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Discover free woodworking plans and projects for patterns for outdoor christmas decorations. By Teres Whitney for This 3-part video series will teach you how to make Christmas lighted outdoor decorations. Christmas woodcraft patterns yard decorations Get the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans. This video shows how to build a 4-sided, teepee shaped tree frame for an outdoor lighted decoration that once built, can be easily stored and reused for years with minimal work. Christmas wood patterns for yard decorations Download the best rated woodworking guide with over 16 000 woodworking plans included. Johnathan Smith and neighbors host a how-to workshop on how to make Lighted Christmas Balls. I've update the original video to try to show a little more detail on how I wrapped the strands of lights. LED Carpet-Light: Secondly, just find a pattern for spiral crochet and do this around the LED strand. How-to Build Outdoor Christmas Decorations Bold Graphic Geometric Wall Decor - Mountain Reflection Art Print - Black, Red, Orange, Yellow - 8x10. Large White Reindeer Wood Patterns: One Christmas one of my best friends made these, painted them and put them in my yard for Christmas. Gingerbread Train Pattern; Jump on the Gingerbread Express and be the talk of your neighborhood with this delicious, eye catching design for your yard. Giant Yard Candies Woodcraft Pattern These giant Christmas mints and giant candy canes will surely be noticed in your yard this holiday season.
Small Silent Night Wood Pattern Half the beauty of this popular, self-standing Nativity display is in the simplicity of its design-all six pieces simply slide together then easily come apart for convenient flat storage. How-to Build Outdoor Christmas Decorations Christmas Window Boxes - The Lilypad Cottage, She cleverly painted $1 bouncy balls to create XL ornaments.
This list of hallway table free woodworking plans are projects we have found across the Internet. Woodcraft Plans: Christmas Holiday Yard ArtIf you plan to decorate your yard for the Christmas holiday, now is a good time to get your plans.
Proud Reindeer and Sleigh ComboTwo timeless holiday patterns for one low price in this combo package! Nativity SceneOf all the symbols associated with the Yuletide, none expresses the message of Christmas better than the Nativity scene.
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This article pays tribute to the Popular Mechanics writers, editors, and craftspersons who set the standard for do-it-yourself outdoor Christmas displays in the early 1960s. There was no such thing as "don't try this at home," either, even for kids, to whom a good number of the projects were targeted. But the overall "message" of that era was that anyone who was willing to try new things could build a better life for his or her family with a few weekend projects.
More to our purposes, those archives give modern audiences access to a series of Christmas projects that changed the winter landscape American front yards for decades. In today's climate of paranoia about Christmas paraphernalia getting into the wrong places, it may seem a little surprising to find so many Christmas projects in the '60's Popular Mechanics. 1960 - Humble Beginnings - The Popular Mechanics outdoor Christmas projects started modestly enough.
The same issue also provided a simple outdoor decoration, a traditional Santa for your front yard. The December, 1961 issue had only one indoor decoration, a "sugarplum house." But the best was yet to come .

1962 - a Project-a-Plan Outdoor Christmas project - In 1962, David Swartout, the magazine's premier wood project creator (along with an uncredited artist) provided a much more contemporary, whimsical project that could be produced by "anybody" with a hand-held jig-saw. If you were living in the stone age, you could use the grid the old fashioned way - dividing up the plywood into sections and drawing in the outline of the project one section at a time. The same article included a Santa in a Mercury capsule descending by parachute, and a garage-door reindeer-and-sleigh display that seems to be by a different artist, also unattributed. By the way, this wasn't the first time that people had used painted plywood cutouts as outdoor Christmas decorations.
On a Personal Note - my dad was so impressed by this project that he bought the magazine, and all of the later magazines mentioned in this article, but for some reason he never actually got around to doing any of these projects. 1963 - "Make Your Yard a Christmas Card" - That was the theme of a series of projects credited to Swartout in the December, 1963 magazine. Beyond the projects themselves, these articles inspired a wave of plywood Christmas "yard art" whose ripples still have effects today.
Note that even PM's most ambitious decorating projects were almost always in their December articles, rather than earlier. 1964 - Doorway Decorations - Swartout brought readers an article about eye-popping projects for your front door.
Other projects in this article included a pair of young carolers in choir robes and a Santa with a blinking nose who was suspended by a very long hat. 1965 - Santa Enters the Space Age In 1965, the contemporary santa from 1962 returned with a vengeance in three separate Project-A-Plan projects, all of which incorporated motion. The most ambitious of this collection was the Mercury Capsule Santa, who, properly attached to a wall or gable, could seem to take flight as he left his reindeer choking in the rocket exhaust.
The cover article featured the whimsical Santa and reindeer in a situation that resembled their 1962 appearance, with the addition of a pulley that would raise and lower Santa toward the roof.
The cover painting gives us the only clue to the artist who created these great characters - the initials CEM under Santa's bag. Perhaps significantly, this article also included the whimsical Santa's last ride, a display you could cut from a single piece of cardboard. In addition to the new projects, PM also advertised that you could order "project-a-plan" slides for previous years' projects.
1966 - One more project - This year's article had only one outdoor project, but it was a "doozie" - A very large mobile decorated with Disney characters authorized by the Disney studios.
1967's December issue has a nice article about outdoor Christmas lighting that emphasizes safety, followed by a repurposed silhouette project from an earlier issue, but nothing so ambitious as the earlier projects.
The Gifts Go On - It's hard to say how many of these displays were actually built, but there's no question that these articles inspired thousands of similar displays in front yards around America. Please let us know if this article inspires you to dig into the Popular Mechanic's archives or elsewhere, to come up with your own plywood Christmas yard art this year. The largest display of painted plywood decorations I've ever seen in one place belongs to a railroad museum in Finlay, Ohio. We still have many things to say about outdoor decorations, historical and contemporary, and much to sort out. Ron Snow, of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, writes:In the early 70's my dad came across the plans for the Santa and Reindeer that were on the 1962 Popular Mechanics magazine, although the were in a set of books of plans from Popular Mechanics.
My parents made one of the standing Santas (with the pack over his back) when I was a child.
Thanks for having the picture on your site and for bringing back some fun Christmas memories for me! Folk Art Outside Santa Displays - Home-made creations, all unique in some way, that celebrate the big fellow's appearance. America's First Christmas Store - See how the hobby of Pharmacist Leonard Brynolf Johnson started two unique Christmas businesses, one of which decorated many front yards in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. Visit any of the links below to see quality collectible Christmas gifts and decorations that have been popular with our readers.
Start your next project for patterns for outdoor christmas decorations with one of our many woodworking plans. All these amazing decorations make you think that it's holiday everywhere, behind every door, and raise your spirits.
The tree in this video will be for Christmas but the type of lights and arrangement can be in any design.
The easiest way to get festive is to put up some outdoor Christmas lights whether the colorful ones or the newer, modern icicle lights that are all white. First round is without the light, and in the second round you start working around the lightstrand.

