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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Super Pent is a classic pent style wooden shed in quality tongue and groove shiplap cladding.
Standard Door Position shown - for optional door positions consult  the available configurations diagram. The Super Pent shed is a classic pent style building in high quality tongue and groove shiplap cladding.
BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATION PENT GARDEN SHEDS:Unlike many budget competitor products this garden shed is built with only the highest quality materials and many garden sheds in the market simply cannot compare! It is essential that this garden shiplap pent shed is assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material. All images and photography used is purely for illustrative purposes only – actual product colours may vary slightly due to the digital photography process and variations in individual user monitor settings. The Shedrite Lean-To Pent Shed is a commonly asked for variation of the classically styled pent shed. The Shedrite Lean-To Pent Shed is a commonly asked for variation of the classic styled pent shed. Benefits of our Lean-To sheds are the extra high eaves, allowing maximum storage to be achieved in the minimum of space. BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATION SHEDS:Unlike many budget competitor products this shiplap lean to pent shed is built with only the highest quality materials and many garden sheds in the market simply cannot compare!
It is essential that this garden shiplap lean to pent shed is assembled strictly in accordance with the instructions supplied on a firm and level base constructed from a suitably durable material. Shedrite sheds make every effort to deliver goods within the published estimated timescales; however, delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors beyond our control and therefore delivery times are not guaranteed. If a delivery is made and nobody is there to sign for the product (unless a pre-agreement has been signed allowing Shedrite sheds to leave the product without a signature upon arrival), the product will be returned to base and be awaiting another suitable dispatch date.
All deliveries must be signed for unless confirmation is provided before delivery that the product can be left without a signature.
The Shedrite Deluxe Pent Shed gives an excellent option for our classic style pent shed with that extra floor to ceiling height and an extra high door. Wooden storage sheds are in many ways the archetypal garden building, it’s as if they’ve entered British folklore. Here at WhatShed we review every kind of garden building, so we know what to look for in high quality wooden storage sheds.
A lot of the wooden storage sheds that we review feature overlap cladding, which is a cost effective solution for both customer and manufacturer, but we are always pleased to see shiplap cladding used as in this good looking apex shed. The reason that such a long warranty period can be given is that the manufacturer has used an initial pressure treatment to force wood preserver into the fibres of the substrate. We now come to the highest placed of the wooden storage sheds that feature overlap cladding. We were very impressed that the timbers had been pressure treated to give them extra longevity and a first class defence against wet rot, as this isn’t something we would necessarily expect to see used on overlap cladding.
We always like to see wooden storage sheds that offer exceptional value for money without compromising on the quality of components used, and it’s this winning combination that propels this BillyOh shed into the top three of our league table. One of the features that we found most useful about this shed is the use of security windows.
From one of the least expensive wooden storage sheds in our list, we now come to the second most expensive. Tongue and groove timber has been used throughout, but we were pleased to find that it was noticeably tougher than we’re used to seeing on the wooden storage sheds we review. Wooden storage sheds can make gardening much easier and much more enjoyable, because all the tools and equipment you need can be stored close at hand. Once again we have overlap cladding, but this and the apex roof above it still do a good job of channeling water away.
When people think of wooden storage sheds they are most likely to picture traditionally styled apex roofed sheds, but this has a very different design that brings significant advantage.
We were glad to see that the integrated floor joists have been pressure treated, as this is often where wooden storage sheds are most vulnerable to the moisture that can lead to rot, and the rest of the shed has been given a dipped basecoat. We always appreciate wooden storage sheds that have an attractive look of their very own, after all a shed is going to be one of the first things that catches the eye of anyone entering a garden, so form is almost as important as function. This unique design does come at a price however, and it costs significantly more than many other eight foot by eight foot wooden storage sheds we’ve reviewed. This is the first of our top twenty wooden storage sheds to feature a pent rather than apex roof, and that not only brings a new look but new benefits as well. Sometimes it’s the little things that can elevate fine, if perfectly average, wooden storage sheds to something that stands out from the crowd. We were pleased to find that tongue and groove cladding had been used for the walls, so this should be strong enough even for windy and exposed gardens. The majority of the twenty high quality wooden storage sheds that feature in this league table have an apex roof.
