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This has got to be the ultimate boys toy for the garden, whether you have mates around watching the sports or a family gathering this garden bar will help you tender to their thirst yet leave the with a taste of envy and the sudden realisation you have just taken out door entertainment to an all new level. All our products are built by us in our own workshop, none of our items are shipped in from abroad this guareentees that we are able to monitor not just the quality of the construction but also the quality of the products we use to construct your garden building. Once you have ordered and paid for your item you will receive an email outlining your order and that your order has been passed through to the workshop for construction. On the day before delivery we will contact you with the drivers phone number and an approximate time of delivery should you require this, so you are not hanging around all day what for it to arrive.
All Oregon’s excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and knowledgeable employees helped us to create a truly unique outdoor living space that is enjoyed year round. We procrastinated for years, putting off replacing the shoddy deck we inherited with our new home.
We have contracted many companies over the years, from home builders to remodels and to be honest every one of them were a total nightmare. We have enjoyed being customers of All Oregon Landscaping for over 11 years, which has included the full design, implementation and maintenance of landscaping for two custom homes with highly manicured lawns and gardens involving high quality plant material, elegant lighting, accent boulders, well-sculpted hardscaping, water features and swimming pools. At All Oregon Landscaping we understand that your home is a reflection of you, therefore it’s important who you choose to work with. It was built on a complete whim out of about 60% wooden pallets picked up for free over several months from the industrial estate at the end of our road in Lewisham. We will then contact our couriers with your post code and require the soonest date that they are in your area, we usually receive the delivery date 5-7 days prior to delivery.
This design looks like it could be out on the streets of Portland, not tucked away in a backyard. This is a well designed space that can be used as a pub shed or place to pot plants or other yard crafts. Style it however you like by going either full on “man cave” or dialing it back creating a multi-use space that doubles as a bar for yard parties and barbecues. The All Oregon Team delivers a high quality landscaping experience with excellent recurring customer service. All Oregon Landscaping is a family owned business that has been in existence for 23+ years. I sketched out the rough plan for it on a train into Charing Cross one day and it then began to take over our lives for a while ( in a good way).

I found a brilliant tool for breaking them apart from an eccentric one-man inventor and 'pallet guru' online.Doors came from skips or eBay.
As soon as we have your delivery information we will then contact you again via email to inform you of your delivery date. Imagine a nice, well-built shed outfitted as a personal lounge complete with beer taps, comfy chairs, a television, and anything else you can imagine to make your backyard life buzz! Little touches like the hanging dart board and the sign make it an inviting place to hang out. The slanted roof will drain nicely so that even during rainy Portland winters this space could be a nice respite. We handle all landscape design elements, be it boulders, fountains, outdoor kitchens, gardens, or pub sheds anywhere in the Portland area.
Even if I knew what I was doing, I could not have put it together better myself You listened to our needs and wants and came through better than we could have ever anticipated. We were involved with the ideas of the landscape and with the expertise and professionalism of the team, it all came together timely and on budget.
With property that required extensive renovation, we’ve contracted everything from plumbing and electrical work to major excavation over the years. From the landscape design process through the actual planting of our landscape, every step of the way went smoothly and efficiently, on time and within budget. We are a family of four and the shed has brought us all much closer together and has brought really joyful moments in the short time it has been finished.We built it as a 'holiday home', albeit one that is just a few steps away at the end of our own garden. Windows and skylight are all bargains from eBay too.I was told by that completely obsessed 'pallet guru' that the pallets I got are North American Cedar. We’d love to add a pub shed to our next landscape design, and it seems entirely fitting because we work mostly in the Portland area. It includes, a pool table, jukebox, cinema system and bar at a cost of roughly $22,000 (converted from British Pounds).
Along with my family, I’m looking at enjoying our new backyard are for many-many years to come! From start to finish All Oregon did exactly and more than promised and are you ready for this?
I wanted it to inspire us to spend proper time together as a family - like we do when we 'get away from it all' on holiday.

Believe it or not – Portland has more breweries than any city in the entire world and finding some amazing beer for your pub shed is an easy task. The workers were always very professional, always cleaned up after themselves, and very hard working. I was out of town when the crew came, but it was a beautiful surprise to see it taken care of when I got home.
It's put together to feel like we are at the end of a country lane and by the time we dash the few steps across the garden to the shed we really do feel tucked away from it all. Have spent years dreaming about building a shed in my back garden and even more years picking up ideas from holidays abroad.
We have been in our home for seven years now and All Oregon has always been available to help with our maintenance. The design team is stellar, the crew was the greatest and Tony Prunty radiated professionalism in his field.
Already, many a weekend early morning we've dashed across in the rain to play Monopoly in our pyjamas in front of the wood burner. Since we finished it just before Christmas, they've actually been out there every single day and we haven't even reached the balmy days of summer yet!We really do love living in London but yearn for our boys to enjoy the thrills and skills they'd get from living in the countryside. So I'm really chuffed that already I can send my eldest down to the shed to light the stove on his own, while I keep a careful eye from the kitchen. We've had a go at making our own sausages and cooked breakfast on the little stove in there for the whole family on New Year's Day.
We've just managed to squeeze in the lawnmower, shovels, tins of paint and usual 'shed stuff' behind a sliding door in the back corner of the shed too.
Right at the very back there's even a broken placard from a peace protest that I can't quite bear to part with yet. I reckon, actually, that's just the kind of useless sentimental rubbish that all sheds are supposed to be full of though.

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