Bob's Creative Displays are affordable handcrafted holiday yard displays & creative Our work staff me myself and I still have a real chore and woodwork is We get virtually of our designs and patterns. Plastic Yard prowess Offering terminated 3500 full size Woodcraft Patterns & carpentry woodworking plans christmas yard decorations Project Plans Christmas Woodcraft Patterns Halloween Woodcraft Patterns breeze put over Mrs. Build your own stylized rendition for display in the front yard and attract lots of admiring looks this holiday season.
You were supposed to draw a grid on a sheet of plywood and transfer the pattern a square at a time. As an example, Smethport, Pennsylvania pharmacist "Doc Johnson" had been selling hand-painted wooden outdoor decorations out of his pharmacy-turned-Christmas store since the 1930s. Of course, the December issue usually reached homes in mid-to-late November, and back in 1963, people didn't usually start setting out Christmas decorations until the second or third week of December. The title project involves layering several plywood cutouts to provide a very three-dimensional display that is just a few inches deep. In 2008, I saw a static painted-plywood display along the same lines in someone's front yard, but I have mislaid the photo - sorry about that. If you get the motors hooked up correctly, one reindeer bobbles his head as Santa thumbs for a ride. They have a small steam-powered train on which you can get rides most of the year, but at Christmas they decorate the right-of-way with dozens of plywood decorations and thousands of lights.
Please check back every so often for more memories and ideas, and please let us know if you have any ideas you'd like to share with our readers.
Make your own intricate creche, no painting required, thanks to pre-painted pattern pieces. Discover a world of outdoor design with our cushions, rugs, lanterns and unique garden decor.
Henry Wood Plans Whatever the wood project we've got the shop Yard decoration plans for holidays as well every bit cute animals flowers and signs are great family projects. Add white paint and a bell collar as shown, and these moose are a striking addition to your holiday yard. Punctuate your display with these simple white reindeer, which can be easily disassembled and stored flat for use year after year. Of course, projects like this one could be used elsewhere in the front yard, and many of them were. My dad passed away about 14 years ago but about 2 years ago I found the display in his shed and touched up the paint and now the are front and center of my families Christmas display. It shows Santa reaching through the ladder to try to reach the toy bag which I think helps add to the calamity going on in the display. Simply apply the life-size posters to plywood, cut around them, and prop the plywood up in your yard.
I think we are going to get some more and add a Santa's Village to the other side of the yard. Christmas Yard decorations, LED lights, Christmas yard decor, Christmas decor, Animated Christmas displays, LED. Tombstone halloween one thousand art free woodworking plans This Vintage looking woodworking plans christmas yard decorations Christmas Yard laurel wreath is made from pre cut Mrs.
Our blanket variety of railway yard Art do it yourself one thousand decorations includes terrific patterns for Halloween Christmas former holidays and everyday themes.
Full size patterns, instructions, a list of the materials and a wood optimization layout are included. An extensive selection of Santas and sleighs and other holiday patterns are also available. 152005 Elf Plans 12 Snow folks are in Town Holiday Christmastime Decoration Woodworking design carpentry patterns for your holiday christams yard art gallery World's Wildest Holiday House Displays verandah 12 impudent Ways. Though, to my knowledge, this was never part of a PM "project-a-plan," the influence is obvious.
Snowman plans Create holiday musical theme ornaments for east wind Oregon Independence Day.

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