This pent roofed garden building earns its place in our list of the top twenty wooden storage sheds by providing added functionality and added value.
The main body of the building is the shed itself, but even this area holds advantages over many of the wooden storage sheds we review. We often think that eight foot by six foot are the ideal dimensions for wooden storage sheds, as they allow for a large enough selection of tools and equipment to satisfy a small to medium sized garden without taking up too much precious lawn space.
We were glad to see that tightly interlock tongue and groove cladding had been used for all the surfaces, rather than cheaper materials being used for the roof and floor as we often see on the wooden storage sheds we review. Wooden storage sheds, by their very nature, often have valuable tools and equipment kept inside them, which can make them a target for opportune thieves.
We were very pleased to find that all of the timbers had been pressure treated, which means not only the tongue and groove cladding but the OSB roof and floor as well. When we review BillyOh wooden storage sheds we know that we are always going to find high quality components allied to an attractive design, and thankfully we weren’t disappointed with this Greenkeeper shed. There is a bank of windows across the full length of one side, which means that this becomes one of the most versatile wooden storage sheds that we’ve seen. Here we have the second windowless building in our list of today’s best wooden storage sheds, but this has a much more traditional appearance thanks to its six foot by four foot dimensions and an apex roof. Indeed it’s this asking price of significantly less than two hundred pounds which makes this one of our top twenty wooden storage sheds.
We like wooden storage sheds that perform great and look great as well, and it’s an achievable combination as this Aero shed demonstrates. The roof overhangs at the front as well, creating a canopy effect and a shaded area on a hot, sunny day. This is the third from the BillyOh range of wooden storage sheds to make it into our top twenty league table, which shows what a high quality brand they are. This does still have a lot going for it, however, compared to many of the wooden storage sheds that we’ve reviewed. This looks very different from the other apex roofed wooden storage sheds we’ve reviewed, and that’s because it has a reverse apex and a much shallower pitch to the roof than we usually see.
The centrally positioned single door has a square window on either side of it, and we were pleased to see that it also features a secure key operated lock. This is an eight foot by eight foot building that ticks a lot of the right boxes when it comes to wooden storage sheds. There are three windows, but what we liked most about them is that the panels are interchangeable so that they can be positioned on either side. These wooden storage sheds make the bold claim of being the ultimate sheds, and in terms of toughness and durability they may have a point. It was also noticeable that glass had been used for the two windows, rather than the cheaper plastic glazing that we often find used on wooden storage sheds. There are lots of high quality wooden storage sheds on the market, so selecting the top twenty, and then the top one, was no easy task.
Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new shed base for you whilst you sit back and relax.We aim to install your wooden base within seven working days after you receive delivery. Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new garden shed for you whilst you sit back and relax.We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery. Supplied with standard floor bearers, tanalised floor bearers can be purchased as an optional extra.
All sheds are pre-treated with a Golden Brown Protek water based treatment and should receive further treatment annually.
Our shiplap wooden garden sheds have a 12mm thick outer cladding which is treated to help preserve the condition of the wood. All ironwork included with our sheds is galvanised which provides permanent corrosion protection. This simple but very popular garden building is hardwearing enough to last for years and will provide an excellent outdoor storage or work area.
This simple but very popular garden shed is hardwearing enough to last for years and will provide an outdoor storage or work area suitable for garden or other valuable equipment.
Rest assured that the building meets our highest quality standards and comes in 12mm finished shiplap tongue and groove cladding. Added with this is the rounded and finished framework (28x44mm) giving strength and a quality finish to this Lean To Pent Shed. The garden shed should also be treated shortly after assembly and then annually thereafter with an appropriate high quality preservative and all glazing units must be sealed, inside and out, with silicone or other water tight sealant.For more information on how to correctly assemble and maintain your garden shed please consult our comprehensive help centre. Estimated delivery dates (given in working days) are not part of the contract between Shedrite sheds and the buyer, and Shedrite sheds shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the products within the estimated timescales.

