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We have the best kit steel shed prices, custom designs and personal service on all sheds, barns and garages delivered anywhere in Australia from local factories! Steelway Buildings supplies Australia wide and specialise in all sheds, American barns, industrial buildings, garages, commercial sheds, farm sheds, Quaker barns and hangars.
Steelway Buildings are experienced with many commercial shed projects suitable for a range of industries such as mining, gas and mechanical. Steelway Buildings offer American, Quaker or Aussie barns in whatever size or formation you require.
Steelway Buildings are experienced in supplying aircraft hangars whatever your requirements. With more than 50 years combined experience, our dedicated team will spend time understanding your unique requirements and engineering a custom, quality solution that meet New Zealand standards. As locals we know the unique environmental and weather conditions of the region and will build to meet your individual requirements using the most cost effective design. We have a loyal team of qualified tradespeople who have a wealth of experience and knowledge across the entire Shed Boss product range. FREE ONLINE QUOTEAt Shed Boss Christchurch, we specialize in providing our clients with the best possible building configuration to meet their requirements, including wind and snow loadings to suit their location. We can custom build all types of buildings including domestic sheds, warehouses, Industrial and commercial buildings, Stockman barns, Dairy sheds and Aircraft hangers. Dave Waghorn, owner of Shed Boss Christchurch, has been constructing all steel buildings for around 15 years, and has a wealth of building experience. Polytex specialise in the manufacturing of taurpaulin and other associated products for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial and Military applications.
Shed Erector provide reliable shed erecting services, with years of experience in commercial and residential shed building. Stokland Sheds specialises in the design and construction of Pre Fabricated Steel Buildings. National Sheds is an Australian business that produces high quality steel buildings made from Bluescope Steel.
In 2013, SPC slashed contracts, Simplot almost shut down a processing plant & Spring Gully briefly entered administration. As I rack my brain for alternatives to purchasing a house, I seem to lean towards prefab homes and kits. Havingsuch a curiosity about kit homes, I wonder if there’s any way to put a couple of Tuff Sheds together and call it home, or at least a temporary home. With an apartment above the garage, not only could our car fit, but we could also use the other half of the garage as storage.
The 42-page e-book contains the framing plans, required lumber, and drawings for this structure.

It is a very interesting option, but the problem with building new houses is that you need to get connected to heat, water, and power plants. Don’t forget to include the cost of building permits and building inspection fees in your calculations.
I added a 12×15 ft TuffShed on to a garden shed of the same size by removing both sheds end doors and attaching them at the facing ends,the opening becoming the passage from one to the next. At the time, about 6 years ago we put about 5000$ into this project by doing most of the work our selves, getting over run sliders, sale moldings for sills etc. I would like to use your photo in a powerpoint presentation (for my work as an urban planner) as an example of ancillary housing in suburbia. Looking forward to hearing more information, ideas and advise to afforable housing (tuff shed) and my new adventure in Hawaii, building my tuff shed housing project. I have had experience while working for a contractor as well as by building my own home as the contractor. The Duchess gives you the choice of enhancing a traditional pitched concrete garage to blend perfectly with your home. With a choice of 6 different tile colours, rearward sloping roof and a comprehensive choice of doors - you will have no trouble in making this building your own.
We understand your needs to ensure the best design for your shed with Australian made steel at the best possible price.
Since 2000, we have been delivering nationwide from local distribution centres in each State and pride ourselves on great quality and value.
Top quality sheds, designed to your requirements and delivered anywhere from our network of local Stramit factories. We manage the build of your project from construction to completion, including coordination of all Council applications and insurances, taking the hassle out of the process. You will not only be purchasing a shed but rather a Shed Boss experience, receiving the strongest and best value for money shed on the market. Stokland Sheds’ staff have the knowledge to assist you with all aspects of your new shedding requirements, with over five years experience in the shed industry. National Sheds specialises in designing custom sheds using a shed software programme to suit and create shed designs to specific specifications. Advanced Barns and Sheds prides itself on the ability to meet customer requirements and exceed expectations. Supplying a wide range of Steel Buildings and Sheds for the Rural and Agricultural Industries. Every time I swing by the Home Depot, positioned just outside their front door, are a variety of Tuff Sheds. Since we’d be on our own land, we might as well keep as much stuff as possible in our garage instead of paying for storage.

I know that where I live, all the nearby land is bought out by companies that are putting in cookie cutter homes.
The same is happening in my neighborhood, any vacant land is being turned into a multi-housing community (no matter how small the land)!
I don’t know how this works in the US but wouldn’t it be a significant extra expense? Please let me know since I don’t own the rights to many of my photos here on this site. Add in real brick front posts, stone, brick and textured wall finishes, fascia options, the Duchess creates a beautiful garage design.
When we built, our rural area had several extra charges they added on to help fund the infrastructure development required by all us city folks moving to the country (mostly related to highway improvements and new interchanges to get to our country properties). The only prefab home website where I saw the cost of land prep was Wee House and they estimated up to $120K for land prep, sewer, plumbing, electrical, permits, etc. This might be something my husband and I look into more seriously in a few years when we make a decision to purchase property.
Now it would cost more but the main price point is determined by how much you can trade for or do yourself after the basic shell is up. No part of this material may be reproduced, translated, transmitted, framed or stored in a retrieval system for public or private use without the written permission of the publisher. Granted, the shed doors are wide open and there’s not a lick of furniture, or anything else for that matter, inside. The TS folks don’t advertise this, but they will actually do many modifications if they are reasonable, no more work or cost. It was a shock when we went to get our building permit – $1500 for the permit, $10,000 in other fees. After the framing,roof and siding is done, they leave and you mount the custom doors and windows you want. Having browsed many a home plan, I know that it’s possible to build an apartment above a garage.
How and where they frame the doors and windows for instance is mostly up to the purchaser as long as its structurally sound. I think Id be happy adding a bath and galley kitchen to this studio, and eventually an upstairs sleeping loft when I re-roof the old half.

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