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Bike Rack Shops, the leading Internet retailer of bike racks for cars and bike storage racks, has released its fall trends report.
As people in many parts of the country start preparing to store their bikes for the winter, Bike Rack Shops has unveiled this fall’s most popular bike storage solutions.
To help consumers select the best bike rack for a home or garage, the rack specialists at Bike Rack Shops offer the primary pros and cons for each of the top-ranked racks. Bike Rack Shops was the Internet’s first dedicated source for meeting the vehicle and storage rack needs of cyclists and has evolved into the Internet’s leading source for bicycle and storage racks. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Finding a good place to store your bicycles can be tough, especially if you live in a residence with no garage or basement as is the case for many city-dwellers.
Below are our recommendations for which types of bicycle storage racks are best suited for different applications, such as the best looking racks, the best bike racks for limiting damage to the wall, the cheapest bike racks and the best type of bike rack for organizing your garage. When your storing bikes in the garage, finding the most efficient storage system is paramount. If you don't want to mount to your garage wall, tension mount or free-standing bike racks also work well in the garage to stack multiple bikes. Another great option is the Cycloc, which can adjust to any bike frame or hanging angle and is a good value at around $60.00. We find the ceiling mounted racks a bit impractical, but if you have bikes that you don’t use regularly, a ceiling mount like the Ceiling Mount Bike Lift from the Container Store can be a fantastic way to free up both floor and wall space. In the end, the best way to store your bicycle really depends on your personal needs and preferences. Roomations has a network of freelancing interior designers ready to provide you with personalized room designs and product recommendations. Our line of golf bag holders from Racor will help you organize all your clubs, shoes, balls, and accessories.

With the cycling season nearing its end in many parts of the country, bikers are taking bikes off car bike racks and moving them to the safety of a home or garage rack. With a focus on durability and ease of use, the list of top selling bike racks includes styles that can be used in any type of home or garage.
To select the perfect rack, cyclists should determine how many bikes need to be stored, who is going to be using the rack, and how accessible the bikes need to be.
Available in eight color combinations and holds 2 or 3 bikes, but many can be mounted side by side. Cyclists simply pull a rope to hoist one bike up near the ceiling to keep it completely out of the way. With independently adjustable arms, this rack accommodates two bikes of nearly any frame shape or size.
Its mission is to provide outstanding service, the lowest allowable prices, and the widest selection of leading bike rack brands. To help just about everyone dealing with more bikes than storage space, we looked at different indoor bicycle racks that can be used in your main living space, in a storage room or in a crowded garage.
However, some bicycle storage solutions are better suited to bikes with a horizontal bar as part of the frame as opposed to a diagonal one. The Schulte Bike Rack With Basket can attached to a slatted wall finish that works with other organizing attachments to hold sports equipment, garden tools, and more -- offering a complete solution to organizing your garage. A simple, purely functional wall-mount like the Racor 1-Bike Folding Rack can cost as little as twenty bucks. Check out instructions posted by  Kyle Wilson and Shelterness for these awesome DIY bike racks!
I hope this overview has helped you decide which kind of bike storage rack, mount or hook is right for you, your bike and your home. We combine breathtaking visual inspiration with practical design advice, product finds and 'tricks of the trade' you can use to transform your own home.

This ceiling mounted bike lift will get the bikes out of the way when they are not being used.
However, buyers can cut down the cost of owning and maintaining a bike by building their own bike stand. Made with high quality and sturdy construction in mind, our golf bag racks come with a lifetime guarantee. The specialists at Bike Rack Shops have analyzed sales to date and search traffic statistics to identify the most sought after bike storage racks. Each bike rack identified offers unique options for those seeking convenience and safety when storing their bikes. The top five bike storage racks reflect the diverse needs of individual cyclists and biking families. Headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, Bike Rack Shops is a division of Renaissance Retail, the Internet’s leading source for specialty consumer products. We also offer quick shipping on a large selection of bike racks to help you organize equipment for all outdoor activites.
Delta Cycle has several affordable options as well with an intentional industrial design aesthetic. Most other wall-mounted bike hangers are designed only for a horizontal cross bar, but the Cycloc can be rotated to accommodate any angle of bar. As far as free-standing bike racks, the SPORTRACK BSR12 UNIVERSAL BIKE STACKER (pictured above with a silver mountain bike, just below the Schulte Bike Rack with Basket) has adjustable arms though I can't attest to how well it works in practice.

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