In these circumstances the purchaser will be held responsible for paying all additional delivery costs to have the item re transported. You will need to create an appropriate space close to your kerbside for our driver to deliver the building to. Once you have been advised of a specific delivery date, please ensure that someone is available to assist in the off loading of the product.
Let’s face it, a garden is incomplete without a wooden storage shed standing proudly within it.
We also wanted to make sure that all twenty models in our league table were easy to find for the consumer, so we’ve only selected sheds that are sold by the ten leading internet retailers in this field; they’re the companies you can trust who between them sell over 95% of all the garden buildings purchased online in the UK.
We decided upon buildings that had a base area of less than eight feet square, as this excluded log cabins and workshops.
The tongue and groove boards lock tightly together, meaning that there’s no way that water can enter into the shed, especially with the apex roof also carrying it away. Whilst this was lighter and thinner than the tongue and groove cladding that we often see, the shed as a whole still feels stable and reliable once it’s been assembled, and being lightweight it’s very quick and easy to install.
This pressure treatment has also been used for the integrated floor bearers, which is very useful and much needed protection against the threat of ground moisture.
This means that there are four tiny windows made out of shatter resistant styrene that are positioned just underneath the eaves of the roof. We realise that the price tag of over a thousand pounds for this Strongman shed may price some people out of buying it, and this has been taken into consideration when determining its position within our league table, but it certainly lives up to its name by being one of the strongest timber sheds that we’ve reviewed.
In fact it’s 19mm thick, rather than the standard 12mm we often find used for shiplap sheds.
One thing that we liked most about this particular example is that it has wide and tall double hinged doors, so moving tall, wide, or bulky items in and out becomes simplicity itself. We were pleased to find that the roof was also a little taller than we often find on seven foot by five foot wooden storage sheds, and the six foot eaves mean that there’s plenty of room to walk about in. With a base area of seven foot by seven foot, we feel that this corner shed is ideal for storage purposes, especially if a padlock is added to the handles that we were pleased to see were ready to accept one. This brings with it a ten year guarantee, although that is dependent upon regular treatments being carried out.
That’s certainly the case with this storage shed that borrows dramatically from the Dutch barn style.
Nevertheless we’re sure that many people will be happy to pay more to have a shed that also doubles as a garden feature in itself. We were glad to see that an initial pressure treatment had been used, and to find that a 10 year warranty was provided by Shed-Plus.
In this case we were struck at first sight by the unusually shaped bargeboard at the front of the building, and this gives the shed the oriental feel alluded to in its title. Cheaper OSB material has been used for the wall and the floor, however, but this helps to create the good value price tag, and it was reassuring to find that the timbers as a whole were covered by a ten year guarantee. This is perhaps unsurprising, as apex roofs are excellent at preventing rain from entering into the shed, and they often give more vertical space for storage purposes and for walking about in. Tongue and groove cladding is used for the walls, which is something that we’re always glad to see, and even though it hasn’t been given a long lasting pressure treatment by the manufacturer, it still comes with a welcome and reassuring 10 year guarantee against wet rot. Alongside the storage shed itself is an extra storage area, but this time specifically designed for logs and kindling.
One of these is that the one window at the front features toughened glass; it’s not something that we often see in a building of this size, and it makes it virtually shatter proof. This space saving quality is further enhanced on this occasion by the use of a pent roof, which means that the shed could even be hidden out of sight behind a wall or fence to give it added security. This was continued with the braced single door as well, which is again made of tongue and groove and so feels strong and sturdy. This pent roofed shed from Empire can be a cost effective solution if you plan on storing anything particularly valuable as it has no windows at all. On this occasion, however, it only brings with it a 10 year guarantee rather than the 15 year guarantee that we usually find applied to pressure treated wooden storage sheds.
The first thing that caught our attention was the height achieved by the apex roof, and reaching a peak of 2.35m it’s the tallest wooden shed in the BillyOh range. With the addition of some furniture this could easily become a comfortable place to pass an hour or two in, and the wide opening double doors make it easy to move bulky items such as chairs in and out. Once again this makes this a shed to consider for all those who may be keeping valuable equipment inside, or those who are storing tools that they may need for their job. This is achieved largely through the use of money saving overlap cladding rather than the tougher tongue and groove cladding, and so under the circumstances we were pleased to find that a pressure treatment had been used on both the shed and its integral floor bearers. The manufacturer has taken the idea of the pent roof and taken it to a new level; instead of a straight pitch leading from front to back, this has a curved roof. One other design feature which is unique to this shed is that there are two long windows, one on each side. Once again, however, there is no floor supplied as standard, meaning that the customer will have to pay an extra ?67 for a solid sheet floor or ?89 for a tough and sturdy tongue and groove floor.
