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Extra large patio deck outdoor plastic storage box is ideal for storing furniture cushions and outdoor accessories. A sofa that you can build with a fold out seat perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets.

If you would have asked me even a few months ago about building your own sofa, I would have said, it's not worth it.  Considering the high cost of foam (upwards of $50 a yard) and the cost of fabric (at least $10 a yard for an upholstery weight) I just couldn't see the economics of building your own sofa.
And by the time we were done, both Lydia and I were making plans to build our own sofas.  Also pictured reclaimed wood carts. It is after all made from a standard camping pad.  And did anyone notice the little hinges on the front seams? Now wrap the back that is not covered in plywood with the burlap and staple in place on the bottom edge. Now the back was the most difficult part – certainly not impossible, but I thought was the most difficult part of sewing.

The pillows I sewed for this sofa are square box cushions measuring 36? wide x 4? deep x 18? tall. I've always wanted to build a couch because it's been really hard to find furiture that fits into my awkwardly shaped living room.
This is a wonderful storage solution that I’m passing on to some of my sewing relatives who sew much more than me.

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