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Stay informed about company updates, community events, contests, promotions, and vacancies! If you are a novice investor in Canada, our tax system can make it very difficult to get the most after-tax growth out of your savings. When saving to increase your financial security down the road, you need to have a very good understanding of how different investments and accounts are taxed so you can make a well informed investment decision. Once you have contributed to your RRSPs and maximized your Tax-Free Savings Account, you are left with few alternatives to shelter your money from the taxman. If you are comfortable investing your open or non-registered savings in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, there are investments that can minimize the annual tax bite and maximize your investment returns.
Capital-class funds are investments typically held with other similar investments in a corporation.
Sharing of gains and losses within the corporation can also minimize the annual distributions you would normally see in a typical non-registered fund.
How often have you heard seniors say they paid more for their last car than they did for their first house?

No mold, mildew, warping, twisting or other headaches - resulting in a better resale value due to a longer lifespan, and provides lower insurance rates as well. Sound values are better than wood-framed buildings, so your tenant complaints are diminished. For optimal usability, please update your browser or choose a browser other than Internet Explorer. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. This is because all of our income is taxed at different rates and, due to our progressive tax system, the more you make, the more they take. Any inheritance or other lump-sum capital left to sit in interest-bearing accounts or GICs is subject to tax at your highest marginal tax bracket and the growth on those funds is taxed every single year.
Taxable gains from one investment held in that corporation can be offset by losses from another investment held in that same corporation. When it comes time to draw income from these investments, it's also possible to structure the income stream as a return of capital and defer the growth on these savings to a later date.

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Your savings held in capital gains-generating investments is taxed only when you sell or switch out of them and only half of the growth is taxed at that time — once. As you switch from one investment to another held in the corporation, you do not trigger a capital gain at that time.
In this type of program, you can defer the taxes on the growth until you pull your money out many years down the road.

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