One of these is that thick tongue and groove cladding has been used for the walls and the roof, creating a shed that feels very strong and stable once it’s been assembled. It was the first thing we noticed about the shed and we found it very attractive, but it brings with it practical advantages as well. With shed crime on everyone’s mind, we’re surprised that more wooden storage sheds don’t include this value adding feature.
For starters, we were glad to find that it features a full tongue and groove construction, thus resisting the temptation to use cheaper materials for the floor and the roof. This, in fact, is a shed that comes with lots of options, which is something we always welcome in wooden storage sheds as it allows the customer to get one that’s perfectly suited to their garden. From the moment we first saw this building we knew that it was made to the highest quality, and we were pleased to find this confirmed upon further investigation.
This does mean, however, that you will have to be careful around the windows especially if you often have young children playing in the area.
Please note - Our Installation Service is not available to all areas; please refer to our installation service page at the bottom of our website for details. Please note - Our Installation Service is not available to all areas; please refer to our installation service page for details. Pent roofs are flat (although often sloped) and typically extend over the edge of the shed to a small degree.
This allows us to supply all shiplap wooden garden sheds with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee. The massive internal storage space can be accessed through a large well braced single door and stylish windows are supplied as standard. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the purchaser and Shedrite sheds, the delivery of goods will take place at the address you have specified in the order.
For some of Shedrite sheds’s products, such as log cabins and certain other large garden buildings, it is your responsibility to ensure someone is available to assist in the off loading of these goods upon arrival. This person must be present at the time of delivery and capable of lifting items up to 25kg, we only send out one driver and some items are up to 50kg in weight.
It is made with our quality tongue and groove shiplap cladding and is a strong and robust building that will be standing strong for many years to come. The interior is further strengthened by the use of 28x44mm rounded four corner framework throughout and is fitted with a high security lock as standard. They’re not just a convenient and secure place to store tools and gardening equipment, they can be a focal point for the garden as a whole, and a place to relax. We found high quality components throughout the shed, and it also represents reasonable value as it comes with a very reassuring 15 year guarantee. We were also impressed by the key operated lock that’s supplied as standard, which isn’t something that we often find on mid priced wooden storage sheds like this one.
At less than three hundred pounds for an eight by six timber shed with two fixed windows, this is also one of the best value wooden storage sheds that we’ve reviewed. In this way a decent supply of natural light reaches the interior, which is always a good thing when storing or retrieving objects, and yet passers by will be unable to see if there’s anything valuable kept inside. If this nine by six shed falls within your budget, then we would recommend that you move this to the very top of your shortlist when choosing a storage shed for your garden.
The frame is also much thicker than average, at 44 x 58mm, so this creates a very strong and stable shed. There’s also a well sized square window on the side panel that let’s light flood in on a sunny day, so this is an ideal shed for people who want to find what they’re looking for in a hurry. We were again glad to find that the timbers had been given a pressure treatment and that this brought with it a 15 year guarantee. Its five sided design means that it fits snugly into the corner of just about any garden, making it perfect for people who want the advantages that storage sheds can bring but are worried that they don’t have enough spare space in their garden to accommodate one.
With two windows flanking the double doors we also found this to be a very attractive shed, and it’s only the slightly higher than average price which stops it being placed even further up this league table. The most obvious indicator of this is the four sided staged roof, and whilst it still does a very good job of carrying rain and even snow away, it makes the shed as a whole much more exciting and aesthetically pleasing.
The peak height of 2.63m also makes it the tallest shed in this top twenty league table, so it’s ideal for those who are looking to store lots of tall items.
