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DMT-30W shows good explosion-proof and shock proof characteristics, almost no need to maintain during its life time. DL601F enjoys good explosion-proof and corrosion proof capability, and low maintainance cost. Designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, the Halley outdoor lighting fixtures from Italian lighting company Vibia is the latest in LED illuminating innovations. Landscape lighting can in a great way make your outdoor areas quite beautiful and functional depending on the kind of lighting used. However, the primary goals of most landscape lighting is to provide additional light to the outdoors at night and to also draw attention to a particular section of an outdoor space. Make the outdoor water installation at your home a little more fancy with some perfect outdoor lighting.
This futuristic lighting effect will make your landscape the envy of all of your neighbors. Hopefully, our list of top 12 incredible summer landscape lighting ideas has given you the inspiration you need to illuminate your residential space.
Inspired by Halley's Comet, this unusual lighting fixture features an overarching shape that brightens the night sky with an LED light strip.
You can set the summer moods by creating a breathtaking  landscape lighting design for your backyard and home. Landscape lighting can be purely for functional purposes and can also be used to add a little pizzazz and flavor to your outdoor landscape.
These lights are placed at keypoints of the yard in order to provide good lighting for people trying to enter and exit the home at night.
Stairway lighting can be installed in a variety of forms, but the main goal is to properly light the stairs that are taken to enter your home. This type of landscape lighting serves the double role of being both outdoor sculpture art, that also provides impressive lighting.
Unlike traditional lamps that only emit light from a light bulb, a glowing outdoor lamp provides all of the light your landscape could need.

Bathe your outdoor eating, seating and entertaining areas in warm light and make it a conversation piece. There are quite a variety of designs one can choose from for a more eclectic landscape lighting. After reading this list of 12 incredible summer landscape lighting ideas you’ll be ready to get out there and design a top notch landscape design for your backyard and home. Mark parameters can also be used to accent a specific outdoor piece or flowers, so that visitors eyes are immediately drawn to the parameter and thus whatever is near it.
These lights are amazing because they radiate high level outdoor light, while also providing the perfect pot to hold outdoor plants and flowers. In the above example under-hanging lamps are employed to provide ample outdoor lighting that’s not too evasive.
Hang them up on the trees in your backyard, or around the frames of your outdoor furniture. Or selectively install individual lights to surround the pergola so that it will light up at night.
Install circle lights into your actual stairs, or on the sides of your stair walkway for an illuminating effect on the pathway into your home. In the above example lights are installed both in the water and also in the foliage for maximum landscape lighting.
The orbs are essentially large glowing light bulbs that can be placed practically anywhere in your backyard. Whether you want to draw attention to a certain area of your backyard, or need lighting to guide visitors down the pathway into your home, our list has something for everyone. The Halley lighting comes in three basic shapes - ground-to-ground, ground-to-wall and ground-to-clamp - which can be connected to suit your space, and easily dismantled and reassembled when you'd like to move it.
For a more appealing and glowing landscape lighting, use of functional decorative fixtures should be considered alongside other tips for that incredible summer landscape lighting that leaves you with adequate lighting for any kind of outdoor activity you may desire to engage in during the season. You could place these amazing pots anywhere in your yard, but that would be pretty awesome lining the side of your walkway or any place in your backyard.

There are also lights artfully placed on the outside edge of the pool, as well as additional lights within the grass create a three ring light show that is sure to please.
This is because under-hanging lamps can provide all of the light you need without all of the extra strength lighting that comes from overhead hanging lights. The are other types of hanging light strands that you can utilize beyond just the traditional Christmas light. Even better you could use outdoor lighting to illuminate the walkway to the pergola in order to create a dramatic effect. This style of landscape lighting is amazing because it takes advantage of the different types of lighting options that are available for use. The effect is impressive illuminating light that draws attention to your trees and provides the perfect ambiance for nighttime entertaining. Though the lighting that the orbs provide isn’t as strong as traditional lights, the beautiful color effect of the orbs is both a unique and viable outdoor lighting option. The above example uses large geometric shapes lit up in bright colors to create an outdoor artistic light show experience.
The entire body of this lamp provides your landscape with high resolution lighting that is perfect for enjoy your backyard at night. The use of blue lights creates awesome nighttime underwater ambiance that you can enjoy while taking a nightime swim.
In the example above the hanging light strands use large round light bulbs to create beautiful landscape lighting.

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