therefore, you should consider purchasing redwood, cedar, pine or even pressure-treated lumber, ensuring they match with the rest of the garden furniture and with the design of your house. In order to attach the component into place, you should toe-nail it with several 3” screws. In addition, the three legs should be equally spaced, otherwise the bench won’t have a neat look. Align the wooden boards at both ends before inserting the galvanized screws, in order to obtain a neat look. Next, sand the wooden surface with 120-grit sandpaper along the wood grain and clean the components thoroughly.
If you need more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. The existence of an outdoor fireplace or commonly called fire pit will be referred to beautify the garden decor, especially if coupled with some outdoor furniture to relax.
Outdoor Fireplace Designs are usually made ??of stone, because the stone is a durable material. For example, if you want a modern touch, you can create a modern fireplace with metal or iron, while for the more traditional impression, you can choose a natural stone or cement to make a fireplace.
These in ground outdoor luminare's are very high powered and as robust as our other high quality lighting. With a it is designed primarily for up-lighting and hi-lighting outdoor features and buildings. These new in ground LED fixtures boast full RGB control, making them a great addition to any of our outdoors lighting packages.
This designer fitting is finished in aluminum, it's compact design means it won't destroy the aesthetics a wall while the RGB allows a client to instantly change the mood of any room.
With a stainless steel casing, ultrabright LED output, and an IP68 Certification, These fixtures really put the feature in water feature.
An remote extender for adding an available remote controller is available enabling control by remote, options include colour select, mix, chase, slow fade.
Allowing any of our outdoor lighting systems to be connected, and insuring the IP rating of our systems are kept in tact.
Basically the outdoor dining table can be very handy and functional if you like spending your spare time doing outdoor activities. The great thing about making your own item is the fact that you can always make adjustments or changes to the final result.
After building the frame of the shed, you need to make it waterproof by installing the rafters and the roofing sheets.
In addition, if a building permit is required, you need to consult a specialized engineer to plan everything according to the codes.
There are many ways you can get the job done, but in this article we show you the easiest method. In order to get the job done properly, we recommend you to overlap the strips at least 2”.

It is essential to align all the components at both ends, before driving in the finishing nails trough the trims into the rafters. Next, attach 1×3 trims to the door and around the opening, as you can see in the image.
In order to get the job done as a professional, check the joints between the components and make sure all screws are inserted properly.
If a bulb burns out, instead of searching for the bad bulb, customers just make a phone call. Swingle is proud to be the professional designer and installer of Christmas lighting displays for the Denver Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Light and Trails of Light at Chatfield. Value Report show that entry door and garage door replacement projects yield the biggest return-on-investment at resale nationwide. The report indicates that, on average, spending $1,291 on a garage door can yield a $1,083 ROI – nearly 84 percent.
A fiberglass entry door or grand entrance generates between a 60 to 70 percent ROI, depending on the geographic region.
Both projects rank high in their respective categories, for two main reasons: they are among the least expensive projects in the survey, and they improve curb appeal in a way that can affect a potential buyer’s first impression and, consequently, a home’s resale value. In 2010, the company introduced a fiberglass entry door line featuring a variety of decorative windows, sidelites and transom options uniquely designed to complement its most popular garage door styles.
In this article we show you step by step how to build the wooden components and what screws to use in order to assemble them together tightly.
In addition, you will need tools common to any household to build the components: a drill machinery and several drill bits, a miter saw, a tape measure and safety equipment. Afterwards, use a framing square and a pencil to draw the cut line, before adjusting the size of the lumber with a miter saw.
You may be wondering about how to decorate your garden as one of the essential elements of the exterior decoration that looks beautiful and unusual. Besides, you can also make modifications to the Outdoor Fireplace Designs Stone to your liking. If the area that you want for a fireplace is not large enough, you can make Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Small Space in a wall that also serves to prop up the house.
Designed be used as a standalone fixture or easily linked several fixtures to meet your outdoor illumination needs.
Utilising our cutting edge LED technology, fully IP68 certified to withstand all weathers, their construction enable them to cope with being driven over,excellent for illumination of walkways, landscapes and driveways. We have even included a sound to light option which allows the LED system to react to ambient sound it. You can tag along your kids in fun and busy activities where you can have personal barbeque time and have nice meal together. There are many shapes and plans you could choose from, but in these plans we show you how to build a gable roof with a 15?.
In this manner, you will be able to attach the rafters directly to the top ridge, without having to assemble any roof truss.
Use a spirit level to plumb the supports and to make sure the ridge board is horizontal, before driving in the 3” wood screws.
Connect the tongue and groove plywood sheets together, using the pattern you can see in the plans. We’ve also had customers give one of our professional lighting installation packages to their adult children who are strapped for time between raising children and developing their careers. A fountain is more traditional but a water wall would give your garden a minimalist and fresh look. If you do not just want to give a touch of grace in the garden, but also useful for practical purposes, the Outdoor Fireplace Designs can be your choice.
Open fireplace will accommodate the needs of outdoor leisure with family and friends, especially if you are going to have a party outside the house on a cold night.
Fully IP68 certified to withstand all weathers, their construction enable them to cope with being driven over,excellent for illumination of walkways, landscapes and driveways. Because of the stylish design these fixtures are perfect for indoor or outdoor use meaning that design fluidity can be continued throughout a clients design. You can also have picnic time where sometimes you will bring your meal outside and enjoy it under the warm temperature, on sunny days, and being accompanied by nice breeze.
Some of them can be previewed before downloading, so you know the content of the outdoor dinner table plans.
If you follow the detailed instructions, you can build the simple roof in just a few days, with the help of a friend. But if you like something more modern, choose an installation with lights and beautiful jets of water. A water wall with a mirror base looks fantastic and it seems that there’s much more water flowing. By entertaining and serving them outdoor, you can make sure that everything is going well and smooth. If you want to be able to make your own outdoor table, be sure that you have known the outcome from the very beginning. Some outdoor patio table plans can be implemented to create very simple table, while some can be used to create a rather sophisticated table.

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