We also found it less obtrusive than a typical apex shed, so it should appeal to those who are looking for a subtle shed that will blend into the background rather than taking away from the beauty of the garden itself. What we liked most of all about this shed, however, is the great value asking price of less than two hundred and fifty pounds, and it is this that has given it a place within the top half of our league table of the best wooden storage sheds that can be bought online today.
This can be further accentuated during the painting and staining stage, which is something we always recommend for bare wooden sheds, to create something that looks both unique and attractive.

We also liked the bank of three windows along the side panel, which on a sunny day makes this one of the most illuminated interiors that we’ve seen on similarly sized wooden storage sheds.
With increasing numbers of people switching to log burning stoves and fires, this is a feature that we really appreciated. We were also pleased to find that the tongue and groove cladding had been pressure treated and was therefore covered by a 15 year warranty. This means that nobody but the owner will know if anything valuable is kept within, or if it’s practically empty.
This, and an above average price for one of the smaller sheds in our league table, account for its position in the lower half of our list.
There’s a ten year warranty that gives added value, but it’s also worth noting that in common with most other BillyOh sheds there is no floor supplied as standard, so that will take the asking price to over five hundred pounds. We were glad to find that the single hinged door comes with a hasp and staple ready for a padlock to be added as a further boost to security, and the purchase of a lock needn’t add more than ten pounds to what is a very affordable asking price. This brings with it a fifteen year warranty, making this a perfect but for people looking for a secure and durable six by four foot garden storage shed on a tight budget. It’s just as effective at causing rainwater to run away rather than being allowed to sit on the surface, but it creates a much more stylish appearance. This creates a very well lit interior which we feel is perfectly suited to wooden storage sheds.
This is already proportionally the most expensive of the BillyOh sheds in this list, which accounts for its relative positioning compared to its stablemates.
It also has a modular design, which makes it very quick to fit together, which can be a very useful feature for people who may find the idea of putting a six foot by ten foot shed together daunting.
We were also glad to see that the tongue and groove cladding has been pressure treated, but on this occasion that doesn’t bring any extended warranty with it as we would have expected. The smooth planed effect that this creates makes this a striking garden shed that we feel will particularly appeal to those who love traditional styling. The standard 12mm shiplap cladding can be upgraded to 18mm shiplap, 15mm loglap, or 15mm tanalised cladding.
One example of this is the use of 16mm tongue and groove cladding for the walls, roof and floor, making it stronger and more stable than nearly all of its competitors. We were glad to see that the shed is not only a tough environment it’s also a secure one, with a rim lock included as standard. It’s not the cheapest shed in our league table, but it claims top spot by being good looking, tough, secure, and durable. IMPORTANT - Please ensure that a suitable base is prepared for your new garden building prior to installation. This can provide some limited shelter for features such as windows and doors underneath but it is generally for decorative purposes.
Although we supply these sheds with standard, uncoated flooring, it can also be tanalised at a small extra cost.
The Super Pent shed is constructed from secure and robust superior grade shiplap cladding which has been made from selected European softwoods and is protected with a red cedar water based treatment. When the delivery arrives at the specified address someone must be present to accept it and the delivery must be signed for.
This person must be fit and capable of lifting items of up to 25kg in weight as Shedrite sheds may only send one delivery driver and some components can weigh up to 50kg. Most models will be delivered on a flat bed vehicle and need to be off-loaded piece by piece by yourself (or the person you have left to accept the delivery) and the driver. With so many models to choose from, in many different styles and shapes, WhatShed have created this handy guide that reveals the 20 best wooden storage sheds that can be bought online in the UK today. We also looked at the design and appearance of each shed, and took into account any value adding features they may have, such as extended warranties. When these factors are added together it takes this Shed Republic model to the very top of our league table of the best wooden storage sheds. If you want a very durable, and very secure, storage solution for your garden, this is a great choice even if does cost a little more than some of its competitors. This corrugated material is a modern alternative to traditional roofing felt, and yet it’s much easier to manoeuvre and therefore to install.
We feel that this makes it much less likely to be targeted by opportune thieves who typically seek out easy targets, and it also comes with another reassuring feature in the shape of a 10 year guarantee against rot.
