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Drive by the latest self-storage facilities being built today and you may need to look twice. The face of self-storage is clearly changing as developers find ways to blend their projects into neighborhoods. For example, Skeans built a three-story, 104,000-square-foot facility on nearly 2 acres in the San Antonio suburb of Schertz. Such multistory facilities are becoming more common, said Jeffrey Dallenbach, managing partner at Archcon Architecture in San Antonio. Multistory projects can be essential to creating density to make a project economically feasible. Amsdell has a redevelopment project set to open in May in downtown Cleveland that features a combination two- and three-story facility containing more than 500 climate-controlled units. Multilevel facilities require elevators, stairways and more interior corridors—all adding to the construction costs.
Amsdell estimates the cost of building a modern, single-story self-storage property at $32 to $42 per square foot, while a multistory project generally costs $45 to $65 per square foot.
In Texas, Skeans typically builds multilevel, fully climate-controlled facilities at roughly $50 to $55 per square foot. However, it’s important to note that when site work and land costs are included, a multistory facility actually may be less expensive.
The upside to multistory projects is that they can cost less to operate on a per-square-foot basis.
On the cleanliness front, dust and dirt don’t come in the door and then get into an elevator and go up to the higher floors, Skeans pointed out. As for security, multilevel facilities usually have more controlled-access points, making it easier to keep an eye on things.
In areas like New York City and Chicago, where customers are used to living vertically, multilevel facilities aren’t a drawback.
At a multistory facility, you don’t always “have that ease of going into a drive-up unit and grabbing a large, heavy item and putting it in the back of your vehicle,” Dallenbach said. Welcome.The Storage Facilitator is the modern self-storage professional's destination for useful education, intriguing news, diverse expert perspectives, technology updates, and beyond.
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The Right Team Your first assignment is to assemble an effective team to resolve all challenges encountered with your new construction.
A new state of the art self storage facility has opened in Helensvale, Queensland, Australia.
Designed and constructed by Steel Storage the new four storey self storage facility has utilised Steel Storages years of experience in consulting, constructing and running self storage facilities around the world plus its known ability to provide innovative self storage solutions. When the facility was in design phase Steel Storage wanted to improve upon the traditional facility in four key areas.
Reduction of operational costs was achieved through use of a number of innovative solutions. During all design and construction process Steel Storage considers the end user of the facility and how their experience could be improved. The design of facility had to be both striking to attract interest and generate awareness from the passing traffic whilst being in keeping with the local area. Working with PTI Security Australasia, who are also the authorised distributor for the range of INSOMNIAC™ self serve kiosks through-out Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East, Steel Storage installed a sophisticated access control systems that utilised smart phone apps.
This project has enabled us to utilise our years of experience and knowledge in designing, constructing and operating self storage facilities around the world and our aim when we design and construct a self storage facility is to create real value for all stakeholders.
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Shayla Hendrix, who works with A Team Carpet Clean in Lawton, Okla., said one of the most common requests the company receives is for move-out carpet cleaning, explaining that renters know it’s necessary in order to get their deposits back when moving out. Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch said people who are moving need to remember that for local moves many trucks and van rent by the hour.
After a recent move artist Arlissa Vaugh noted that when moving, people often forget window sizes at their new place will likely be different.

