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I don't know if you've talked about this, but is there something you can put on the table after you finish it to add kind of a protective layer to it?
You are an amazing person, and phooey on your sister who said that you are "just a housewife", you are much more than that, and I hope that you've realized that!
School has started around here and with our 4 year old in PreK and our 1 year old daughter still taking a decent nap, my wife has had a little more free time… or as we like to call it garage time.
Disclosure: The links provided in the “materials” and “required tools” sections are affiliate links. Follow these free DIY plans to build a narrow cottage style side table that not only looks amazing but is very functional. No woodworking experience required.
As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to comment below and especially don’t forget to post pictures of your finished products in the comments! Love the cottage style side table, have you thought of creating plans for a matching coffee table? It fits perfectly in their narrow condo, and the benches hide away completely when not in use, making this table able to function as stand in kitchen prep surface.
Flip tabletop upside down, center legs upside down on the table bottom, and attach legs to table top with pocket hole screws. Flip bench top upside down, and attach legs (also upside down) to bench using the apron pocket holes and pocket screws.

This was a very easy project and only took a few hours to build (especially with another set of hands to hold the wood), and then another day to sand, stain, and varnish. From the underside, fasten through the under tabletop support pieces into the tabletop pieces. I've been bugging my husband to build me a new table, and I've been saying for over a year now i want a farm table.This makes me think I can get into his tools and do it myself! If you would like to support our site and help keep our content free come find out more about how we can make money with no extra cost to you.
It would be very helpful, however, if you would add the degree of the angle cuts on the legs and the trim to your instructions. Daniel and Adelle moved into their new place and took their newly finished modern farmhouse table and benches with them.
My aunt will be tearing down an old barn on her property that was built by my great-grandfather (it's structurally unsound, or she wouldn't be doing it!). Now normally I write the plans and then we build, but this time things went a little backwards. I let the paint try completely in between coats and lightly sanded after each coat with 220 grit sand paper.
In other words, I write plans for awesome looking furniture that are so easy it will blow your mind!

As for the legs I left that angle off because the angle is greater that what a miter saw can cut and should be cut with a circular saw or jig saw.
Rogue Engineer has made every effort to be complete and accurate in the instructions provided on this website. Mind you as much as we will enjoy our garage space back, we will miss working with Daniel and Adelle on this project! Rogue Engineer will not assume any responsibility or liability for damages or losses sustained or incurred in the course of your project or in the use of the item you create. It's different working with friends than a spouse, it's laid back and there (usually) isn't any swearing involved. Always follow the manufacturer's operating instructions in the use of tools, check and follow your local building codes, and observe all commonly accepted safety precautions. And I look forward to eating at it for many many years to come so that my kids can have the same memory.

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