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Also last year, the Glendale, CA-based operator invested heavily in new locations, spending $1.16 billion to buy 121 locations.
Reyes said street rates are up 5 percent to 10 percent over last year, depending on the market. Last year, Public Storage raised rents on existing tenants between 9 percent and 10 percent, according to Reyes.
In 2013, most of the REIT’s acquisitions happened in the fourth quarter, when the company bought 89 facilities in eight states for $765 million. CEO Ronald Havner said that much of the activity was concentrated in large off-market portfolio deals that arose late in the year.
An artist’s rendering of a facility that Public Storage plans to open in Glendale, CA. The lack of attractive facilities on the market has spurred the company to ramp up development, with an existing pipeline that will triple the total square footage it built last year. Public Storage spent $85 million last year on new development and expansion, adding 614,000 rentable square feet.
During the first quarter, the company expects to complete three projects with a total price tag of $40 million. Public Storage is concentrating new development in markets where it already doesn’t have a major presence, including Denver, Houston and Phoenix.
Same-store revenue grew 5.4 percent and same-store net operating income grew 8 percent during the fourth quarter.
The company finished the fourth quarter with a same-store average occupancy rate of 93 percent.
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One of real estate’s least-exciting businesses—warehouses that allow people to store their unused sofas, lamps and other household goods—have become a hit with investors.
Actually, self-storage was on the map long before then, but maybe not among the glitterati.
The storage companies themselves have turned out to be winners, too, as their stock prices surge. Combine these factors and when a family suffers an economic reversal, and downsizes its housing consumption, the family needs places to keep their valuables. The foreclosure crisis also has boosted demand for storage space as families downsize into smaller rental housing. Among the four self-storage REITs tracked in the Dow Jones index, Extra Space Storage Inc, the second-largest public storage operator with 882 facilities in 34 states, packed the biggest punch, with a 2011 total return of 43%. Those results greatly outpaced the 8% return for all REITs, as measured by the Dow Jones All REIT Equity Index. You get down to the hotel room in Honolulu and you open up your suitcase and you put away all your stuff.
Self-storage has long been viewed as a stable business because it is an expense borne out of necessity. While most self-storage companies performed well, analysts said that Extra Space, based in Salt Lake City, benefited more than others because customers are drawn to its newer facilities located in densely populated markets. Once people have moved in their chattel goods, they are unlikely to shift the goods for a better storage; instead the goods will remain indefinitely until they are reclaimed (because the household regains its economic footing and moves into a larger space), or sold.
Police in Raytown, MO, are looking into dozens of possible break-ins at this Public Storage facility.
Police in a suburb of Kansas City, MO, are investigating suspected break-ins at dozens of units at a Public Storage facility.
Investigators in Raytown, MO, determined that 52 units were damaged over a two-day period, with possible break-ins at 47 of the units. Renters of the units are being contacted to determine what, if anything, was stolen, according to the Raytown Police Department.
DeKalb County police say more than four dozen self-storage units were damaged at the Public Storage facility on in Decatur on Wednesday.The police report states 52 units were broken into and damaged at the facility, which is located on Snap Finger Woods Drive. The company sent out rent-hike notices from February through August, with most going out during the summer.
Havner said it’s hard to tell what’s in store for acquisitions this year, but he expects the REIT to be an active acquirer again in 2014.

Havner said the availability of top-quality facilities has declined, despite more sellers looking to make deals.
This year, the company has 21 redevelopment and construction projects on tap, adding 1.8 million rentable square feet at a cost of $196 million. Havner said the REIT will add more projects as the year goes on, possibly to the tune of $100 million. This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management. Prices, storage unit sizes and amenities vary by location but the Junction and Liberty Village locations are decent options.
Last year, the stocks of real-estate investment trusts in the self-storage business posted a total return of 35.4%, the strongest gain of any REIT sector for the second consecutive year.
Knott well knows, events that create self-storage demand are usually unhappy ones.  And many of them last much longer than just a short period, because we swiftly accommodate to our reduced circumstances.
Kirk noted that during the downturn, public-storage companies only suffered mild revenue declines compared with the double-digit drops by other commercial landlords.
Kirk says the business will continue to benefit from higher rents in part due to the absence of new competition. He first moved to Austin in 1999, when downtown Austin wasn't nearly as lively as it is today.
Victims said someone pilfered through their belongings to steal only the best stuff.Bobbie Pettiford opened her unit to find a jumbled mess of boxes and belongings. Executives with the self-storage REIT attribute the gain to boosts in rental and occupancy rates. However, some markets hit hardest by snow—including New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC—did see a decline in move-ins. A 5x10 in Liberty Village costs $135.45 tax included but the first month is only $1 (plus an $18 administration fee). And, while Extra Space did drop rents for new tenants, it continued to raise rental rates for existing customers every month.
Of those that reported break-ins or thefts in 2012, the average number of incidents per facility was 2.2.

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