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Whether you’re staging your home so you can sell it, relocating to a different home or overseas for a few years, or if you simply need some space for your seasonal items, self-storage can be a practical solution for your temporary storage needs. This article was posted in Information and tagged home, relocating, Self-Storage Units, storage. Our storage units in Rockingham are the ideal room away from home — for when your attic, basement, or store room can’t handle any more additions. Our facility can accommodate household belongings large and small, from furniture and commercial goods, to caravans, boats and containers. Our storage units in Rockingham have all the security features you’d expect from a top facility. When it comes to storage in Rockingham, look no further than Perth Metro Storage — providing extra space for storage, providing peace of mind.
At Sentinel Self Storage our premises are operated by friendly, helpful staff who can assist you in all your self storage and moving requirements, including packaging supplies, insurance and trailers. Our customer commitment is to provide and maintain high quality, private storage units in a range of sizes which are convenient, clean, secure and economical. Contact us today at (08) 94173500 for an affordable and secure Self Storage Units in Perth. If you are interested in boosting your sales, you can advertise here and get new customers, since this website is actively visited by hundreds buyers and sellers from Oceania and the rest of the World.
Use industrial grade plastic wraps so that you can ensure that nothing goes out or in — dust or worse, creepy crawlies. Even if the cheap storage units you hired in Perth may seem small, you can maximise the space wisely by packing up things well into the ceiling. While this isn’t really a big deal in some parts of Australia, some things simply don’t do well with extreme heat or cold and must either be properly insulated, well wrapped, or not stashed in your storage space at all. While units normally have security to keep a lookout on things, they won’t always be staying right by your unit.
It needs a little organisation, so when you have to retrieve an item, you do not need to upend the whole unit just to find a needle in a haystack. Perth Metro Storage is the ideal solution to anyone who needs more space to stash away various items.

It is a secure place where you can store things you need that can’t fit into your home or property. We strive to provide convenience every step of the way, from driving down to our facility, to storing or taking out your items.
Sentinel Self Storage offers the largest self storage facilities in Perth, with two convenient locations in Maddington and Bassendean.
In addition, we will assist you by providing helpful and courteous advice and stocking a range of packaging and moving materials. Make sure to bring in plywood for laying across multiple boxes and stabilising the layers as you stack them up. Buy a sturdy, all-weather lock with a short arm so that even a bolt cutter won’t worm its way in and cut the padlock. These spaces are ideal for de-cluttering, storing seasonal clothes and home items, sporting gear, collections, memorabilia, toys, records, and other items you just can’t let go of. We make sure your items are secure and protected not only from criminal minds, but also from the elements. These also feature keyless access and a comprehensive network of motion detectors linked to a top-of-the-line monitoring system. After labelling everything, make a checklist of your inventory so you know where everything is so if you need to get something and then post the list — laminated preferably — by the door.
This will aid in keeping your stuff safe and take off undue pressure on the top portion of the boxes. People who are into this style believe western look has a valuable effect on one’s personality. More than that, our units protect your goods from the elements, even from the harsh sun and the salty sea breeze. Let’s find […]3 Types of AC Systems to Choose fromIn today’s day and age, it simply is a necessity to have an air conditioner at home to keep your family comfortable while they sleep at night or if the weather gets a bit too warm. There are plenty of air conditioner types, so you must choose something that will match your needs. All the storage stores are super clean and well maintained to prevent any damage to the goods inside the units.

Whether it is for a residential property or a commercial expansion, that is just the way things are.
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