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So in effect you are offering to do the work on a voluntary basis, charging the customer the cost of the materials alone. I'm ever so nosey Andy and I'm always in trouble for getting personal, but can I get personal?
You don't think it will turn out to be some glorified open day with very very clever advertising do you?
They make it sound like a special chosen class for this particular course that you can't buy your way into. I have been following this thread, Miss P, but it's all been said by others, and well too.
I know its young Newmarket is 5hrs from me as well and its a 14 week live in course followed by a guaranteed 3 year apprenticeship which comes with a full wage.
Looks like a lot of accurate machining for a starter upper, do you mean you assembled it from a kit? Bought this to match a 5 litre tin I found in the back of my shed.Lord knows how old that one was but this was a perfect match colour wise. Answer:A Hi, as this product is wax enriched it is best applied by brush, the waxy nature of the product means that it will not pass through one of our sprayers.
Answer:A Hi Noreen, our Cuprinol Shed and Fence Protector isn't suitable for decking so I would recommend using our Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil.
Bought this product in medium oak and all reviews suggested not to be alarmed by the colour because it would change to a nicer colour within 2 days of application. Answer:A Hi thanks for your question, I'm afraid you can only use the Sprayable Fencelife through a pump sprayer. Unfortunately my experience of purchasing this product was spoiled because I discovered that it's not available for home delivery and when purchasing in store some of the other items from my on-line order weren't available at that store, therefore I now have to re-order the out of stock items on-line again - very inconvenient. Used on decking, covers quite well on new wood, 2-3 coats on dark oak fence and it looks good. Just replaced my fence panels and painted them with this, great product does as it says one coat and my panels look great in forest green, bargain price as the price was reduced. Still, I thought, at least my woodwork is protected and I can forget about it for a few years to come.
I'd interpret that as meaning that it COULD last 2 years, if applied generously to a perfect timber surface, and the weather remains clement throughout. This stuff may be an inexpensive purchase, but if you have to spend 9hrs applying coat after coat, then it's definitely NOT good value! It washed off the brush really easily, in spite of using the same brush 2 days running without cleaning it in between. I have used this product several times and each time i am impressed with the finished result.Good product,excellent value for money. Terrific value for money,even without a promotional offer it knocks spots off the prices of the competition.

Purchased the product after reading all the great reviews on it and at half the price of other similar products. After brand name recognition I went for this because of the fantastic value offer at Screwfix where I could buy two cans for a smidge more than one from other suppliers.
Cuprinol Ducksback Autumn Gold Shed & Fence Treatment 5L.You can apply this shed & fence treatment from the Cuprinol Ducksback range to fences sheds & other rough sawn garden wood using a brush to colour and provide protection against weathering.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. It took me about a week to lay the base of 4 x 5 metres in narrow strips that I could manage on my own. Highly stressed as important week next week so need my early nights and all the rest of it. But if Andy is as fortunate as he says (apart from the ill-health bit) so's he can afford to do this for his own enjoyment and satisfaction, then great.
Becca has just informed me she needs to practice her strawberry mousse and shortbread for her cooking exam next term I bet its me clearing up the kitchen. This one seems thicker and covers better but if the manufacturers manage to paint 15 fence panels with it they must be awful small panels. The wood was already treated for external use when erected by the housebuilders but was beginning to look a bit tired.
Applies well, odourless, sensible tub looks like it will stand a few openings and closings. I didn't need two as it turns out, the one coat coverage is not an empty promise - it really does cover with one coat and, it's easy to apply. Indeed, the best and most reliable stain at a price that even undercut inferior products in two local discount supermarkets! Product can could be improved by incorporation of an integral pourer spout similar to those used for engine oil. Then another week to assemble the shed kit, which came with double glazed windows and such. I do have a passion for wood, I built my son a high sleeper bed which ended up quite an impressive structure if I may say so myself.
They are mega mega strict in the email about references and grades and reports and we've done it, we've got it all! Then, if it works out well, he can make it more realistic - the demand for him will be there. I can't see a hidden catch but just makes me wonder why they would give a 6 hr tour and maths and english tests, fitness test and personal interview with the director only to then within 7 days write to a large percentage turning them down! When I said I was financially secure, I didn't mean I was a lottery winner or anything (I wish), but I do have a decent monthly pension to live on and some savings in the bank.
It did take a bit of working out, but once you`'ve done one, it would just be a case of adjusting the width to fit into alcove.

Therefore when forced to repair fences following recent storm I purchased some more at the incredibly good price for 2 tubs and again, it works a treat on the new wood.
Added waxes protect the wood from the weather whilst advanced resins and lightfast pigments ensure superb coverage.
As it happens, nearest neighbour also used this to treat his fence 6 years ago and it still looks great. Great brand, great with next day free delivery to save humping in and out of car ideal as we had 12!! Make the hutches nice and big for the bunnies I can't stand to see them all cooped up in them tiny things.
They have to have 97 wins under their belt within a matter of years to make it professional. The whole thing does sound a bit brutal but I will let you know next week if I'm not banned sorry Pete.
Basically any business wouldn't need to be too profitable, just something to make it worthwhile and keep me busy.
I will definately start making smaller projects such as Rabit hutches, chicken runs, any pet home etc. Maybe you could knock up a batch of those and do a deal with someone who's selling the trees so they can buy it when they purchase the tree just a thought. I have built one for my son which I was quite proud of, although I didn't have the chance to give it a nice sanded down finish and varnish as my son was too eager to sleep in it before I could open the tin of varnish! So overall the product was very expensive as it doubled the work time and cost of the project. I bought a large one when Becca was young and I'm pretty sure I paid about ?75 for it many years ago. I also made it to fit into an alcove so as to make use of a wasted 14" of alcove space (I hope the pics explain this).
Given my new bed idea though, I would have to look into the required safety regulations to conform to. As I don't need the profit to make a livelyhood, it really is just to keep busy and make a few a few quid on the side for something I like doing. I can also design each one to customers' needs so I can be a bit creative if I wish to.

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