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In my high school physics class, one of our projects was to build a bridge out of balsa wood and glue that weighted under a certain amount and then see how much weight the bridge would hold. While this is just one example, 3D printing offers a wide variety of educational uses, allowing students to design and create actual objects to test in a real world environment. Stay informed!Subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with our latest developments. Model bridge building and testing has become a very popular activity in creative problem solving. Everything the educator, school, science teacher or homeschool instructor could need (and more!) for science projects, teaching lessons and experiments for science in the classroom, teacher activities and ideas for science fair projects. Educational Innovations' newsletters are loaded with lesson ideas, teaching tips, and special discounts. The Challenge: Standing around the perimeter of a tarp, group members begin by holding the edges of a tarp with both hands. In this assignment, you will study the properties of density and specific gravity for a variety of industrial materials. Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to provide insight into the concept of efficiency that is critical to engineering.
Detailed Overview: Using common, inexpensive materials (including index cards, paper, tape, rubber bands, balsa sticks, staples, and hot glue) you will design, build, and compression test a simple structure. In this assignment, you will study the quantitative concepts of stress and strain in materials.
In this assignment, you will learn about the EDP (Engineering Design Process) and learn how it assists engineers in their work. In this assignment, you will work with a team to build modular mechanisms that satisfy the given design parameters.

In this assignment, you will select and build a model of a mechanism that is important to our technological society. In this assignment, you will take a detailed look at the process of making steel, a primary manufacturing process. Be certain to get a screen capture (CTRL-Print Screen) of this to submit with your lab report. In theory, this would allow us to apply the basic engineering concepts we were learning to a real world problem. With 3D printing, students could design a bridge, test it, see what failed, and then redesign their bridge based on what they learned.
The only limits to this technology are the creativity and imagination of students.  The low cost, biodegradable FDM (fused deposition modeling) material combined with the decreasing prices of consumer 3D printers makes 3D printing a cost-effective and safe way for schools and school districts to allow students to learn and experiment.
What was the difference in results between the small group (1st) and the large group (2nd)? Use of materials not listed above will result in disqualification and a grade of zero on the assignment. Use of material quantities exceeding those stated above will result in disqualification and a grade of zero on the assignment. Write 1 or 2 sentences for each concept explaining how this might help you solve the problem. Working with your partner, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each possible solution. Working with your partner, choose the final design and create the final assembly sketches and parts list.
Present the finished tower with your sketches and parts list to your teacher for final evaluation before testing.

Begin by observing and taking notes during the Introduction to Simple Machines demonstration lesson. The left hand menu of the introductory screen has 15 links that are helpful to familiarize with before attempting to make steel. I recommend that you look through at the bare minimum the stirring, ladle, degassing, and oxygen blowing sections. After reading the desired reference, click on the picture of the crucible and ladle to start the simulation.
The precision and repeatability of 3D printing means the only variable that changes is the student’s design. 3D printing is billed as a technology of the future so why don’t we get it in the hands of the future, today’s students? The objective is to flip the tarp so that the object rests on the opposite side of the tarp, facing up. Small changes to a bridge, or even entire re-designs, can be tested knowing the quality of construction will be consistent, allowing students to learn from their failures. Participants cannot let go of the tarp at any time and the ball should remain in contact with the tarp at all times. Building the bridge was also extremely time consuming, so we only made one bridge and did not have the chance to learn why our design failed and to improve upon the bridge, which is where the bulk of actual learning would occur. From the description I had a different understanding of what it was-they need to include a photo of what you get in the box.

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