Other common moving expenses that are often overlooked when budgeting include extra packing materials, long-carry fees (when movers have to park somewhere other than right out front), and speciality furniture.
To cut back on costs and make room for extra expenses, Woroch suggests getting boxes at the grocery story or from your neighbors for free.
And while it won’t help you right away, Woroch also stresses it’s important to track all expenses for tax purposes.
About Latest Posts Melanie HessMelanie Hess is a writer and public relations specialist based in Dallas, Texas. The contemporary brick-and-glass facades and multilevel designs make these projects look more like office buildings than storage facilities. Such multistory properties have been on the rise as self-storage moves out of industrial parks and into more visible locations—bringing with it a higher price tag on land. The old-school method of developing self-storage was to enter an industrial area or an empty field where land was cheap. So, you have to go vertical,” says Mark Skeans, managing partner of Skeans & Associates LLC, a self-storage developer based in San Antonio.
In that case, the site was desirable because of its highway frontage, with exposure to 172,000 cars a day.
Seven of the last 10 self-storage projects Archcon has designed have included multistory construction for all or part of the projects.
Yet developers also must grapple with projects that are more expensive and complicated to build. The size of a multilevel project often requires fire and safety codes be followed, such as equipping buildings with sprinkler systems. By comparison, single-story “drive and drop” facilities cost about $39 per square foot to build.
In addition to meeting fire codes with features such as a fire-proof shaft, a storage facility must install larger elevator cabs that can fit a couch or other big storage items. A single-story self-storage project typically requires 3 to 7 acres, while a multistory facility can fit on less than 1 acre. Furthermore, multilevel facilities also might be cleaner and more secure than their single-story counterparts. For example, at one of Skeans properties, people can enter and exit through just two spots. Outside major cities, though, units in a single-story facility generally are easier to lease than those in a multistory facility. This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management.
For example, tilt-wall construction works well for large-warehouse applications but may cause unique challenges for the design and construction of self-storage.
This new self storage facility is a testament to the companies’ ability to drive innovation in self storage.
We create innovative solutions that reduce operational costs, maximise yield and deliver the best customer experience.
But oftentimes, many of the costs associated with moving are unanticipated for individuals who aren’t frequent movers. She has an extensive background in both web and print writing and has successfully completed projects for both small and large business, including nonprofits, real estate, automotive, education and more .Melanie holds industry-related bachelor's and master's degrees. The facility also sits in a busy commercial area near a grocery store, a Home Depot and a Walmart. For example, Stor Cresta Bella is an 86,228-square-foot facility in San Antonio that was recognized as the 2013 Facility of the Year by Mini Storage Messenger.
Therefore, some facilities charge less for higher-floor units than ones on the ground level, Nesbitt said. A single-story facility often provides drive-up access to units, whereas such access may be limited or nonexistent at a multistory facility. The architect should be familiar with the exact mix of technologies and materials you intend to use, particularly when implementing cutting-edge systems. By focusing on these, it enables the facility to deliver its targeted return on investment. The American Moving and Storage Association estimates the average costs of intrastate moves reach more the $1,100 and interstate moves usually hit nearly $6,000.
Her interests range from creative storage and moving on a budget to and start-ups and healthcare.

The project contains about 500 storage units, as well as 32 mini-offices on the ground floor. Mixing technologies doesn’t necessarily make for a workable match, so do your research before laying down the plans. Research the performance of other operational facilities when mixing technologies and materials. Make necessary changes to designs well in advance of the actual construction, otherwise plan on paying a pretty penny and rescheduling subcontractors frequently.
Any change creates a ripple effect for other subcontractors in addition to the added costs. Spacing and Site Use To amplify space, some developers have toyed with angled spacing and narrower driveways, which don’t always work well in all applications, such as with concrete tilt walls engineered on a triangle-shaped site with irregular elevations.
On paper this design may look fantastic, but in application risks must be considered to prevent escalating construction costs. Challenges become especially acute when angled spacing is combined with a saw-tooth staggering of each space, stepped concrete at every unit and a continuous sloping roof with no steps.
With angled spacing, roof supports no longer run the length of the building parallel to doors. If the architect does not allow for enough head room for the doors, you could be a support beam shy of having enough room to mount the doors properly. One solution is to cut the beams and re-fabricate supports to provide just enough space for custom-installed doors.
Remember, the entry space will be shorter than the door opening because of the curtain on top and the rain lip at the bottom. Wall Options Concrete tilt walls are resilient, but it’s more difficult to drill through 4 inches of concrete than through thin metal, and construction costs increase if lights and cameras are included in the exterior. Fortunately, maintenance costs are reduced because tenants are less likely to run into concrete than steel.
For a painted tilt wall, the finished surface should be smooth and carefully patched prior to the final coat.
Concrete imperfections can be covered with an attractive stucco finish, which can be messy when applied. Once the stucco is dry, it’s hard to clean even with a pressure washer, so take precautions to protect surfaces before application. For example, when designing a 15-by-60-foot space, the concrete tilt wall uses 4 inches, making the interior wall length approximately 58 feet, 10 inches. Door Openers Large-vehicle storage units need 14-by-13 doors, which can be very heavy for some tenants to open. In addition, they’ll need to ascertain the building has enough electrical power to run the motors, plus have a contingency plan for a power outage. Management will want to establish a procedure for maintaining the doors, as well as over-locking them in the event of nonpayment. They also help reduce insurance costs, but must be regularly maintained and tested annually.
Discharge water that has been sitting in a sprinkler system for a year becomes stale and malodorous. When the system is flow-tested, the discharge looks like black ink and can stain concrete driveways. Consider installing drain pipes below the nozzle to handle the discharge, or use a hose adapter to divert high-pressure water into a storm drain.
Resident Managers Onsite management living quarters can be viewed by tenants as an added value in terms of security. Before designing living space for resident managers, ask yourself if they should get paid overtime when they address tenant issues after normal operating hours. But with careful design and the right mix of technologies and building materials, you can build a quality, cutting-edge facility at a reasonable cost. Ed Heil is the manager of operations and security at Lake Havasu RV & Boat Storage of Lake Havasu City, Ariz. He is a member of the Arizona, California and Texas self-storage associations and a regular speaker at conferences of the Arizona Mini Storage Association.

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