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I had already enlisted the dining room table as my sewing table with both extensions inserted to accommodate both of my sewing machines and serger. I LOVE getting ideas on how to manage my growing stash and keep my workspace as efficient as possible. After getting my fabric in mini-bolts I will start working on my cutting table, ironing station and book storage areas. Thanks for sharing your pictures and ideas, I love seeing how other people organize and perhaps find a better or more efficient way than what I'm doing.
Nobody is going to stand up at your funeral and say she had a really expensive sofa and great shoes Life is not about stuff. I just had a thought, our packs of labels at work come with rigid cardboard on the back and I have been saving them for re-use. Susan did you collect all your red spode a little at a time or did you buy a certain pattern? When Joe’s great aunt passed away we were able to buy most of it from her estate, and then whenever I saw a little bit of it, I would add it to the pile. I share the wonderful peace of having all your sewing and craftin items in one location that does not require moving for dinner or quests. I’m having such a nice time reading all of this … I think the wand is turning its magic onto me today! Your books have always been a source of joy and inspiration and I even used several of the recipes on a regular basis in my tea room.
I am so lucky that I have gotten to share this time with her, side by side at our sewing machines, listening to NPR, grilled cheese or chicken salad sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch, chatting about everything and nothing. Organizing the available space is the first step no matter how you have planned your sewing room..
For those of you with little space to waste on storing fabrics for your sewing hobby, you can build a small closet with sliding drawers. A variation from the previous ideas: a small closet where you can put all the boxes you keep your sewing spools.
If you are lucky enough to have a larger room available, you can really put a strict order in all your supplies for sewing. I think we’ve gone through some interesting ideas for  a sewing room, so now all you have to do is let your inner Coco Chanel shine!
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Thanks everyone for your ideas on this thread and, in general, on the Mission Organization section.

I love how the fabric looks on the boards, easy to see exactly what you've got and easy to grab when you need it.
I just have my fabrics folded and in my bins in the cubbies of my cutting table, but there is some yardage that would not fit. She made all those Sunday – Monday ones you can still sometimes find in antique stores. I wish I didn’t have it, because then it would still be on top of the armoire in her bedroom, but I do. I am going through boxes from my late Mother’s attic and finding boxes and boxes of patterns and supplies.
I am a FACS Ed teacher and always looking for fun websites to share with my students and for different sewing and cooking ideas! Since January of this year, she’s been coming over once a week and sewing a queen-size quilt for her and dads bed.
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This looks really neat and tidy and will certainly help you find whatever you need when you need it. You can place a ladder or a rack like the one in the picture on the door and hang all your fabrics there. Project Linus is dedicated to making security blankets for babies, children and teens in need. Fortunately I have a great space in my basement to accommodate my addiction without interfering with day to day life upstairs.
You who have sewing rooms (and also, those who don’t!) know (or can imagine) the glory in this.
I took my babysitting money, and walked to the dime store where I bought those stamped fabric things; the pillowcases with the bluebirds stamped on them, the babies bibs with duckies, and embroidered them.
She was the inspiration for this dishtowel I appliqued and embroidered for my mom when I was around eleven. I am washing my canning jars for button storage and putting the wooden spools on a special shelf. I used to look forward to receiving WILLARD in the mail (and have kept every one since the beginning) but over the internet is even better because we hear from you more frequently. When my daughter, her husband and grandson move …next summer, I plan to make my Sunroom into a Sewing Room. Today I’ll address indoor persons, ladies who love spending their time inside their homes, to be more specific. You can place a small cabinet or a closet where you can accommodate the fabrics, the spools and everything else you need.

It’s not especially remarkable, except that it was hers, and still smells like her perfume.
I have her old sewing machine with some of her sewing treasures that include cards of buttons, needles and a few other sewing items. It is such a warm feeling to see her so proud of what she makes on the machine or by hand and so much fun just to spend time with her.
I’d love to have all that beautiful fabric in full view maybe in a pie safe or a glass fronted cabnet. So this is a nice way of arranging all your sewing gear and even labeling it so you don’t spend too much time looking for what you need. I am putting my bolts of fusible, interfacing, decor-bond, packaged batting etc into the bottom of the china hutch and will use the upper shelving for any fabric mini bolt overflow I may have. They take so little time, are almost instant gratification — a quick kitchen pick-me-up. I always think the organizing and cleaning up is almost as much fun as the sewing and playing. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I made all my own back-to-school clothes — went to summer school just to take sewing classes.
Like a family recipe box, it has has a history, essence of Grandma, and her years of button sewing are there; mending and hemming, probably collar turning, and I bet alot of day dreaming went on over that basket. Her quilt is just beautiful and my 76-year-old mother is so proud of herself, just as I knew she would be. I remember the teacher saying she didn’t understand why something that looked so bad on the inside, could look so good on the outside. Of course, those of you who have taken their sewing hobby to the next level have even organized their own sewing room, their little relaxation oasis. So this is for you, ladies: a few ideas for a sewing room fitting your small living space without creating a clutter.
In addition to helping the women build a business, Haiti Peace Quilts markets one-of-kind art quilts in the United States.
Louis, this store sells donated fabric in its Annex stores on its fabric-by-the-pound tables.
The money generated goes to the Foundation for International Community Assistance (FINCA) a microfinance organization.

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