We were also impressed at the use of Tanalith-E, a very high quality wood preserver, for the initial pressure treatment. As it’s also very durable and available at a great value price, it earns a place in the top five of our league table.
If you want a low maintenance and low cost timber shed, this is certainly worthy of consideration. With a ten year guarantee and a side window that opens to provide ventilation, this has a lot more to recommend it than just its good looks.
This then would make a good choice for somebody who likes the traditional look of a garden shed, but wants it to have an original twist that acts as a mark of quality. It’s still just as effective when it comes to its weather protection duties, but it makes it much more eye catching, which is why we found this one of the most attractive wooden storage sheds we’ve reviewed. The log store area is covered by the pent roof itself, so that rainwater runs harmlessly away, but it has an open front which allows for the ventilation that logs need in order to be in prime condition to be used as fuel. In fact, it’s only the asking price compared to the dimensions of the interior storage area that prevents this from being placed much higher up our league table. Once again, this was a sign of the high quality components that we found used throughout, and so if the treatment schedule is adhered to this should outlast its ten year warranty period and prove to be a very durable and good looking addition to any garden. This can be a very effective deterrent, and we feel that the overall tough and no-nonsense appearance it creates could also deter some thieves from targeting it.
We can imagine this shed going down particularly well with people who have modern homes and gardens, full of sleek lines and attractive curves. If you want a practical shed that has a unique look, then this is well worth considering even though it does cost more than many traditionally styled six foot by four foot sheds we’ve reviewed, and we would have liked to see the timbers pressure treated. We also liked the wide opening double doors, so whatever you want to store, you’ll have no difficulty getting it in and out.
Secondly, whilst the roof still carries rainwater away, it means that there’s not as much disparity between the ridge and eaves heights, so you won’t have to duck down too much when moving around inside. It’s this omission that prevents this otherwise excellent shed from achieving a higher position in our league table. Heavy duty framing and flooring can be added, and the fixed windows can be changed for opening ones. It has to be said, however, that this is also by far the most expensive of the wooden storage sheds in our league table, and with a 10 rather than 15 year warranty as well, this prevents it from being placed any higher up our WhatShed league table, as it would otherwise have been.
Whether you want a storage shed for your garden, a metal workshop, or a summer house to relax in, WhatShed bring you the in depth reviews that have the answers to all your garden building questions.
The base must be firm and level, and must be a minimum of the size of the floor of the building. Our entire range of wooden garden sheds are treated with a golden brown, Protek water based treatment which weather proofs the shed. Alternatively, an agreement can be made prior to delivery whereby written confirmation, in the form of an email or fax, stating permission is provided to drop the goods off at your given address without the requirement to have anyone present to sign for them.
Let’s see what makes it into our league table of today’s best wooden storages sheds available online in the UK.
This value adding feature was just one element that helped this great value shed into the runner up spot in our league table.
It comes with a 15 year guarantee, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it last even longer. With the addition of a padlock, which can be an inexpensive addition, this can be a security solution for your garden. This makes the Super Pent shed an excellent and aesthetically pleasing product which provides ideal storage space for any garden. Providing that Shedrite sheds delivers the goods to the address you have specified in the order then the goods will be deemed to have been delivered and Shedrite sheds will not be liable to you for any subsequent claim of non-delivery. Shedrite sheds cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury sustained due to incorrect unloading, usage or assembly of any of our products.
This is already higher than we find on most similarly sized sheds, and as there’s no preservative treatment on the standard model, this keeps it towards the foot of our league table.
Shedrite sheds does not have to be satisfied that the person who accepts delivery at the given address is you (or authorised by you to accept delivery of the goods). For comprehensive instructions on how to assemble products safely and correctly please visit the help centre on this site.
Tiger Cabin branded products are made from kiln dried timber and must be covered if they are to be stored outside prior to construction and treatment.
Any liability of Shedrite sheds for non-delivery of the goods shall be limited to replacing the goods within a reasonable time or issuing a credit note at the pro rata contract rate against any invoice raised for such goods.
The quantity or content of any consignment of goods or components of a good that are recorded by Shedrite sheds upon dispatch shall be conclusive evidence of the quantity or content received by you upon delivery unless you can provide conclusive evidence to the contrary.

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