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All that is required for delivery of your building is a security deposit (reimbursed upon purchase of the unit) and the first month's rent. If your building becomes a financial burden or if for any reason you no longer need the building, simply give us a call and we will promptly pick it up and your credit will remain untarnished.
Warranties: We guarantee our buildings to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years. Good running and cutting Yard Man riding mower , it has a 46" cut and a six speed trans , it's powered by a Briggs 18.5hp engine .
Please telephone 01626 833875 to discuss your requirements or contact Dainton Portable Buildings. We also supply used portable toilets and shower units throughout Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Wales. The Dainton Portable Buildings price match guarantee applies to equivalent like-for-like quotes less than 7 days old, excluding quotes incorporating price reductions, promotions, discounts or special offers. It has never been easier to purchase the #1 selling storage buildings and Cabins in America then it is now!!
4) Our prices are at or below our competition while still offering a far superior building. From Austin, Texas north to Southern Oklahoma, from Tyler to Abilene TX, and all the surrounding towns and rural areas of Dallas and Ft.
We have the best portable buildings in the Texas and Oklahoma area and use premium quality materials for superior endurance.
We have the only patented ventilation system that helps prevent your valuables from the mold and mildew in the Texas extreme temp.
Our portable metal garage is great for protecting your vehicles, boats or other valuable items! Beautiful Chincoteague Pony, 14 hands, Very friendly and easygoing, Great with kids and other pets, just dont have the time to spend with her anymore.
Lots of windows and an open floor plan make our 2013 Best Small Home award winner seem much larger than 800 sq.ft.
Get an inside look at each of the 2013 Fine Homebuilding HOUSES Award winners including the best new home, best remodel, best energy-smart home, best small home, best retirement home, and our editor's choice.
Follow the links below for a free video and photo gallery for each of the houses (plus an online-members-only feature article). Most people would balk at the idea of living in a home that’s only 300 square feet (or less!).
The picture shown is a home owned by Gregory Paul Johnson, who helped pioneer the small house movement. His mobile hermitage is 150 square feet total, and was built by Jay Shafer, of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. So, why would you want to sell 95% of your possessions and move into a home the size of many people’s closets?
Many of them also utilize green practices like wind and solar energy, and greywater recycling. I’m sure you can also guess that living in a mini home means that your utility bills are mini as well.
Loft Cube– These cubes have been designed for rooftop living (like in New York), but as far as I understand it, I think you can put them anywhere. When I first found out about the mini home movement, I couldn’t get my hands on enough information!

This Tiny House– A wonderful blog on small home living, and how to prepare for living in a micro home.
The Small House Society– There is a lot of great information here on living in a mini home, and all the advantages (and disadvantages) that go with it. Small House Style– This is a wonderful site chock full of information on living in a small house. Small Space Living– This blog is dedicated to living in a small space, and how to make your possessions do double duty. Tiny House Design– This blog is chock full of awesome information on tiny home living. Since discovering the small home movement, however, we know this is the direction we’re going to go. Can you imagine getting rid of it all, keeping only the things that you care most about, and living in a space that uplifts you instead of dragging you down? I was wondering if any readers out there know how to contact the designer of the MINI HOME as feachered on YOU TUBE his name is Andy and he lives in Canada i think…. To the post above me, I believe small houses are perceived as superior to a camper van or mobile home because of the design and style.
I’m completely down with this and ready to move to a shipping container house or other small micro home. The low monthly rental rates are comparable to commercial storage rates per square foot, however, our Rent To Own program allows you to have your storage facility in your own backyard. You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep the building.
All exposed pressure treated wood has a lifetime limited manufacturer warranty against termites and fungal decay. Wall studs are 24 inch on center, doubled under siding seams to help seal building, same strength as 16 inch on center (as in home construction). Floor joists are 2x6's in 10' and 12' withes, 16 inch on center and set into notched skids to prevent twisting.
Whether it be pets, kids or just general traffic, some carpet stains just never seem to go away. The Dainton Portable Buildings price match guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with other Dainton Group Services discounts or offers.
We will not ask you for a credit check, you will not have to fill out any loan applications.
You are buying a building that is built to last and protect your valuables like no other portable storage building on the market. Our portable metal garage is available in many different sizes so we can custom fit a portable metal garage to fit your needs! Come to Acadiana Discount Portable Buildings 4108 W Park Av Gray La, across from HL Bourgeois High School or call Robert at . Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques.
He runs The Small House Society, and his home has been featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal. The smallest start at 60 or 80 square feet, while the larger pre-fab micro homes start at 300 square feet and go up to 900 or more.
Green Living– Most of the builders and designers that are part of the micro home movement live green in their own lives.

Frugal Living– As you can probably imagine, micro homes cost far less to live in than a 2,500 square footer.
Like I said above, many designers and builders in mini homes also incorporate wind or solar into the home, which means that in many cases, you can live completely off the grid in one of these homes.
Some look like traditional houses, others are arts and crafts style, some look like old-timey Texas saloons, and other pre-fab homes are part of the modernist movement.
The cool thing about M Finity is that they offer free shipping and free set up on their mod homes.
His blog details the project every step of the way, and has some really amazing pictures of how his home turned out. It has house plans, tips, personal stories, and an impressive amount of resource links for online communities focused on tiny homes and simple living. Currently our home is 1300 square feet, and we don’t use a good portion of that space. But let me say this: before my freelancing business got going, I owned a professional organizing business here in Michigan.
My current one bedroom place is about the right size (maybe a little bigger would be nice) so in the morning I’ll have to measure it all up.
All of our pressure treated buildings come complete with quality, residential grade 30 year shingles. These are made with much better material than the ones you can get at home improvement stores. Micro homes consume far less energy than traditional homes, and most of the time they’re designed and built using renewable resources, like cork and bamboo. In some weird way, I really fancy one of those containers but I suspect I’d go for something with a nice homely wood feel so long as I can actually get my hand on such a thing here in New Zealand. Ours is 5 times stronger pressure treated floor system and FEMA rated to withstand 150mph winds.
Our portable metal garage is available in 3 different roof styles regular, boxed eave and vertical! Living with only the bare necessities frees up your time (and income) to do things you really want to do. Either the municipality dictates houses have to be over 1000 sq feet or building permits are close to $10,000 for a small $40,000 shipping container house (CA). Our portable metal garage is available in 14 or 12 gauge framing and 29 or 26 gauge roofing metal!
Larger homes, like those designed and built by Jay Schafer, of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, start at $36,000 and go up from there. WHERE in the USA can people do this without so many regulations that it makes it not feasible? So if your looking for a great garage at a great price give us a call 1-877-662-9060 or email us today!!

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